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Ayanna Dookie, 33 and pictured above, thought her man was the perfect guy – until this dramatic incident happened to her.
It was an early Sunday morning in April 2008 when I received a text message from my friend Ryan. So when I met Spike at a party and we went out once and then started dating, I couldn’t believe my luck. It turned out that one of the women who Spike was cheating with had a crazy ex-boyfriend who broke into her house when he was staying over.

At the time, it was devastating — not because what happened confirmed that Spike was cheating, but because my boyfriend was locked in jail on $100,000 bail. I never contacted Spike again, but I heard through the grapevine that his lawyers were able to get him off on grounds of self-defense.
Daily featured news and entertainment from Nigeria, Africa and worldwide from a Nigerian view pointFollow us on Social Media, Bookmark this page. I’d had countless one-night stands and “uhhh, it’s complicated” situations, but never anyone steady.

Did I value myself so little that I was going to play the part of the loyal girlfriend when he had treated me so badly? Of all the ways to find out that your boyfriend is cheating on you, this one took the cake.

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