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As I have mentioned before, I was a Girl Scout for a while when I was growing up and loved the exposure to new and different things that I wouldn’t have occasion to try in my everyday life as well as the structure around life skills that would later be essential to self-sufficiency. One day, after I had seen a 3D-printed octocat at the Atlanta Mini-Maker Faire at Georgia Tech, I was searching for octocat images online and I discovered the Nerd Merit Badges that reference Github, the movie Office Space, and the book The Pragmatic Programmer among other wonderful and obscure aspects of geekery. Allow me to preface this experiment by recognizing the interval of time a Girl Scout takes to earn a badge is not a month.
For the inaugural Tester Merit Badge, I have designed the Explorer badge as an introduction to exploratory testing. Once in two months, in the night of a Metal Monkey day (according to the sexagenary cycle in the Chinese calendar), while one sleeps, the three demons leave the body and go to the Heavenly god and report to him the sins of the person they inhabit. Here is another aspect of the 3 monkeys that mirrors what testers do: report on the failures of the whole to the powers that be.
For user experience professionals, a wireframe monkey merely churns out rapid prototypes rather than performing ideation and problem solving.

I have also begun a series of guest blog posts over at Techwell, a Software Quality Engineering (SQE) site, that I will be continuing throughout 2012.
In the January 2012 current issue, Testing Circus has published an article I wrote on my Christmas shopping experience: Extreme Couponing.
It’s full of experiments modeled in the style of Girl Scout badges and reduces the potential intimidation of attempting new skill acquisition.
Girls fulfill these requirements over time, probably interspersing activities from several badges over the course of many months. I am modeling it after the requirements of the Girl Scouts of America’s Finding Your Way badge.
Though it sounds like a term a barfly might use in requesting the next round of shots for his compatriots, the metal monkey turns out to be a Chinese astrological symbol, an apt subject for today’s Chinese New Year. Now, we don’t want to be termed demons, so we must do this respectfully but honestly.

There’s an infinite number of monkeys outside who want to talk to us about this script for Hamlet they’ve worked out.
We must also be careful to focus on what is most important or be accused of nothing better than random or automated testing. For software testers, a manual monkey test would be on-the-fly random application tests that ignore typical usage.
We’re here to learn and step outside our comfort zones, so start where you’re comfortable and stretch yourself a bit!

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