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Due to the recent girlfriend hoax played out by Manti Te’o, a Notre Dame linebacker, the Internet has recently been flooded with a new type of website that offers imaginary Internet girlfriends. The idea behind creating a fake girlfriend is not generally done for ill intent, but rather for personal reasons. Recently, one of these websites offering fake girlfriends was forced to shut down because of a crackdown by Facebook. Some sites offering imaginary Internet girlfriends actually charge a monthly fee for their services. For those who do not speak English, there is site called Namaro Fake, a Brazilian based service for those who speak Spanish.
Because several years ago, I started finding a girlfriend online myself and I pulled it off. Plus, over the years I’ve coached plenty of guys who were also able to find a girlfriend online.
Like I said before: if you know what you’re doing online, finding a girlfriend online is only a matter of time.
Finding a girlfriend online starts with finding a site for your type of woman… and if it doesn’t exist? Don’t believe those online date tips that say you need to sign up for site such and such because they have XYZ million of subscribers, because what good does that do you if all those women are NOT your type? That’s why you need to put some effort into finding a site that attracts your type of woman, so you can start finding a girlfriend online without much effort. Check out this awesome list of sites to find out if there’s a site or soial network for your type of girl. Did you know there’s a site for people who love running and swimming where you can find a girlfriend online, for example? Let me guess: you didn’t think there were so many sites for so many different interests and countries, right? Once you’re on one of those sites, just talk about the same passion as your type of woman has on her profile and show it in your photos… and she will come. And hey, in case you’re beating yourself up about the fact that there’s no site for your type of woman so finding a girlfriend online must be impossible… chill out! That’s the moment you will attract that type of woman (YOUR type) like CRAZY, while other women won’t be attracted to you… but they aren’t your type anyways so who cares!?

Alright, in this example of finding a girlfriend online with a profile, my type of woman is a cultural, artsy chick.
By showing you’re not so serious, you’re showing a potential girlfriend online that you’re not desperate.
This is just an example of how finding a girlfriend online is done when your type of woman loves art, but you can use something similar for ANY type of woman as long as you A) be specific so she knows you’re a lot like her, B) use humor to attract her, and C) make fun of yourself here and there.
And now you know where to start finding a girlfriend online and how to do it using your profile, you want to know what to do once you find her, right? I have dozens and dozens of FREE tips about how to talk to women online, attract them, and get a date waiting for you inside my Online Dating Newsletter. And while I’m about to go watch myself some Super 8 like the true movie junkie that I am, I want to end this thing by saying: stay tuned to the Win With Women blog for more tips on finding a girlfriend online! It's okay to be a hard sell when it comes to relationships because if you think the divorce rate is high at around 50%, then you should take a look at the statistic for break ups (which doesn't actually exist since it's so bad.) People get in and out of relationships all the time. If you're worried about the negative stigma attached to it, then you must also worry about cell phones giving you brain tumors and Y2K. If you spend all your time paying attention to what feels right in the moment, you're going to be chasing your tail (while you're chasing tail) more often than not.
Like most guys, you probably don't love women whose feministic (Is that an actual Merriam-Webster dictionary recognized word?
A wise friend once told me that you will never find the kind of genuine closeness you seek from a woman without making things official first. I know how counter intuitive it may sound to fight with each other, but having an argument (and not just for the sake of arguing) is a good way to gauge how you will work through the not-so-good parts of the relationship. By using these websites, anyone can now have a fake girlfriend, even the girl of their dreams. One might do so to make a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend jealous, or to appease those people in your life who are constantly nagging you to get a girlfriend.
A reporter named Dave Lee , who works for BBC technology happened to mention one of these sites called Cloud Girlfriend as he was documenting how to go about finding an Internet girlfriend through one of these sites.
Users can have a fake girlfriend send them a text message , or perhaps leave a phone message, or do some other small girlfriend like gesture for only $5 per use. Fake girlfriends come in price ranges to suit any budget, and can provide a pretty convincing story for those you are trying to impress.

A fun loving person, he writes about a variety of topics related to computers and technology. It will only somewhat attract some women, but the moment you write one for 1 specific kinda girl? Because I’m about to give you an example of how to find a girlfriend online because of a profile that attracts her… that attracts your type of woman.
Showing you’re not too serious is important, because most men have expectations BEFORE the first date that women end up having after several months or even years: I love you, marriage, making babies, etc. Because of his dropping the name of the website, the site was then flooded with over 85,000 requests. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars a month to enjoy the benefits of this site, approximately $250 a month to be exact.
So even if you decide that you want to actually meet the girl who is leaving your romantic phone messages and texts each month, there is no possibility of that happening.
You don’t have to fly to the Philippines to meet and make friends with local Filipina women. Like any other countries, these Filipina women an analogous traits so don’t assume that they are all kind and sweet. Due to this intensely high volume of visitors and the actions taken by Facebook, this site is now closed down.
For your money, social media profiles will be created, as well as a background and profile story all about your long distance, non-existent Internet love.
Similar to this, another site called Fiverr also charges a $5 fee for fake girlfriends to send a text or letter.
It’s the digital age and things are getting easier and faster every minute and that includes meeting new people.

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