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In the Wild West atmosphere of financial services, it can seem impossible to separate the good guys from the bad.
When we first began looking at the S54 knowing its history of rod bearing failure we immediately noticed how small the rod bearings were compared to other engines we’d built.
I’ll do my best to illustrate this with words but really the easiest way to explain it is by simply looking at the engine internals on an S54. To understand why the rod bearing fails on this engine you first have to understand how the bearings on the crankshaft work.
My personal suspicion is that this is merely an excuse and that that the recall was actually an update to a bearing with larger clearance.
Some might say that its best just to replace the S54 rod bearings as part of regular maintenance, perhaps every 50k miles or so. Even more so I think it makes the most sense for those in the position that their engine has already spun a bearing and has damaged a crankshaft.
If a rebuild is in your future on an S54 I encourage you to investigate the costs of a standard rebuild and compare those costs to our rod bearing modification kit. After gathering a list of referrals, informally interview them with a list of questions that pertain to your situation.
Once you’ve narrowed down your list, pick the attorney you feel with meet your needs the best for the lowest cost.
People say finding someone gets easier as you get older, but that could not be further from the truth.
I am surely not the only person who has wondered if true love is in their future while standing by silently watching friends and family get in relationships and later get married. At least not for the average person, and while there may be a few exceptions to a few people having a romance straight out of a film adaption of a romance novel, it is not possible for everyone to achieve so stop thinking you will, because the odds are against you. I cannot tell you how many times I have been introduced to a new dating website or app and gotten my hopes up; thinking that this time would be different. I thought my Prince Charming would be waiting on a website I just started using, but finding Prince Charming is not as easy as I thought it would be. Sometimes, what we are looking for is right under our nose, but sometimes what we are looking for is far away from where we are. No matter how many new ways are introduced to find your Prince Charming the truth is, he will come along at the right time. For landlords and owners in New York City, navigating the complicated myriad of national, state and city tax codes can be time consuming, frustrating and even dangerous. For guidance in finding a real estate accountant in NYC, we’ve compiled a short list of what to look for in your CPA search.
First off, you should determine what type of professional you’re actually looking for: a bookkeeper, an accountant or a chartered professional accountant. Not many laws protect average citizens, and the rules that do exist are not always followed or enforced.
To be more specific, the width of them is relatively narrow compared to other engines that are designed to make that much power. Here at Lang Racing Development we have engineered racing engines for some time now, not just the S54.
Some engines have trouble or weakness upwards of this chain but what the S54 does is squeeze out all the oil causing the bearing to wear on the top side. I think this is a good suggestion but it also carries an expense and is a bandaid on a permanent problem. At this point they are left with the decision to either purchase a used crankshaft or try to repair their current one.

Generally, the help of a real estate agent is not legally required, even though he or she can help you with items that may skirt legal ones, including preparing a home purchase contract. Whether you get them from family members, friends, or co-workers, past clients are in the best position to give you advice on where to go to find a good lawyer. When I was younger, I believed in fairytales and finding Prince Charming, but that is not the world we live in. Sometimes I think I am destined to be a woman with twenty-seven cats to fill the void I have, and other times I think I will find the perfect person for me, but I am sure I am not the first person who has thought about this.
When all you want is to be wanted it is easy to get sucked into the idea of a fairytale romance and maybe doing anything to try and find yourself in a fairytale situation, but not everyone can have that fairytale romance. The media romanticizing everyday encounters has been engrained in our heads as something we need to seek out in order to be happy, but seeking something, or someone, out does not do any good. Remember, just look for someone that feels right, at the end of the day this relationship is all about trust and understanding. They made their recall explaining that there was a problem with the rod bearings they manufactured in the early years. This is a simple conclusion to reach when you dissect S54’s day in and day out, the bearing wear tells the story. The end result is an engine that costs very close to what an OEM rebuild would cost and ends up with lighter weight components that are fully balanced and engineered.
If a person is in the position to do a complete rebuild and intends to drive the car aggressively I think modifying the crankshaft for future reliability is a wise decision to minimize future maintenance and reduce the chances of catastrophic engine failure.
The cost of modifying the crankshaft journal for this wider bearing is only slightly more than a standard crankshaft repair when a rod bearing has spun. That being said, in some states only a lawyer is allowed to prepare home purchase documents, perform a title search, and close the deal.
If all else fails, your state’s bar association, local real estate brokers, and local realtors’ association can also provide reliable referrals. Important information to gather during these conversations include how much each lawyer charges per hour and an estimate of the time required to complete the items you require, such as looking over contracts, handling disclosures, and assisting with the closing. Numerous dating apps or dating websites make it extremely difficult to find “the one” in this day and age and, coming from a 20-year-old who has utilized most of these websites and apps, it sucks. The majority of the problem is largely due to the portrayal of finding true love in the media.
It is possible to work with financial planners who can help you achieve goals that will make life better for you and your family.First, it is important to understand some ground rules. BMW made every attempt to eliminate friction surfaces in this engine to increase efficiency and power. If those two were to contact each other we’d be in a world of hurt as they would wear each other out. The explanation they gave was that the rod bearings were manufactured incorrectly resulting in too tight of a rod bearing clearance when the engines were assembled.
And finally, the most vital component that couldn’t be recalled in a cost effective manner would be the crankshaft. This situation is also what makes me a bit uneasy about the common suggestion that a coated rod bearing is a great solution on the S54. More over some of the compromises that BMW made on their production engines don’t need to be made when building custom engines for race applications. If you are a first-time homebuyer or are buying or selling a home without the help of an agent, a real estate lawyer can answer your questions, help you negotiate, and keep you in the know with the gritty details of property law. Keep in mind that you will get the best service for your money if the attorney either is also a licensed real estate broker or offers state bar association “certified real property law specialist” services.

A regular human being would never disguise himself or herself as someone completely different to meet a complete stranger who turns out to be their true love- that is just illogical.
Until then live your life without worrying about if you will end up with twenty-seven cats or a fairytale romance, because everything will fall into place eventually. Setting measurable goals, re-evaluating your plan on a regular basis and taking charge of your life are prerequisites to beginning your search for the right financial planner. If a coated bearing is adding material to a rod bearing then, obviously, it must also be reducing the bearing clearance on the crankshaft journal. Conveniently this also means that we can fix some crankshafts that have already spun bearings. Also, they’re not just limited to bookkeeping and filing; they can also provide investment and portfolio advice, crucial assistance for budding real estate investors. You'll also need to ask key questions to weed out the salespeople from the true advisers who can help you achieve measurable objectives. The expense of doing this of course can mean that engine reliability can suffer. Every engine will have a weak point at which it will fail first, or at least most commonly. The bearing is designed to be a relatively soft metal alloy so that when it does touch the crankshaft journal it wears away, rather than wearing the crankshaft. My answer is no, and I see this time and time again that even engines that have had the rod bearing recall done fairly recently still exhibit a large amount of rod bearing wear. Some rod bearing treatments are designed to allow the bearing to retain oil better, which, if they do actually do that would be helpful.
Another option would be to increase oil pressure, this is one of the reasons that some people say all S54 race cars should have a dry sump oil system. So, if you’re serious about getting into the game, we advise spending a bit more and going with a CPA. You’re looking for someone who you can share the most intimate details of your business with – it needs to be the right fit in both principles and personalities. Still, I don’t believe that these bearings adequately address the original engine design flaw. This helps not so much because it prevents oil starvation but also because you are able to change gear sizes to obtain the oil pressure you desire.
They will not only help you with tax prep, but the best will also serve as financial advisers.
If they claim to be experienced in real estate, you can likely trust them; it’s too risky for them to take on a client if they’re not confident. For another engine it might be the rod or the cylinder wall, or something else. Whether its a design failure or intentional, the S54 has a very well documented history of consuming rod bearings at a rate faster than desired.
We choose an oil viscosity based on the bearing clearance we decided on when we assemble our engine. This also means we have a wide variety of rods to choose from that are available in different lengths.
Once we choose the rod, which can vary depending on customers preferences, we then measure the compression height we desire and order our custom piston from one of the various suppliers we use. Obviously what I’m describing takes quite a bit more thought than simply reassembling a stock engine and as such the labor cost is higher, and that might scare some people away.

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