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There’s this famous urban legend about a woman who has a lump growing on the side of her face and when she finally goes to the doctor, he cuts it open with a scalpel and millions of baby spiders crawl all over her face. The first was made up to scare the crap out of us about spiders and the second may have been true for lenses built last century, but certainly doesn’t apply to digital lenses. Having said that, all lenses are slightly different so it’s worth investigating your own lenses’ sweet spots for future reference. Oh, and just as a side note: the lenses I’m working with today are sooooo much sharper than the ones I was using 10 years ago.
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Owner Karen Loft of Sweet Spot Bakeries in Temecula where every sweet tooth will find its perfect match.
Now, the easy-to-recognize pink and white striped awning, tables propped outside for friends, families to stop by, grab a coffee and a muffin, or enjoy a tasty treat for dessert, make this bakery a favorite for south Temecula locals. Her recipes for cakes, cookies and frosting were all handed down from her mother and grandmother.
Loft begins her workday in the early hours, and now makes memories for others, custom designing cakes and cookies along with the unique flavors she displays daily in her bakery case.
Inside, visitors are welcomed to take in the candy display, the glass fronted bakery case, and the spinning tower of delectable cupcakes ready for tasting. Inside, visitors can find a plethora of donuts, muffins, Danish, croissants, bread pudding, cinnamon roll cupcakes, and many other tempting treats. Loft said the donuts come from Wolfee’s Donuts in Canyon Hills and are delivered every morning.
The flavors, textures, and shapes of her cupcakes bring smiles as kids and grownups alike head to the display case. Red velvet cupcakes, with their cream cheese based icing, need to be refrigerated, and are a perfect example of what red velvet cake should taste like.
For Sweet Spot Bakeries, however, it is the chocolate raspberry cupcake that is the number one bestseller. Just after opening her doors, Loft rapidly became a favorite of Temecula residents, in need of a distinct donut shop, or customized cakes and cookies for parties. Social media has helped to drive her business and Loft often offers specials and discounts through area Facebook groups. Loft hosts birthday parties and offers limited seating cupcake or cookie frosting nights at her bakery over the summer.
There are cakes for every occasion like this Mickey Mouse Club House inspired creation for a theme party. Sweet Spot Bakeries has perfected their scratch-baked gluten free cupcakes with a secret formula of gluten free flours. Visit Temecula’s Sweet Spot Bakeries and choose from a variety of pre-fixed donuts, cookies, cupcakes and other treats or order specialty treats for parties. Sweet Spot Bakeries recently baked the city of Temecula’s 25th anniversary cake in honor of the city hall celebration. Ashley Ludwig is a journalist for Valley News specializing in human interest, business and entertainment. Not only is spending a portion of your marketing budget on landing pages beneficial to your bottom line, there’s a way to predict how much you should be spending to optimize your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). Today I’ll expose exactly how much of your marketing oyster should be shucked off on those slippery little suckers we call landing pages.
How much of your marketing budget should you spend on creating and optimizing landing pages? According to information from Omniture (a world leader in web analytics), you can achieve a 25% improvement in conversion rate by using a promotion-specific, standalone landing page (vs. Our goal is to analyze the effect of taking a portion of the monthly marketing spend and using it to pay someone (anyone really) for the purpose of conversion rate optimization (CRO). If you assume that 100% of the budget is spent on generating traffic via paid search (Google AdWords in this example), what happens when you reduce that amount? Now, what if you spend 10%, 20%, 30% of your budget on optimizing your landing page instead of paying for traffic?
The table below shows what happens when you start taking cash away from traffic to put into improving your conversion rate through optimization strategies, and how much money you should be throwing in this direction.

Spending a portion of your marketing budget on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) will yield a lower cost per acquisition for each customer.
In this example the sweet spot occurs when you are spending 30% of your budget on optimization. Your own private sweet spot (?) will depend on how successful your CRO efforts are, perhaps you’ll only achieve a 5% increase per $1,000 spent. Because, the conversion optimization tools have a fixed cost, and, after a successful test, you can have more money to increase the budget as well.
As baseball fans know, those are phrases referring to pitches that come right at you, to brush you back off the plate.
The young man asking the question continued, “Pastor Bud, there is a lot of talk about selling this property and relocating north of town in the suburbs.
For the next few moments, I drew on my experience as a pastor in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition and shared from my heart about two subjects that remain in creative tension in my life and ministry: church growth and compassionate evangelism. Ministry evangelism based church planting is the planting of a healthy church through meeting real, felt, and anticipatory needs.
This above model is a visual representation of what takes place in York City week-in and week-out. York City worship, led by Pastor Abiel Hernandez and associates Terry Krebs and Greg Gordon, happens around tables.
It is our intention to direct most of Stillmeadow’s compassionate ministry activities to this new location (before school programming, compassionate evangelism activities, and so on). Founded by Don and Elaine Leiphart years ago, the Extreme Express is now missionally connected to the York City Campus. This program meets on Wednesday night with a two hour experience that includes a meal, small groups, and worship. Another smaller worship service is presently under construction for those who speak Spanish exclusively and are learning the English language.
Because of the socio-economic location of this urban congregation, it cannot sustain itself economically and is not expected to.
It is our intention, upon the completion of the new facility, to center Stillmeadow’s compassion and social action ministries at our city location.
Other influencing factors will be proximity to subject, zoom factor, light quality and shutter speed. So unless you are planning on shooting diamonds for billboards or super high end million dollar macro shoots, I wouldn’t worry too much.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. When the city of Temecula asked Temecula’s Sweet Spot Bakeries to bake their 25th anniversary cake, she knew she’d made it at last.
The sheet cake, a mastery in sugar measuring three-feet by four-feet, is just one of the tricks that Loft has up her sleeve.
If you’re lucky, you can grab a S’mores Cupcake, topped with a Hershey’s chocolate square, or sample the creamy, crumby delicacy of her Oreo cookie cupcake. Inside, yellow walls, funky white bench stools at high top tables are comfortable and encourage guests to linger over their treats. While waiting for a sample, aromas of fresh-baked treats beckoned visitors from outside to the packed-full display case to order a special cupcake for their 1-year-old.
The donuts, sweet and delicate bars, donut holes and frosted treats follow her model of scratch baking, as well as her plans for the future. For now, she offers large books of pictures showing cakes she has created from family recipes, with her signature Swiss meringue butter cream base frosting. Rich, flavorful, a hint of cocoa behind each bite, and a new personal favorite make this one my winner of the day. Most recently, Loft created trays of Disney inspired “Frozen” themed snowflake frosted cookies.
This Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland themed cake specially designed with Sweet Spot’s signature frosting.
Come to Sweet Spot Bakeries for a marble chocolate cup with chocolate mousse, whipped cream and a chocolate spoon. In this case, 10% equates to $1,000, which will buy you a couple of days of concerted effort toward improving your landing page. Note: these numbers are also based on a diminishing percentage improvement per dollar spent.

The only difference is that you’ll have a different chart and a different sweet spot.
Really like the analytic, but simple approach to thinking about the cost to acquire a customer. But, given the numbers you’ve used, it looks great to allocate something like 30% for CRO. My response went something like this: "Your present location is prohibiting you from making more disciples.
Shortly thereafter, the church voted to sell their city location and move to 400 Stillmeadow Lane, and we grew from 300 to about 1,600 currently. The rational is that people are hurting, and they need to know God loves them and wants to meet their ultimate need, a personal relationship with Himself.
The 350 Chestnut Street location will serve as Stillmeadow’s Compassionate Ministry Center, where we will continue our existing compassionate ministries and develop new ministries, as the needs present themselves.
At this time, plans are underway for the Stillmeadow Child Care Center to institute a latchkey program (before school and after school programming) at this strategic location. As of this writing, the foundation is almost complete, and steel is being delivered to the site. You have worked so hard for so many hours in the last year, that its really nice to see that you’re getting noticed. The important thing to learn here is that there does exist a point where you optimize your expenditure based on optimization efforts.
During these early years of growth and expansion, Scott and others continued to pray and remind me that a promise had been made.
It required several attempts at several locations throughout the city, but when the ministries moved to the northeast quadrant of York City, a very needy quadrant, the ministry took off . The ministry evangelism broad strategy accomplishes its purpose by understanding the needs of the community and implementing an evangelism strategy to meet those needs. People of all ages climb aboard for music, puppets, and the spoken Word, all under the direction of urban missionaries Jade and Chastity Frederick. Consequently, York City congregation has a line item in Stillmeadow’s overall budget. It is here that Pastor Abiel shares reports, is accountable to the staff , and keeps us apprised of development and needs in the city and our congregation located there. We are hoping some funding will come along to help us staff and program this vitally important compassionate ministry to urban children and their families. Apparently, by the grace of God and the generosity of Stillmeadow Nazarenes, we are going to keep the promise that I made some 21 years ago. For the record I shoot the majority of my portraits at f2.8 (wide open) and rarely have any issues. And more importantly, by the grace of God, we will continue to minister works of piety and works of mercy . Your building sits on 90% of your property, making parking and expansion nearly impossible. Stillmeadow has an elected, centralized board that has several elected persons from the City congregation, giving them ample representation on the board.
In order to make more disciples, re-location sounds like an idea worthy of your careful consideration. There exists a mosaic of ethnic and socio-economic representation in the York City congregation. However, we are Nazarenes, and our roots run deep into the great urban centers of the world. This worship presently is taking place in a temporary, rented facility, until the new facility, which is presently under construction, is completed (projected for the summer of 2011). This arrangement makes it possible for the city congregation to focus on mission and not be encumbered with overwhelming financial responsibilities.

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