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After This Indian Nun Witnessed a Womana€™s Murder, She Saved Thousands More from Domestic Violence by Christa Hillstrom a€” YES!
When Sister Lucy Kurien founded Maher, a home for women fleeing domestic violence, she didn't realize how many children they would bring with them. If you sit in the slums on the outskirts of Pune in the evening, you will hear shouting and yelling from all sorts of places, Sister Lucy Kurien says of her home in South India.
It's a sound the Catholic nun from Kerala has been listening to since 1997, when she founded Maher, a shelter for survivors of domestic violence outside of Pune. Moved by the destitution she first witnessed as a child in India's cities and inspired by Mother Teresa's side-by-side work with the poor in Kolkata, Sr.
Then one night, the young nun witnessed a gruesome murder that shifted the course of her life: She held a young, pregnant woman who had been doused with kerosene and lit on firea€”by her husband.
According to the World Health Organisation, globally, 30 percent of women in relationships have experienced violence from an intimate partner. In the short-term, Maher provides immediate shelter, interventions, and even reconciliation.
This week marks the one-year anniversary of the infamous murder of a 23-year-old student on a bus in India (most widely referred to as the Delhi "gang rape," though it was ultimately a brutal murder with undertones of lynching).
The tragedy was commemorated throughout the country this week, but many Indians remain outraged and frustrated that so little progress has been made in addressing the root causes of violence against women.
Many years ago, in the days right after she witnessed the immolation, she had no idea how to channel her rage.
Christa Hillstrom: You were born in a rural village in Kerala, where there is relatively less gender inequality than the rest of India. But then when I moved into the city, I saw all the peoplea€”the first thing was that the women were sitting on the roadside for a toilet. In those days there was no TV or anything to help me know anything about another state of India.
So I joined the Holy Cross order, and afterward I understood that our sisters did not have that [Mother Teresa] type of worka€”they were doing mostly teaching and nursing.A  They also had some kind of orphanage, but not the way I was dreaming. But where to send her was a big problem, because there in the convent we would never take a layperson.

When I shifted her to the hospital, the doctor told me that she was already 90 percent burned because her sari had caught fire immediately.
I was so angry with myself from that time onward because what I felt was that this woman who came to mea€”I did not help her in time. He told me, before leaving, "Lucy, go ahead and start the worka€”I'll help you."A  It was my first experience with a European person. Often they are mentally disturbed; sometimes ita€™s a small misunderstanding between them and their husbands, and so we counsel the husband and the women and see if they can come back together. Hillstrom: After hearing these thousands of stories, what issues have emerged as the biggest problems for women and families in India? Hillstrom: Boys and men are clearly also an important part of the Maher community, and with your family counseling you are also reaching out to men in the wider community. I think of the four men who were sentenced to death this fall for raping and killing that woman in Delhi. So I went inside and I took the thing and I threw it to her, like that, and my mother noticed immediately. Though my mother did not fight or make noise about what she was doing, these little things were there.
From there she got interested in graphic design and art and applied to BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) where she graduated from the New Media and Web Development Program and obtained her Senior Management Certificate in New Media Design and Web Development. Much of the fighting is fueled by alcohol, and sometimes it explodes into bruises, scars, and broken bones. In the nearly 17 years that she has been welcoming battered women and childrena€”as well as women at risk for street violence and traffickinga€”Sr. Lucy spent much of her youth wondering what she could do to end inequality and the violence she saw resulting from it.
Lucy's conviction that she was supposed to do something for the women of her country sprang to life that night.
But in the long-term, the community focuses on the slow, meticulous work of transformation: upending India's systemic violence, exploitation, and segregationa€”of men and women, but also of rich and poor. Lucy Kurien: We had no school where I was born at that time, so we moved to Mumbai when I was 12.

She told me that her husband was in love with another woman, and this man, she told me that he was an alcoholic. I said to myself, "What should I do to help this woman?" I knew it was a genuine story because she was weeping her eyes out. I had never heard such stories because I was coming from a very secure family where I had seen my father and mother living very happily. Lucy: Yes, and he showed the letters to the man from Austria, who came to India and saw that I really wanted to do something for the women. Soon after buying the land, I noticed that whenever I spoke to peoplea€”wherever I was workinga€”they had so much trust. Not everyone is able to see things the way you did when you first came to Mumbai, and the way you still do today. When she married my father and came [to his village]a€”he is a really simple man and he lived along with the lower-caste peoplea€”I have a feeling she must have seen the pain.
Magazine, a national, nonprofit media organization that fuses powerful ideas and practical actions. Taking walks through Rocky Point Park on the boardwalk, admiring the ocean waves of the inlet, and watching the fallen raindrops of the Vancouver rain, filled my childhood years with plenty of art and design inspiration. They explained to me, those people are very poor and they migrated from different parts of the country.
I was brought up in a Catholic family, so when I was 19 I decided that I will become a nun. At Holy Cross, I was staying with my sisters and the life was much better [than the surrounding community].
An Austrian man met him and told him, "I would like to help a womena€™s project in India." Immediately Father thought of me because I had written several letters to him. So what happens is they are pushed toward getting married, producing children, and looking out of the kitchen.

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