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A diamond ring accidentally flushed down a toilet was recovered three days later by a crew of diligent sewage workers that went way beyond the call of duty. Cindy Vriens of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was horrified after finding out her daughter accidenatlly flushed her ring down the toilet.
The ring - which featured about a 1-karat diamond surrounded by four blue sapphires in an antique setting - was particularly special to Vriens because it had been given to her by her deceased grandmother, when Vriens got married 36 years ago. Vriens and others in the office made a desperate attempt to recover the ring from the toilet, but they failed. Three workers were dispatched to take a look down the manhole located about 75 feet from the building where the ring was flushed.
Their initial search turned up nothing, so they decided to put a hose into the line and flush it with water. A Lancaster Area Sewer Authority (LASA) official called Vriens, who said she couldn't believe her ears. If you are not sure how to size a ring, follow these instructions and you should be able to determine it.
When one Florida husband realised he had accidentally thrown out his wife's engagement ring, his face went white.Anna McGuinn was in the shower Sunday October 30 when she asked her husband Brian to put her ring away for her so that she, ironically, wouldn't lose it down the drain. That stark realization sent Mr McGuinn on a serious treasure hunt, in the least refined of places.
After about a half hour- which Mr Ryan said was a 'record time for sure'- Mr McGuinn saw a glimmer of hope about the size of a screw. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Earlier this year an academic paper was published claiming to have finally confirmed the existence of the fabled G-spot (on the basis of a post-mortem dissection of a 83 year old cadaver).
Inspection of the adjacent illustration will reveal that the glans is quite literally just the tip of the clitoral iceberg. Orgasms resulting from stimulation of the vagina tend to involve muscular tension that gradually builds up throughout the whole body, culminating in an intense euphoria and muscular convulsions that cause involuntary spasms in the limbs, torso and face at the moment of climax. Just below the area dedicated to processing tactile sensations in the toes are three separate but overlapping areas that produce the sense of touch at the clitoris, vagina and cervix.
Stimulation of the clitoris is primarily carried to the brain via the pudendal nerve, vaginal stimulation mainly by the pelvic nerve and cervical stimulation mainly by the hypogastric, pelvic and vagus nerves. In addition to these monthly brainposts you may with to catch my thrice daily #braintweets by following me on Twitter.

AboutThis website contains everything you need to know about Dr Jack Lewis – brain scientist, television presenter, motivational speaker, writer and neuroscience consultant.
You will find showreels, reviews of books and brain training products, tips on getting the most out of your brain, updates on television projects and a repository of brainposts describing groundbreaking developments in brain science made relevant, compelling and accessible for one and all (see Categories). If you require Dr Jack’s input as a presenter, consultant or speaker on a science-related topic, click here and get in touch! Tears are every woman's most powerful and manipulative weapon, but can Hillary weep her way to the White House? The reaction was exactly as it had been last month, when, finding herself a loser in Iowa and predicted to be similarly wrong-footed in the upcoming primary in New Hampshire, Hillary's emotions publicly got the better of her: the lip trembled, the chin wobbled and the eyes went moist. Wholesale 925 silver jewelry, Bali sterling silver ring jewelry and Thailand wide heavy silver band. There's a U-shaped trap underground, between the building and the manhole, that prevents sewer gas from creeping back into the building. Just cut a thin stripe of paper, wrap it around your finger, mark the paper where it meets and then measure it with a ruler.
He took the ring, along with a disposable razor that needed to be thrown out, and the couple went on with their day. Despite the testimony of thousands of women that a particularly sensitive region of the vagina resides at this location, its existence is still contested in the medical literature to this very day.
The author was promptly pounced upon by distinguished colleagues and so the dispute rages on with medics and scientists continuing their debate over whether or not a distinct anatomical structure exists close to the opening of the vagina in its anterior wall (that is: the wall of tissue that is closest to the abdomen). Effective as this may be for many women in reaching climax efficiently, the orgasm that results tends to be highly localised to the immediate vicinity of the clitoris itself.
The clitoris also extends to incorporate both the left and right crus clitoris (dark pink) and the bulb of the clitoral vestibule (light pink).
Within 24 hours, newspapers around the world - including most of the British press - carried front-page pictures of her "breakdown". Their own tears, by and large, are restricted to unimaginative but honest basics: bereavement, heartbreak and Arsenal losing at home.
After checking the local dumpster, Mr McGuinn had to suit up an get ready to sift through all of the trash at the county dump. For those to whom the anatomical details are considerably less interesting than the functional impact that stimulation of this area makes in the pursuit of sexual satisfaction there is much to be said for this unobtrusive patch of vaginal tissue. Vaginal stimulation, on the other hand, can result in an orgasm that manifests itself throughout the entire body.

Considering the close proximity of the bulb of the clitoral vestibule to the anterior (upper, in this diagram) wall of the vagina – it is clear to see why pressure upon this region (location of the highly contested G-spot) is thought by many experts in the field to actually mediate its effects via stimulation of the clitoral bulbs. Touch information is relayed to the somatosensory cortex –  a strip of brain tissue dedicated to processing tactile sensation from all over the surface of the human body. Everything unsanitary you could think of crossed my path at least a couple times,' Mr McGuinn said.
Short of three years' hard slog at RADA, few of us are capable of contriving such a performance. Skene’s glands or female prostate) are also unavoidably stimulated by this same pressure and from which an ejaculatory fluid may be expelled at climax in some women.
And the more the male confusion, the more a woman makes use of it - the irony being that it is precisely what looks like her weakness and vulnerability which is actually her most powerful weapon of all.A woman's tears can serve, for instance, in revenge.
I am prepared to bet that, although it was 15 years ago, you can still remember Jana Novotna weeping on the shoulder of the Duchess of Kent after a Wimbledon final defeat. But can you, as easily, remember the terrific player who, minutes before, had so brilliantly won the match? Margaret Thatcher's redrimmed peepers, as she was driven from Downing Street for the last time, completely muted her critics. How churlish it would look now, they all understood, to dance upon her political grave.A woman's tears can be her greed's best friend. Good money says that when Heather Mills McCartney, acting as her own counsel, grills Sir Paul in the divorce court next week, it will be the first time ever that we see the interrogator, rather than the witness, clutching a hankie. We women cry for all the reasons that men do - but also, if we are honest about it, for many, many more besides.
We cry for sympathy, attention and, yes, simply to get our own way.All these tears, and more, are - as with Hillary's - perfectly real. I have personally silenced dissent, reversed "irrevocable" decisions and wrung needless apologies out of bamboozled gentlemen with a few drops of entirely genuine salty water.One male colleague admitted recently that the more of a tough old boot a woman is (he meant me, imagine that!), the more devastating is the effect should the dam break - and the more likely he is to do her bidding.

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