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If you’ve ever used the Internet, you’ll have no doubt come across at least one of the many dating advice do’s-and-don’ts “listicles” polluting outlets such as Salon, Buzzfeed, or Thought Catalog. Again, the common advice tells you to hide your opinions: don’t rock the boat, don’t be yourself “too much.” Well, I say f**k that noise – rock that boat long and hard, baby!
Conventional wisdom tells you to avoid making your nerves known there’s nothing your date can do about it. Especially popular among these sites are articles centered on the first date and the kinds of conversation topics you should probably avoid. She agrees, so you ask her about her previous business partners, and she refuses to tell you, citing that she doesn’t really care to talk about her previous experiences in the business world. If, for instance, you’re just looking for a casual “no-big-deal” relationship and have no interest in ever having children, while she’s looking to get married within the next two years and pop out a couple kids, the courteous (and honest) thing to do would be to cut the date short. Let’s say your date waxes poetic about her immense love of rock climbing, camping, and mountain getaways — yet your idea of the perfect vacation is a lazy, booze-soaked weekend on the beaches of Thailand. Inevitably, each will offer a litany of low-brow, heard-it-all-before advice on how you ought to present yourself to your prospective lovers in order to achieve success with them.
Don’t bank on “changing them”; we all know people who’ve ended up in lousy marriages because of this expectation.

Don’t brown-nose your way into her heart, especially if the idea of sleeping on the ground and eating beans out of can sounds nauseating to you. For more in-depth coverage of this topic, you can check out The Honest Liars Podcast Episode 32. Let me be very clear about what I mean by “success” (and I grant that this definition might not be exactly what you or what others consider success when it comes to dating): finding a partner that shares your goals and ambitions (what those goals are, exactly, is not all that important). We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of years evolving to be unsure around people we don’t know. Anybody who isn’t willing to talk about their past relationships is probably hiding something from you. With that in mind, here are the top five worst pieces of first date advice you’ll often hear on the Internet, and why you should absolutely not listen to them. Odds are good she’s had a slew of bad relationships with abusive assholes, and she knows what that says about her judgment of character. Note: While I’ve written this primarily from the perspective of straight men, the same principles apply regardless of gender or sexual preference. In this case, you'll want to dress up and this hot pink look is particularly great inspiration since it's sexy without revealing too much.Image: Pinterest via ZsaZsa Bellagio Worried about being too dressed up?

The key to this one is delivery – the more matter-of-fact you can be about how you feel, the better. The biggest reason your date doesn’t want to hear about your past relationships is insecurity; she doesn’t want to think of you with someone else — and this is just the first date! If she’s mature, she’ll accept that you didn’t just materialize into existence right before you two met, and she’ll appreciate the fact that you both have histories, and histories tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of a person. Low-heeled booties are also a great shoe idea if you're feeling nervous — no fear of tripping! Image: Pinterest via Savvy Sassy Moms Casual but flirty thanks to the layered accessories, this is a great drink-and-movie look. Things can get particularly worrisome when first date plans aren’t completely ironed out.
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