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Many cultures recognize that salt, whether it is sea salt, kosher salt, or even common table salt, holds protective and magical qualities.
Dominate in the field of providing new age, spirituality and spell casting resources, they now offer free spells as part of their service. The new release of the free spells service on My Witchcraft Spells has caused quite the stir.
When asked by the press exactly what had so many people pleased, they simply stated that their talent was a desired need in many people and that they enjoy using their natural gift. Some people believe free love spells or any free spells for that matter are ineffective, due to the fact that anything free can't be able to change your life.
If you are interested in trying free love spells or any type of free witchcraft spells, My Witchcraft Spells has opened up a new section of their website devoted to requesting free spells.
You can read more about this service in the free spells section or visit their website for more information about spell casting and other new age topics.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
This person submitted these photos on another group I belong to and since the photos were so fantastic, I asked them to describe to me what was the purpose of the honey jar and I gave her my feelings on observing the photos. Posted by Jacqueline on Feb 4th, 2008 in Beginners Candle Spells, Candle Colors Directory, Chase Away or Go Away Spells, Court Case Candle Spells, Honey Jar Spells for Love, Love Candle Spells, Moon Phases and Candle Spells, Proper Candle Preparation, Revenge Candle Spells, Reversible Candles, St.
If these spells aren't enough or just wet your appetite check out my list of recommended books on love spells.
The Moon in Aquarius is an excellent time to work out the calculations for any difficult candle spell, especially when you need to harness the powers of a certain planet or use calculated time tables to reach your intended target. It has been less than a week since their renowned spell casting service was announced and thousands have found their free love spells an effective means to spiritual influence. Spell casting has been part of their family for centuries and many of those who have received the service had friends who vouched for significant change in their spiritual lives. While My Witchcraft Spells supports this comment because of the lack of quality in materials that usually occurs when spells are free, they also believe that there are a selected few who offer effective spells.

They have asked that people support their free spells service by placing their website's URL on your website, blog, live space, Facebook, MySpace or other personal pages.
Making a Honey Jar to “Sweeten” someone to you, whether a lover (potential or existing), boss or a cantankerous person has been around for generations. This is a good time to burn Reversible Candles, whether to reverse a situation for loss of income, loss of love or to send back evil intentions that are coming to you or are directed your way. This response of success has led My Witchcraft Spells to consider forming an active community on their website about witchcraft spells. This time is also beneficial if you are in need to send negativity to someone who deserves it.
Ingredients Clean Canning or Jelly Jar (or even a pretty cut glass sugar bowl with a flat cover) Honey OPTIONAL: Sugar (if you want) Some use white sugar if the target is Caucasian, Light Brown Sugar for Hispanic and Dark Brown Sugar for those who are of African descent. Please be patient with me as I get the old pages put back onto this site and start getting new articles posted.
Since we are currently under the influence of a Mercury Retrograde, wording of all spells will be crucial, as Mercury is the planet of Communication and wrongly worded candle spells can backfire and create the opposite, if not careful. Oil of Influence, Love Me, Boss Fix, Crown of Success, or any other anointing oil that will bring around positive results. In most cases of initializing a project under Mercury Retrogrades will cause you to have to re-start the project once the planet goes direct.
Herbs to boost the power such as: Red Chili Peppers or Crushed Red Pepper Seeds for “heat”, Cinnamon for “heating things up”, Rose Petals for Love, Basil, Thyme and Allspice for Money drawing.
So I decided to attract a married man because he is safe and wont try to break up my marriage and wont want to spend tons of time with me either.
NOTE: A good source of botanical reference for the use of Herbs in Magic is “Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic” by cat yronwode. It is listed as a traditional formulary giving the spiritual uses of natural herbs, rots, minerals and zoological curios. You won’t have to email me with questions, comments or even spells that you want to share with me.

A photo, lock of hair, nail clipping, business card, sexual fluids on a tissue (for lovers), or a reduced size copy of contract, coins, etc. It will be a lot easier for you to find articles and information you might be searching for because of the better methods I have to categorize everything. Anoint with oil the photo, business card or even just the name of the person who you want to “be sweet” to you. I can provide full page biographies of readers across the world to help you find a spiritual advisor in your area. Place items – a photo, business card or lock of hair in bottom of jar (maybe for the lover jar, place some rose petals first – like a “bed of roses” – so romantic – then place photo on that).
I am now able to offer banner advertising space for professional readers, psychics, healers and more! On top of the business card for the boss or that mini copy of the contract folded – place a few coins – I use five – for money drawing properties. If you are a professional reader, rootworker, astrologer, or other type of spiritual advisor and are interested in advertising your services or web site in my National Directory, please Contact Me. I always taste a bit of the honey on my finger before pouring as in my tradition the Goddess Ochun (Oshun) was poisoned by honey offered her and therefore she will never again accept any offerings of her favorite substance without the devotees tasting the honey first, ensuring its’ safety. I found out first that he had an attraction to me instead of just pulling some one out of thin air as well. So this jar is just basically keeping the attraction strong ( maybe too strong) and renewing our attraction every couple of days.  I do add a little bit of love energy mostly to just keep the attraction healthy and safe.
Take small finger sized pink candles (picture fat birthday candles) and burn them while standing on them on top of the lid.
Once you have gained your outcome, keep the jar somewhere where it is undisturbed, bringing it out to relight candles on if the lover is not attentive or the bothersome person “acts up” again.

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