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Rosemary Lemonade Cake: This cake gets a "lemonade" soaker for extra tang and moisture, the addition of candied lemon zest, and a little rosemary.
Gluten-Free Lemon Bars: A "tangy lemon topping on a thick, buttery shortbread" for those who need gluten-free desserts. Lemon Curd Squares with Rosemary: You might think of lemon and rosemary as a combination used in cooking meats and vegetables, but here they come together in lemon bars, with a tart filling atop a rosemary-studded shortbread crust. Lemon Ginger Bars: "The bars are made with dried ground ginger and crystallized ginger, so they offer a strong ginger flavor, but very little burn.
Sweet Tea Lemon Chess Pie: This rendition of a chess pie gets lemon and sweet tea to make it refreshingly sweet and tart. Lemon Poppy Sandwich Cookies: "The dough is made with yellow cornmeal which, when combined with the poppy seeds, makes for one crunchy cookie. Sweet Lemon and Black Olive Wafers: A little sweet, a little savory, with the salty bite of olives and the tart bite of lemon.
Tangy Lemon Frozen Yogurt: The pleasant tartness of good frozen yogurt is played up with lemon juice and citric acid crystals for an extra-tart hit. Lemon Verbena Granita: Tart and refreshing, easy to make, and even better with a handful of summer berries.
Prosecco, Lemon, and Ginger Granita: Tart lemon and spicy ginger play well with the slight bite of prosecco. Super-Lemony Souffles: "The tart lemon flavor is pronounced and bright in a refreshing way. This muffin recipe is sweet enough to satiate any dessert cravings but also works well as a mid-morning snack.

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March 14, 2016 by Sheena Strain 4 Comments You’ll love this collection of easy and delicious gluten free Lemon Desserts including, gluten free lemon bars, gluten free lemon cupcakes and more! My Gluten Free Lemon Bars recipe was one of the first recipes that I published on my blog and it’s been one of my most popular  and most pinned ever since. As I love lemony food so much I decided to  put together this recipe round up of my own gluten free lemon desserts and many more that I’ve included from some other bloggers.
These Vegan and Paleo friendly Bites from Cotter Crunch taste just like Shortbread Cookie but are actually good for you! A delicious Semifreddo recipe from Food Faith Fitness uses honey and coconut milk instead of sugar and cream to make it healthier.
This delicious healthy flourless lemon poppy seed breakfast cake from A Big Man’s World has a subtle tang of citrus from the lemon!
These gluten free lemon bluberry donuts from A Healthy Life for Me are baked instead of fried and have a lovely lemon glaze. I love the look of this fabulous Lemon Coconut Bundt cake from My Gluten free Kitchen, so yummy! We all have 'our shows,' those that we watch every week, can quote entire episodes of and will defend to any possible naysayer out there. It's no coincidence that some of our favorite TV characters share our love of food -- and seem to express it in ways that just read our minds. And it's so versatile—perfect in pies and tarts, cakes and cookies, ice creams and souffles.

These look so good, but was wondering if it would be ok to add a scoop of perfect fit protein to give this an extra punch? I have a soft spot for lemon frosting which is probably why I don’t make it too often as I end up just eating it out of the bowl before it ever gets near the cupcakes! Also popular are my recipes for dairy free lemon curd  and of course gluten free lemon cupcakes with that yummy lemon frosting.
I hope you’ll get a chance to try out some of them for yourself, they really are  tasty and it’s a great recipe selection! In honor of some of our favorites, we've put together GIFs that can serve as a testament both to their love for food, and for our love of them. Here are 23 of our favorite lemon desserts, in which the tart fruit meets everything from poppy seeds to rosemary to ginger and more. I have several gluten free lemon dessert recipes on my blog and a couple of them are some of my most popular posts. As a Celiac, and a mom to a Celiac child, I want to show you how to cook delicious, easy,weeknight, gluten free meals for your family, and how to successfully navigate your gluten free life! I decided I would take a crack at coming up with a recipe for something comparable but is baked with healthier, less processed ingredients. Despite being made of almond and coconut flour, they still hold their shape rather than crumbling into little pieces.

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