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SynWrite Text-Editor is a free text editing tool that helps you to edit programs source codes easily with attractive features.
There are plenty of other free text editors for editing programs source codes but most of them don’t offer attractive features like Zen coding support and sync-edit feature like this one does.
This free source code editor supports Unicode complete so you won’t face problems when trying to open file encodings. You can call it html editor, text editor or web editor but its same which facilitates text editing.
A small programmera€™s editor whith syntax highlight, extended search features, beautiful icons and colors.
Kate is a multi document editor, based on a rewritten version of the kwrite editing widget of KDE, offering all the features of that plus a bunch of its own. NEdit is a multi-purpose text editor for the X Window System, which combines a standard, easy to use, graphical user interface with the thorough functionality and stability required by users who edit text eight hours a day.
Notepad++ is a free source code editor (and Notepad replacement), which supports several programming languages, running under the MS Windows environment.
The Hessling Editor (THE) editor is one of the oldest open source editor projects and for the last decade it was written and maintained by Mark Hessling, who along with being the original author of THE is also a maintainer of Regina, an open source REXX interpreter that has been ported to most Unix platforms. Eddie is a text editor which was first released in 1997 for BeOS, and later ported to Linux and Mac OS X.
Komodo Edit is a free Komodo-based text editor for dynamic languages published by software firm ActiveState. Thanks for this list with Linux text editors, but I think that Notepad++ is not imported to Linux yet! Programming editors, also known as source code editors, are text editors that are specifically designed for programmers or developers for writing the source code of an application or a program.
Most of these editors are built with useful features, which may include colour syntax highlighting, auto indentation, auto complete, bracket matching, syntax check, plugins, etc., to effectively support the users during coding, debugging and testing. Notepad++ is a popular and widely-used editor loaded with features to make the users' programming more productive, including syntax and brace highlighting for many languages, search and replace using regular expressions, macro recording, and playback.
It is also highly configurable through plug-ins, has a wide range of themes and offers multi-language support.
As an alternative, PSPad is another programming editor which supports syntax and matching bracket highlighting for most popular languages. PSPad works with projects and provides extensions for scripts, user converters and syntax definition.
The program has a built-in spell checker but the dictionary needs to be downloaded separately, unpacked and saved in the ".\PSPad\Spell\" directory.
This program provides options to write websites, scripts and programming codes in many programming and markup languages. Other useful features include cold folding, customizable syntax highlighting, advanced search and replace, multiple projects support, integration with external programs to handle advanced text processing or error detection, auto tag closing and matched code highlights for HTML and XML documents, in-line spell checker which is programing language aware and so on. Kate works as an advanced and easy-to-use text editor supporting scriptable syntax highlighting, indentation and code folding for an amazing number of source files. Other useful features include line numbers, block selection mode, configurable templates, text snippets, symbol viewers for C, C++ and Phyton, XML completion and validation, export to HTML and a built-in terminal. If you are mainly concerned about text editing power and not concerned about startup time, try jEdit, a programmer's text editor which provides a huge array of features, especially if the users include the plugin library. Notepad2, a Scintilla-based text editor with source code syntax highlighting, runs out of the box without installation, and does not touch your system's registry. Vim is based on the UNIX "Vi" editor and aimed at programmers but can be used for many purposes. ConTEXT supports unlimited open files and editing file size, with other features including syntax highlighting for many languages, normal and columnar text selection, file compare, macro recorder, customizable color printing with print preview, etc. Programmer’s Notepad, unlimited number of schemes supported, powerful syntax highlighting supporting both user-defined and built-in schemes. Syntax and brace highlighting for many languages, search and replace, macro recording and playback, highly configurable with many plugins with a plugin manager and supported in their forums, together with other useful features. Lightweight yet powerful editor, targeted for experienced programmers and web designed, supports many programming languages, code collapse, matched code highlights, in-line spell checker, etc. Advanced and easy-to-use editor supporting scriptable syntax highlighting, indentation and code folding for many source files, loads fast and runs stably. Supports syntax and matching bracket highlighting, hex editor, macro recorder, FTP client and other common features. Cross platform, tabs and syntax highlighting, diff utility, FTP browser, macro language, block select and more.
I'm just a little surprised that jEdit gets such a low rating (I know, I know, everyone has their favorite programmer's editor). I use a linux platform (ubuntu 12.04) and I've tried a several other editors, Bluefish for one, but the one I use now for an extensive web site development is jEdit. I noticed that one post referred to saving file problems (bugs) with jEdit in a multi-platform scenario. But I was shocked to see that neither the main article, nor the comments, mentioned SynWrite. BowPad is a completely free text editor to edit text and source codes that comes with a very simple Ribbon user interface.
BowPad text editor is also a very user friendly text editor as it is does not consume much time and gives you navigation hints. Although, almost all the features of this text editor have been described above once, it is important to explain some of them in detail for better understanding.
The Wrap line option provided in this text editor allows you to read the text in tab without any difficulties.
The function of Syntax highlighter is that it displays text in different fonts depending on the category of text.
BowPad text editor has another interesting feature that it supports number of browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera mini, Google Chrome, Safari. One more creative feature in this text editor is that it will convert the selected text into uppercase, that is, capital letters, or lowercase, that is, small letters, with just one click. The final verdict for BowPad text editor, looking at the diversity of options available, it certainly serves to be an engrossing software. Text editors are often provided with operating systems and software development packages, and can be used to change configuration files, documentation files and programming language source code. This article provides basic information of 10 best free text editors that was developed to offer you the ability of conducting your development tasks in a helpful and accessible environment, providing you with numerous tools to simplify your work. Notepad++ is a free yet an excellent text editor and source code editor which support several programming languages running under the MS Windows environment.

Vim is a highly configurable free text editor designed for use both from a command-line interface and as a standalone application in a graphical user interface.
For text editing the program includes a spell checker with multiple languages and the ability to suggest corrections for the spelling mistakes.
Vim is a perfect choice for programmers and developers for all kinds of text editing, and if you also find it a useful addition to your life please consider helping needy children in Uganda. Emacs is a portable, extensible, free text editor and does more for you than any other editor. PSPad editor is a freeware text editor and source editor that provides not only advanced text editing functions, but also many tools addressed to developers, regardless of the programming language they use.
Geany is a lightweight cross-platform GUI based text editor using Scintilla and GTK+, including basic IDE (Integrated Development Environment) features. Due to its compatibility with most common and popular languages, you can start a project from scratch using the language you are familiar with so you can later export it or even compile it with an external tool.
In contrast to traditional Unix-based editors like Emacs or Vim, Geany more closely resembles programming editors available for Microsoft Windows such as Programmer’s Notepad or Notepad++, both of which also use Scintilla.
Eclipse provides a useful set of tools for developing Web and Java applications within a friendly integrated development environment for all types of users. Eclipse provides plug-ins for a wide variety of features that makes it easier to create, integrate, and utilize software tools, saving time and money. NetBeans IDE is a free, open-source, cross-platform IDE with built-in-support for Java Programming Language. NetBeans IDE is easy to install and use straight out of the box and runs on many platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris.
I used to use Crimson Editor, but stopped using it when I found PSPad, Notepad++ and jEdit (the latter is great because it runs on just about any OS). Sublime Text is available as evaluation software but it has no specific time limit, however a license must be purchased for continued use. If you want a simple, free text editor that offers all the features that you expect to see in a paid tool, SynWrite Text-Editor is exactly what you are looking for.
You can edit programs source codes easily using this free programs source code editor with attractive features like code folding, syntax highlighting and code templates. As there is a rich library called “lexers” to help you highlighting, you will be able to manage syntax highlighting easily.
Beaver’s only dependency is GTK+2, so no need to install other libraries eating your disk space.
While jEdit beats many expensive development tools for features and ease of use, it is released as free software with full source code, provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
It implements the KTextEditor interfaces, a common interface collection for text editor components in KDE, allowing it to be selected as the editor in applications that lets the user chose from different implementations, as well as it can use KTextEditor plug-ins.
As development focuses on keeping weight down to a minimum, only the most essential features are implemented in the editor.
It provides intensive support for development in a wide variety of languages, text processors, and other tools, but at the same time can be used productively by just about anyone who needs to edit text. This project, based on the Scintilla edit component (a very powerful editor component), written in C++ with pure win32 api and STL (that ensures the higher execution speed and smaller size of the program), is under the GPL Licence.
Originally built to demonstrate Scintilla, it has grown to be a generally useful editor with facilities for building and running programs. It was written by Pavel CA­sler, formerly a senior developer at Be, who later worked for Eazel and currently works for Apple and continues to develop Eddie as his pet project, now on Mac OS X.
It inherits many features of Komodo IDE, like the full range of supported languages (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl) and platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows ).
You can subscribe to TechMynd's newsletter to receive free software, giveaways, technology news and updates in email. Other features include color source code printing, auto-completion, multi-document and multi-view, drag and drop, syntax folding, bookmark, ASCII art display and more. The installed plugins include Compare, Document Monitor, MIME Tools, NppExec, NppExport, Spell Checker, etc. It is designed for experienced programmers and web designers, and works as a general-purpose editor as well with the IDE.
Its user interface is complete with toolbars, dialogs and user-customized menus to facilitate insertion of markups and codes. Line numbers are optional. It allows for multiple saved sessions, each with numerous files and completes with a spell checker.
Its advanced features include a diff utility, an FTP browser, a powerful macro language, block select, and more. It supports multi-level undoes, syntax highlighting for over 170 languages and runs on many different OSes. With a decent default configuration it is pretty awesome, it supports "CUA mode" (default Windows keybindings) by default too. This text editor supports more than 100 programming languages and has many other interesting features. This is one of the most important features that should be kept in mind as the ultimate success of any software depends on how user friendly it is. You just have to click on the Wrap Lines icon on top and it will automatically compile your text and fit it according to your screen.
However, in this text editor the syntax highlighter feature does not work on some of the programming languages. It has potential in it to be compared with other good looking free Text editors in the market. Notepad++ supports syntax highlighting and code folding for over 50 programming, scripting, and markup languages. This can also come in handy even when you are writing code since the application only checks the text that is not recognized as code. You’ll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features and amazing performance. PsPad comes with a hex editor, CP conversion, text differences, templates, macros, spellcheck option, auto-completion, and code explorer. It is available for a wide range of operating systems, such as BSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and Windows. The application lets you start off from templates with pre-built main classes, modules, as well as HTML, PHP, RB or TEX files.
Generally designed in Java, but also serve as the support for building various applications in all sorts of programming languages such as C++, JavaScript, PHP, C, Perl, Fortran, Ruby, Python or even COBOL. The NetBeans IDE is written in Java and can run on Windows, OS X, Linux, Solaris and other platforms supporting a compatible JVM (Java virtual machines).

The focus of NetBeans IDE is to improve developers productivity through a smarter, faster editor, and the integration of all NetBeans products into one IDE.
I am passionate about all things design related including web, character, and graphic design. Other attractive features of this free programming tool are the nicely organized code in syntax tree, color-based view of changes option and different text selection mode.
If you have any question or comment, feel free to share your thoughts on the article in the comments section! These things make Beaver very suitable for old computers and use in small Linux distributions.
Leafpad is simple to use, is easily compiled, requires few libraries, and starts up quickly. Fully customizable environment: you can change everything a€“ from button layout to syntax highlighting colors. It is best used for jobs with simple configurations a€“ I use it for building test and demonstration programs as well as SciTE and Scintilla, themselves.
It can do TrueType font rendering, printing, transliterated keyboard input and handwriting recognition with no dependencies on external engines.
Inspired by the classic Macintosha€™ Macintosh Programmera€™s Workshop editor, it is primarily intended for working with C and C++ development. And like Komodo IDE, Komodo Edit also supports browser-side languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and XML. Installation of the available plugins is made user-friendly, just tick the items the users need and click the 'Install' button. This editor has a learning curve but if you have spent most of your time in the UNIX world and chose "Vi" over Emacs, then it is a familiar face. Found it is much more user friendly, the settings and highlighter editing are much easier than notpad++. It is a very lightweight app that can be downloaded easily from the link given at the end of this article.
These tabs are reflected in different colors with each of them containing a different file. However, one drawback in this software that came out while testing is that many of the features given simply do not work. The application was created to handle code and can do a lot more than just writing an email or opening a configuration file.
However, it is highly customizable and includes a large number of features, as it is essentially an execution environment for a Lisp program designed for text-editing. It is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux and free to try, there’s no time limit on how long you can use it for free and a full license will cost you $70. It packs a tabbed interface, multi-paned layout, easy file browser, and easy learning curve so you can get up and running with it quickly. All things considered, PSPad is definitely one of the top choices when it comes to code and text editing applications.
It includes source and graphical editors for a variety of languages, wizards and built-in applications to simplify development, and tools and APIs to support deploying, running, and testing apps. The application is highly customizable and can be extended with macros written in BeanShell, Jython, JavaScript and some other scripting languages.
It provides you the complete tools to simplifying the development of Java Swing desktop applications. There are also Code templates and auto completion feature that will be loved by the programmers. It also has very helpful ready to use additional functions such as text transformation procedures or specific files managing routines. It was developed for programmers who need a multi-language editor with broad functionality, but not the features of an IDE, like debugging, DOM viewer, interactive shells, and source code control integration.
Sure, Vim is friendlier than the command line Vi, but all the features you are used to seeing are there.
Users may also manually set the current language, overriding the extension’s default language. It allows you to edit text and to save simple text files but its main function is to assist with code editing. One license is all you need to use Sublime Text on every computer you own, no matter what operating system it uses. It is designed for beginners as well as experienced programmer and comes with a great set of features to meet anyone’s needs. It is an all-purpose text editing utility which can be used for simply editing plain text as well as for checking various code types.
If you are a Total Commander user, you will be happy to know that this free text editor also works as plugin for this famous file manager. The terminal emulation and sidebar are docked windows that can be plugged out of the main window, or replaced therein according to your preference. Effective templates engine and integrated project management features helps edit your files in lighting speed. Eddie supports a Worksheet a€” provides a well-appointed shell that enables the power of bash and the convenience of editing in a normal text window mode. The program also supports autocompletion for a subset of the API of some programming languages. It supports syntax highlighting and row numbering, two functions that are essential for any programmer. If you use a common programming language, Emacs probably provides a mode that makes it especially easy to edit code in that language, providing context sensitive indentation and layout. It is licensed under the GNU GPL and intended to be lightweight, but full of useful features for programming, from website editing to coding. The users that write code for hours can change the color scheme of the interface in order to increase the code visibility. It is based upon the GTK+ 2 toolkit, supports many languages through config files and offers functions such as automatic indentation, completion and correction, as well as syntax highlighting.

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