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Typically, texting is not free, although your mobile carrier probably offers service packages that include a certain number of texts per month (or even unlimited texts). Many people ask the same question: "Why would I send a text message when I could just call the person?" One of the main reasons is that it's faster, at least for short messages. There are also times when it's not really possible to call someone, like if you're at a meeting, or in class, or any other place where you're not able to talk easily. This can be especially helpful if you don't use texting on your phone but need to contact someone who does.
People you text will see your message either immediately or the next time they look at their phones. Unless your mobile phone has a full keyboard, it may take a long time to type your message.

Text messages are short messages (usually 160 characters or fewer) sent from one mobile phone to another. If you don't have a texting plan, you'll generally be charged whenever you send or receive a text message. Time to stuff stockings with ¦ Plumbobs ¦ and enjoy a big ‘ol bowl of Goopy Carbonara! It's similar to instant messaging, except that you won't need to log in—you'll just send messages directly from your phone.
If you're not familiar with these abbreviations, it can be difficult to understand some text messages. The entire staff here at SimsVIP, would like to wish all of our readers (who celebrate) a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Have a wonderful weekend and see you back here on Monday, as we count down to the New Year.

To see some of the most common acronyms, check out the Top 50 Popular Text & Chat Acronyms. Sims has been a part of her life for 15 years, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

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