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Eminem and ex-wife Kim Mathers have been known for their hostile relationship over the years as we've have heard about in his songs and in the media. When the interview was released, a rep close to the Eminem insisted in a statement that the claims were false. Besides writing the column,Wilkinson also writes for "Motorcycle Classics" and "RoadBike" magazines. Bruce Adams is confronted by a noisy, no-win situation for which there is no easy solution.
The episode trashed rude riders who insist on having loud exhaust pipes on their motorcycles. The reality a€“ as a€?South Parka€? so bluntly noted a€“ is that most people dona€™t think that loud pipes are cool. Coming out of The Village restaurant in Litchfield one recent Saturday afternoon (where Ia€™d stopped to quickly buy a gift certificate), I was assailed by the thumping of an incoming Harley with slash cut pipes. These inconsiderate riders routinely interrupt sidewalk socializing, stall church services and cause homeowners to fume. Among those not complaining in Kent are a few businesses that benefit from the biker traffic.
What Adams doesna€™t want is for Kent to be viewed like one of those small southern towns in the a€?50s and a€?60s that routinely set speed traps for vacationers driving through. Therea€™s no arguing, though, that Kent has a serious noise problem or that Adams is in a no-win situation with no easy solution. John Purdy Jr., who oversees the rider training program at Naugatuck Valley Community College, offers a second rebuttal to the a€?Loud Pipes Save Livesa€? false argument.
Additional lighting on a bike and more visible clothing will do far more to alert drivers of a motorcyclista€™s presence than adding loud pipes a€“ and is much less expensive.
Given the continued state of the economy, ita€™s hard to get excited about new model announcements. The two American makers of motorcycles a€“ Harley and Victory a€“ unveiled their 2011 models last week and, well, therea€™s little on the way to make any rider rush out to see them once they arrive. The result is that Harleya€™s definition of a€?newa€? is to bring out yet another version of its entry-level Sportster.
Also a€?newa€? will be the 2011 Road Glide Ultra with a Twin Cam 103 engine and the previously announced XR1200X Sportster with a 1200ccc Evolution V-Twin motor. Victory, meanwhile, focused its attention on upgrading the blacked out entry level 8-Ball models of its Vegas, Kingpin, Hammer and Vision lines. Those are just the highlights, but all this massaging of existing models by Harley and Victory, while done for a legitimate business reason, isna€™t likely to help dealers move bikes out the door. Harley-Davidson may have ended production of Buell motorcycles, leaving Erik Buell to start Erik Buell Racing, but might the American-made sportbike creator be readyingA  second effort at conquering the streets? Harley-Davidson has finally sold the MV Agusta brand that it bought for $109 million in 2008. It was last October that Harley announced that it was closing the Buell brand and putting MV Agusta up for sale.A "We were allocating our limited resources to different brands and were starving the Harley-Davidson brand," explained Harley CEO Keith Wandell in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel earlier this year. They call themselves a€?The Advil Gang,a€? a reference to the performance allowing drug that masks the aches and pains of all aging motorcyclists. The setting for the interview was the back patio of the white farmhouse back in mid-July and 61-year-old twins Jane Truelove of Bethlehem and Jean Nietupski of Torrington and 52-year-old Nawal El Hachem, who owns the 110-acre farm, spent as much time laughing as they did talking when recounting adventures distant and recent. Nietupski is a former middle school teacher in Middlebury, who retired four years ago after 36 years.
Returning rider Nietupski said it was a a€?rude awakeninga€? to actually get back in the saddle on a Sportster of her own. At the urging of her late father, Abdallah El Hachem, she quickly bought a Sportster as well and conquered her fears.
The Advil Ganga€™s bikes are red (Jean), white (Nawal) and blue (Jane), which are suggestive of the U.S.
A Acquiring livestock was the idea of Truelovea€™s son, Tom, who graduates today with a mastera€™s degree in fine arts from Middlebury College.

However, a visitor gets the sense that their three Hogs get just as much attention as the animals in the pastures. A Dallas motorcycle cop was injured in a crash Monday while escorting President Barack Obama's motorcade during a fund-raising trip to the Texas city. A The Ducati demo truck begins a two-day visit to Cliffa€™s Cycle Revolution in Brookfield today. A friend yesterday sent along a link to video of a very funny motorcycle crash, if there is such a thing. A state trooperA reportedly in pursuit of some speeding riders ended up in a wreck in Seattle on Tuesday night. The "Monster" rapper also has custody of Hailie's half sister Whitney, a child from Eminem's previous relationship.
The duo was recently spotted together at Hailie's homecoming ceremony where she was crowned homecoming queen.
YouA love motorcycles but don't have the time every day to scan dozens of websites on the Internet to find out what's happening in the riding world. Unlike the characters on Comedy Centrala€™s animated series a€?South Park,a€? Kenta€™s first selectman cana€™t start slinging the word a€?faga€? at the offending parties a€“ even if they do resemble some of the cartoona€™s targets. Others on the sidewalk turned their heads, too, and the grimaces on the faces revealed they didna€™t think that the rider was a€?cool,a€? rather that he should be hog-tied and his pipes stuffed down his throat. One possibility, he said, are a€?visible and attractive and well-worded signsa€? at the four main entrances to town.
Maybe a few riders would lay off the throttle when cruising on Route 7 through downtown and refrain from blipping the throttle when starting their bikes, but my guess is that signs would be as effective as speed limit signs and the cell phone ban.
It's now August, which meansA motorcycle owners in Connecticut no longer have to a registration sticker displayed on their license plates.
Who cares whata€™s headed to showroom floors if the primary concern is paying the monthly bills? A few examples of truly new, stand-alone models over the past decade are the V-Rod power cruiser from Harley-Davidson, the Fury chopper from Honda, the S 1000 RR superbike from BMW and the Vision tourer from Victory. Like the rest of us, it seems the manufacturers are into simply surviving until the economy improves. Dubbed the SuperLow, the new derivative puts an Evolution 883cc V-Twin motor beneath a 25.5-inch solo seat. Theya€™re still trying to sell leftover 2009 and soon-to-be-leftover 2010 models to a riding public thata€™s trying to hold on to the bikes they have or, if theya€™re buying, are shopping the used market.
A video that went up TwitVid a few days ago has Buell lovers speculating as it shows a black race bike but teases "there are fans in there" and "there's a turn signal."A Check it out here. Victory has taken aim at the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy by shooting a comparison video showcasing its 2011 Kingpin modelA that disses the HarleyA big-time. The riding trio is easy to spot on the road, too, as they wear matching pink helmets when out on their 2009 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classics. When theya€™re not riding their Harleys, theya€™re apt to be working together tending livestock. I was hooked.A  Every day, I practiced all by myself,a€? said Truelove, reporting that she eventually took the statea€™s Basic Rider Course at Tunxis Community College. She then began sitting on the bike solo to get a feel for what it would be like to ride one herself a€“ under the guidance of Nietupski.
In addition their pink helmets, they have pink jackets and other visible gear, a€?anything thata€™s colorful, bright,a€? said Truelove. We don't have a business school education, sufficient business experience or the businessA sense.
Instead of helping the trooper, who was pinned in his patrol car,A the motorcyclists cheered, applauded and even took pictures. In 2006, they took another stab at it and remarried, but that same year, they were back to nulling their vows.
The song, you can imagine, did not get the best reviews, however it did receive infamous popularity.

It may take a few weeks to accomplish all of the changes, but the goal is to presentA more comprehensive and more timelyA news about motorcycling in Connecticut. That opinion is also held by many riders who prefer some peace while riding themselves and who view the offenders as seriously hurting the perception of all of us in the motorcycle community.
Adams had earlier emailed RIDE-CT seeking input on the excess noise problem after the news reports and even a state police crackdown one weekend failed to have an impact on the din.
Look at me!a€? Theya€™re either oblivious to the fact that most folks look on them with anger and distain or contemptuous that someone might be offended by their noxious aural emissions. Riders must still carry a paper registration, but the Department of Motor Vehicles has done away with stickers on cars, trailers and motorcycles.
This is especially true this year because the continuing recession has forced motorcycle manufacturers into make-do mode whereby a€?newa€? really isna€™t. Each of these new bikes made a statement and filled a vacant niche for their respective brand.
Designing something completely new costs beaucoup money and Harley has been into big-time cost-cutting, having eliminated the Buell brand entirely, trimmed the work force by nearly 1,000 at its York, Penn. With a 4.5-gallon tank, the SuperLow will give those just learning to ride and those with short inseams a comfortable riding position and the miles necessary to inspire self-confidence.
Victory brags that the Kingpin offers greater power, a quieter transmission, better handling, less weight and more standard features.
Extracting their background stories and some road tales was a bit problematic, though, because of an intrusive rooster named George who crowed whenever the storytelling got rolling. She, too, had ridden when she was teenager but never got her endorsement a€“ until she retired and bought a Harley Sportster on a whim. El Hachem would walk the bike, start it, put it in first gear and begin moving, while keeping her feet on the ground.
When not riding, the women oversee an ever-changing free-range menagerie of 130 chickens, three sheep, a donkey, five goats, three beef cattle and 15 pigs, including a 350-pound sow named Scarlett Johamsson. As many as 100 bikes were participating in a regular "Two-Wheel Tuesday" ride and there are conflicting versions of what actually happened. RIDE-CT does the leg work for you by checking those sites and linking to interesting stories.
Driving down Route 8 recently, though, with the windows up, the air conditioning on and the radio playing at an unusually moderate level, I passed a Harley rider whose bike had straight pipes. Roughly a dozen bikes are available to ride, including the Monster 796, the Multistrata 1200 and Superbike 848 EVO. Ita€™ll either be a 2009 model or a 2011 (that looks exactly like a 2009 but with different colors).
Among the vehicles registered to Foley are a 1993 Ducati, a 1970 Triumph and a 1971 Norton. The itinerary for this month alone includes separate road trips to upstate New York, Vermont and Maine.A  Next month, they plan to ride to a wedding in Toronto. Her father, who was an international sales rep for McDonnell-Douglas, bought the farm in East Morris in 1976.
When the BMW demo truck visited the dealership back in June, an estimated 150 riders took new Beemers out for tests. The blog's updated on an almostA daily basis, so please check back regularly and tell your riding friends in Connecticut and beyond about the blog. For a more complete accounting of Foley's wordly possessions, check out The Connecticut Post.A If he wins the primary and the election, can you see him commuting to Hartford from his Greenwich home on vintage British iron?

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