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Would you like to enhance your look for a special occasion or just look for a dramatic change in your hair style?
Don’t be a slave to your short hair, extensions allow you to experience a new look without all that time waiting for your hair to grow. New methods and technologies have made way for lightweight, affordable hair extensions for short styles that achieve great results.
Why we care: The girl is only 20 and has already accomplished what some people don’t in their entire lives!
Selena is a part of the young Hollywood crowd who actually seems to be keeping it together despite growing up in the public eye. Make-Up: Selena is young so she has natural beauty on her side, in this case, make-up is a “less-is-more” situation. Returning CustomersWe are glad you enjoyed your Go Hair Shop experience and are ready to order again! Those who want to emulate Rihanna’s luscious curls should make a beeline for our collections. Get a super voluminous look like Rihanna’s mane of kinky curls with our Natural Curly. If you are looking to achieve a more relaxed curly look, replicate Rihanna’s 2010 American Music Awards red carpet look (below).
It’s hard to go wrong with such a classic and timeless style but you can take a leaf out of Rihanna’s book if you want to experiment a little with length and finish. Wavy hair can be casual and care free or sharp and sophisticated and Rihanna shows how to wear both styles with flair.
Sign up to our newsletter and get special offers, product previews and exclusive updates sent straight to your inbox. Years ago when I first became certified for hair extensions, the world of salon hair extensions was very different than now. Most recently the taped hair extensions have exploded on the scene making every stylist that performs extensions an “extensionist.” Even as I type this, spellchecker is underlining it because it’s not a real word!
I’ve found that new clients are just as confused as they were years ago when there was much less information available.
The benefit of having this service done with a professional stylist  is that she is more than likely trained for this service.
A tape hair extension is a method of hair extension placed in hair by sandwiching client’s hair between two extensions that are attached by an adhesive that resembles tape. Hair extensions are a really wonderful alternative for those that cannot grow their hair very long without it looking limp and thin!
Anne, I have found that anything unnaturally attached ( artificial nails, lash extensions and hair extensions) over time can cause some damage. Rihanna went short and spunky at the MTV Video Music Awards and very long and lustrous only several months later for the Grammys. The industry's top hairdressers -- with clients from Eva Longoria to Kirsten Dunst -- share their secrets for instantly long locks, from quick walk-ins to $4,500-and-up custom weaves. Fairy tales and mythology are fodder for TV and movies these days, but that doesn't explain why so many Rapunzels, Lady Godivas and Cousin Its (not to mention Samsons) are running around town with long, lustrous locks cascading behind them like veils with highlights.
After Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian and assorted pop stars made mile-long locks aspirational, it only was a matter of time before every girl wanted them.
The side effects are legion: Jennifer Aniston famously outed herself as an extension-wearer who suffered breakage in 2011. Yet the upside seems to outweigh the down: Such celebrities as Vanessa Hudgens, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson and Mindy Kaling have admitted to using them. A popular, apparently safe and pricier method is keratin bonds: taking an individual strand with a keratin strip attached to the end and wrapping that tip around a piece of real hair an inch off the root. The best news: The time required for application and removal now varies from 45 minutes to two hours, as opposed to the six hours it used to take to attach and take out hair-lock extensions every couple of months.
The fastest and safest solution are clip-on extensions, which start at $200 for quality pieces. I cannot do that style with short hair, and my fiance’s exwife, (who admitedly has GREAT hair) suggested I can cut it short and then get extensions put in for the wedding.
4) Personal heebie-jeebies about having another human being’s hair sewn onto my head. It sounds like you’re looking for a quick, easy and TEMPORARY wedding-day-only sort of solution. The answer might actually surprise you — I BET YOU MONEY that a good stylist can recreate that exact look with shoulder-length hair, or maybe something just a bit longer.
Couldn’t she also save her own hair and use it to pump up the volume on the super fancy up-do in a few months? Totally agree with Amy and the other posts about taking the pic to your hair stylist and asking about hair length. I have to agree with previous posters – you might actually have *too much* hair for that style. When I got married in 2003, I wanted a tiara (no veil) and a fancy updo for my thick waist-length hair. After testing colors at Ulta, I went on eBay and purchased the 100% real human hair in that color, took it to my stylist who added highlights so it would blend with my natural hair, and then she styled and clipped it in. I’ve had my dreds now for eight years, keep up with the maintenance and get compliments on them all the time. If your main complaint is about drying time and general manageability, you might want to consider having your hair thinned.

My hair skims the tops of my shoulders and will be maybe two inches longer by my wedding in October. Affiliate RelationshipsWe have affiliate revenue relationships with Amazon, and with other retailers that are handled by third parties like Skimlinks, RewardStyle, Commission Junction and Linkshare. You have to hand it to her, while her ex boyfriend Justin Beiber is being caught smoking blunts and reckless driving, or Amanda Byned going off the rails in New York, Selena’s personal life seems to be rather tame and level headed. Get your hands on some bundles from our Silky Straight collection – perfect for the elegant and sophisticated fashionista who wants to upgrade her appearance. This does make me laugh some, because here’s a confession: years ago I made this up and put this next to my title on our website. Now the web is saturated with videos and info and no one is any more informed than they were years ago, because much of it is malarkey or biased at the very least.
If my child gets a scrape on his knee I can certainly spray it with bactine, but that does mean I’m confident enough to stitch it up  myself.
A startling fact, even 10 years ago yak hair (as in water buffalo) was commonly used in lower end hair extensions. We have seen some real at home nightmares with these since they have gained popularity because they look easy. I hope that more and more people consider the option but also agree that this should be left to a professional! They were nice at first but after a year after their removal my hair still hasn't returned to normal.
Demand has created supply: There are all types of hair extensions at all price points, each with its own benefits (no more bad hair days) and downsides (breakage and extreme hair loss if done badly).
Jennifer Lopez lost a few while dancing onstage in Connecticut, and Naomi Campbell was photographed with bald spots. Beyonce is rumored to haul around three trunks of hair custom made by her longtime hairdresser Kim Kimble to wherever she performs. All extensions have to be tightened every few months to prevent the tangling that pulls out real hair. While they used to be just for special occasions -- and have been used for photo shoots and videos for 20 years -- some women wear them all the time. I’ve heard that not only are spendy as the dickens, but can damage your hair permanently.
And wow, I don’t even know where to start, because there are many different kinds of extensions and methods for getting extensions. Besides the obvious problems with putting bonding chemicals and glue on your hair, and breakage that can occur as the extensions pull on individual strands, extensions can add a lot of extra weight and stress on your scalp. Honestly, extensions for me went out the window when I saw photos comparing synthetic hair vs. I really have a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea of cutting your own hair only to put it through the wringer of true honest-to-god extensions in just a few months.
The results…vary, to say the least, since it all depends on whether you can find fake hair that really matches your own, and the skill of your hairstylist. As Amy mentioned, you might be surprised at how much hair they don’t need to accomplish the look you want.
If your hair is heavy and won’t hold a curl (like mine), really long hair will make it harder to style. For a photo shoot (non-wedding), I wanted long, cascading curls that I could drape over my shoulders. My only complaint is the texture of the (real) hair was so different from mine and wasn’t naturally curly.
The style in the link is very similar to a style I picked out, and my stylist said it’s a medium-length style. In 2007, Gomez came to prominence as a starring cast member in the television series Wizards of Waverly Place.
She loves to experiment with funky highlights and different lengths, but her one constant is her hair color. Every method seems to be “the best”, every hair type “the best” and consumers simply don’t know where to turn.
This is an insider term originally used years ago to separate good and bad hair extensions, the quality, and if you’re getting your hair extensions in the salon the answer is always yes- or again it should be. What if you get crosshairs, what if you get a mat, or what do you do if you want them out and they are really stuck in your hair and you try everything to get them out and they are just a big greasy matted mess?
I’ve seen instances where locks have caused friction on some clients hair and caused hair breakage or clients have simply waited too long to get an adjustment and the hair mat above the extensions were horrible and caused hours of labor costs by the stylist simply trying to comb out the mats with as little damage as possible. The client’s hair is braided in to horizontal tiny braids and wefts or “weaves” of hair (that is hair sewn in a track seam that hangs like a big hair curtain) is sewn in the tiny braids.
John Blaine, a celebrity hairdresser who makes custom extensions and has worked with Dita Von Teese and Janet Jackson, advises that "no one should add more than 4 or 5 inches of length to their own hair. Both the tape- and glue-affixing methods, which last a month or more, are quite popular and more affordable, costing hundreds of dollars as opposed to thousands, and can be removed by a gentle application of oil. And what happens when the white girls on America’s Next Top Model get glued-on extensions that rat up by the next photo shoot? I refrained from cutting my hair before my sister’s wedding, thinking I needed it all for a certain look, and it turned into a great big fiasco because I have super thick hair and it was WAY TOO MUCH HAIR for the style I had in mind.
I’m sure if you needed to work with them you would get the same mad props, just with the compliments being on how great your hair looked just as it is. And I have a hard time convincing most hair stylists that they can thin it A LOT and I’ll still have A LOT left, but when my hair is thinned well, it takes about half as long to dry and suddenly has BODY.

In the extension world her hair color is #2, this color is the darkest natural brown and is often used by Hispanic, Indian, and Middle Eastern women.
It has been quite a while since I’ve addressed hair extensions and so much concerning this topic has changed in the last several years.
On top of that, you can purchase them yourself on eBay or Amazon and there are YouTube video’s showing you how to DIY. The companies that target non salon industry consumer should be avoided or at least handled with caution.
Some salons just run down to the local wig shop and buy whatever they think is good or maybe what they think they can get a quick profit off of. Sometimes the lock doesn't give when pressure was applied and it simply ripped the hair out, extension and all. We have a saying here, “there’s a type of extension for every type of client.” You have to be advised by someone who is in the know about multiple types. However, people get accustomed to the thickness and usually want to wear them after their hair has grown out, which in the long run, can be counter productive. Benzaken's unique process of combining tiny braids, beads and wefts allows extensions to stay in for up to five weeks and come out in 15 minutes.
Take the wedding hair photo in and ask one simple question: How long does my hair really have to be to achieve this look? You’ll also be surprised what a stylist can do to create curls with bobby pins (as Amy mentions). Some other celebrities with this color are Kim Kardashian (and her sisters) and Sofia Vangara. I literally just made it up to describe “a stylist who specializes in extensions”, because I didn't want to type all that out on my bio. They know you are  a click and pay consumer who isn’t going to ask the right questions because your professional reputation isn’t on the line, unlike a stylist or salon owner. You ask for references and before-and-after photos; he or she asks for a hefty credit card deposit. A fun thing to play with every now and again, but SO NOT the sort of thing I want fused to my head.
I don’t have any doubt that for red carpet she throws some extensions in to make her hair look fuller and longer. This post will be a brief overview of some facts (some scary) and terms that can be confusing.
Here’s why: African American hair naturally has a hard glassy finish that Caucasian hair does not. If it's true that the bigger the hair, the closer to God, as they say in the South, then hair extensions really are the new religion.
Rasanda Rivera and Melissa Brown, the hair extension team at Meche in Beverly Hills, get their hair from India. So as your hair grows out, you go back to the salon to get the extensions removed, cleaned and rebraided back up at your roots.
It’s probably teased a bit underneath to create the illusion of being a solid mass of curls, so whatever length she has is getting used where it really counts. The hair extension demand has quadrupled in just the last 3 years driving the demand for quality human hair extensions through the roof.
If you’re shopping for hair extensions, contact us and book an appointment at Studio 39 Salon first and we will lay out all your options for you. She can help you create personal clip-ons ($20, plus cost of hair) or condition, color and blow-dry the ones you have (starting at $40). If a stylist is uneducated on this- they may purchase non Remy hair, even if they ask, because remember alot of hair says it is, even if it’s untrue. Even African American hair can be pulled out or have hair loss and breakage from this method, it's called traction alopecia. Generally salons don't have the resources or money to carry inventory on extensions because they are so expensive. The extension industry, both professional and non professional, is a multi billion dollar industry.
There may be human hair blended with synthetics or animal hair that has been chemically treated to resemble human hair.
Remy simply means the cuticle of the hair shaft is still intact and it’s a healthy cuticle, running the same direction.
Technically as long as it has some human hair in the package they can still get away with it legally. You benefit the most as we carry inventory here in the salon so chances are we have your perfect color match in stock! Even if they say this and you discover it to be untrue by testing the hair (do you really have the equipment to do so or the knowledge to do it properly) will you really take the time to sue this faceless and nameless seller on eBay? Keep in mind that most of the major hair extension manufacturers (not the type of hair) come from China, Pakistan, India and so on.
So here is a small glossary of terms that may help you, but don’t get too caught up on these either. I am surprised after many years of watching the industry grow, there are still no minimum regulatory requirements.

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