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The little red dots you can see are an example of Cherry Angiomas (Campbell de Morgan spots). They all agreed that they were benign malfunctions of the skin and I had nothing to worry about. They are sometimes large, but sometimes a lot smaller – almost the size of a pin head (or prick). While there are many things that are know to cause cherry angiomas such as age, hormone imbalances and even exposure to mustard gas, the less documented and most probable cause is bromine toxicity. Bromine was actually used during the World Wars to suppress the sexual drive of service men overseas. Bromine can build up in your body and take over cell iodine receptors because the atomic structure of bromine is so similar to iodine that the human body is mistaken. There is only really one way to flush your body of bromine and that’s by consuming good sources of iodine. We really have no way to process excess bromine and with modern day diets, we eat foods containing less and less iodine. The Japanese are one of the healthiest nations with extremely low cancer rates and low thyroid function problems. Along with iodine, I’m also taking a mixture of many vitamins to help the detoxification process. The quote below is the suggested method for iodine supplementation, as recommended by a group of researchers – this was publicized at an iodine conference in 2007. Iodoral is the Lugol’s formula in tablet form especially designed to avoid gastric irritation.
Bathing twice weekly in Epsom Bath Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) to increase your magnesium intake as it’s best absorbed and utilised through the skin. I forgot to mention in previous updates that shortly after I discontinued use of the Citalopram medication I sent off for a Iodine loading test and bromide excretion test. Shortly after them receiving my urine (the day after I sent it) the test results arrived back the same day via email. So this showed that I wasn’t totally deficient any more, I was actually getting somewhere with my therapy. I have been taking Citalopram Hydrobromide (Celexa) for about 7 years which of course has given be lots of bromide over time. With a 24h urine collection containing 6.3mg bromide (around 13mg for blood) – is that reading high or low in comparison to average test results? And of course, if I excreted 67% of the 50mg Iodine in this test, could it be because my high bromide levels were causing the body not to “hang on” to the iodine and letting it pass through me?
So I’m going to carry on with supplementing with iodine until I get around 90+% saturation. I just came across your blog as i too have many cherry angiomas and am looking for answers.
I panicked a little because I noticed hundreds of them all of a sudden, which seemed to appear all at once – I mean I had a couple before which I had all my life but I noticed a large increase of these tiny ones (which lead me to do some research). I thought I’d try applying iodine to them topically (the really small pin prick ones) and they seem to be getting smaller and sometimes disappear.
My Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) arrived this morning actually, so I’ll take a bath with those later! I’ve got all different shapes and sizes mainly smallish ones but only really had them on the torso. Mine are mainly on my arms and torso, however I have a few on my upper legs (if you look a little harder).
Feel free to keep up to date with my iodine protocol experience on this blog post, I’ll update it as I go. So far the iodine being applied topically has only really helped the tiny ones (pin prick) but the larger ones are a little harder to budge.
You may be allergic to other things in the supplement, but iodine as a mineral, I believe that is impossible. But, there are tons of forms of it, and they are bound to different things, so my guess is that you are allergic to something like that vs. Is there anything other than iodine that helps with these cherry spots as mine have recently become incredibly itchy. I place a couple of drops on the red spots and then allow it to dry and soak into the skin. I have currently put the iodine therapy on pause while I slowly come off of my antidepressant medication. Once I’m completely off of Citalaproam Hydrobromide I will resume the iodine therapy once more to flush it all out. As far as the antidepressants I thought you might find the book The Mood Cure by Julia Ross interesting. As I posted in the comment above, I’m currently on hold with the iodine therapy as the amount of bromide I was taking into my body was outweighing the effect of the iodine supplements.
The benefit of 5-HTP is that it increases the levels of serotonin in the body while typical SSRI medication only extends the life of existing serotonin without increasing it. I started getting these cherry angiomas and read about someone who used apple cider vinegar to get rid of these little buggers.
You just have to be patient when soaking them with apple cider vinegar because sometimes they can take about 35-45 mins to turn black. It can take about 2 weeks for the scab to fall off but after that you left with a light pink blemish which fades about a week after that. To target smaller angiomas say on your face i make a small hole in a plaster (the size of the agioma)line it up with the angioma then zap it with a soaked (apple cider vinegar) cotton bud to prevent burning unneccissary skin.
The only thing is that I literally have many hundreds of cherry angiomas all over my body; which lead me to blog about what was causing them. Not even sure if you are still checking this but I have a ton of the cherry anginomas on my torso.
Yes, they can also be hereditary, but a sudden increase in them over a short space of time usually indicated something else; especially at such a young age. For women, they usually start appearing more during the menopause when hormone balances aren’t quite perfect. I read your website some a few months ago with great interest after a diagnosis by a dermatologist of campbell de morgan when i started to notice tiny pink prick spots on my arms, torso and legs. For over ten years though, i’ve eaten organic, undergone acupuncture, seen a herbalist etc.
The only thing i can think of is a few years ago, back in 2005, i was put on amitriptyline hydrochloride for nerve pain. When i started noticing them i cut out all herbs, vitamins etc wondering if they could be the cause but the spots are still appearing. While I’m not an expert in chemistry, these are only my opinions from research and the knowledge I already have from my own experiences. Topical use of Iodine has helped very minimally for me and only really had an effect on the very very tiny spots, so it’s not really worth the effort. Iodine is great, because it doesn’t only give your body what it needs, it also helps (greatly) to flush the other toxic elements out. After i posted on your website, i tried to do a bit more research online and stumbled upon some recent research on them (2010) which i’ve pasted below.
Here is a rather creative method for doing male Kegels: drape a dry washcloth over your erect penis, and then squeeze the PC muscle to make the cloth rise.

Incorporating Kegel exercises into your daily routine is an obvious choice for a healthier lifestyle. A few weeks back I spotted a brown recluse in my car, but I try not to let this unnerve me.
Justin Nobel pens a blog about death and is the author of a book on observing New York City's minutiae called Standing Still in a Concrete Jungle. An effective strength-building program will exercise all of the major muscle groups in your body.
The chest muscles (pectoralis major) are located across the top part of our rib cage and are used in pushing motions .
The muscles of the back (lattisimus dorsi or a€?latsa€?) are used in movements where we perform pulling motions such as opening a door.
The abdominal muscles ("abs") are located below the chest in the lower part of the mid-section. The hamstrings are located on the back of the upper leg and include three separate muscle groups (biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus). The quadriceps are located on the front of the upper leg and include four separate muscles (rectus femoris, vastus intermedius, vastus medialis, and the vastus lateralis). The shoulder muscles (deltoids or a€?deltsa€?) move the upper arm and can be strengthened with pull-ups and seated bench press exercises. The bicep muscles are located on the front part of the upper arm and are probably one of the societya€™s more overemphasized muscle groups (i.e. Strengthening and toning the bodya€™s major muscles will not only make us fitter, but it will allow us to perform lifea€™s daily activities easier.
I’ve been in and out of hospital (mainly checking myself in) with various mystery conditions ranging from tick bites (the possibility of contracting Lyme Disease) to tingling nerve sensations all over my body.
Immediately I was worried, thinking I had some exotic disease or some part of my body was failing.
Because in my mind, the strange onset of literally hundreds of these tiny red spots has a cause, either internally or from environmental factors poisoning my body. Eventually there will be nowhere to store this excess of bromine and from my own research and studying have realised that it is finally stored in the skin, thus resulting in cherry angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots.
A long while ago, companies started to add iodine to salt (iodized salt) however with the health scares of using too much salt on our foods, we are not getting enough iodine. However, from research it is found that the people of mainland Japan are taking in as much as 12.5mg (12500 µg) daily from food such as sea kelp and certain kinds of fish. Iodine is also the partner to the programmed cell death and generating new cells in the body. This will saturate my body with iodine and kick start the detoxification and repair process. The box arrived to me in the UK and had a urine container, specimen vile and a 50mg Iodoral tablet for the test. They are now on my arms and legs and that’s only really happened in the last 6 months or so. The medication was pumping my body full of bromide so the therapy wouldn’t be as effective while taking it.
I was on citalopram for a couple of years, I then began to notice that my eyebrows and beard had started to become thin, my skin was very dry, I was feeling tired all the time and I also have cherry angnioma’s on my skin. Most of mine are pin-sized, however I do have one that’s much larger and quite noticeable. It interestingly suggests that the supplement Myricetin could help with treating them and discusses what’s actually happening in the skin where they erupt.
In addition to postpartum mothers, pregnant women often perform Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvis in preparation for delivery.
They are simple pelvic maneuvers, which are painless and risk-free, although popular among women for decades. Those who suffer from bladder or fecal incontinence due to inadequate muscle tone report noticeable improvement within 4-6 weeks. Stephen was too drunk and I couldn't find the phone number for Captain Ron, our Cajun swamp tour guide. Brown recluses usually live for about two years but can go almost a full year without eating or drinking. In 2011, Saupe co-authored a study in the journal PLoS ONE that modeled how climate change could affect distribution of the brown recluse, which is currently found from Kansas to Louisiana and east to Georgia.
He's presently at work on the second book in his Places trilogy, a shamanistic travel guide to the American South. I saw many dermatologists, chief haematologists and general doctors and they all called these red dots Cherry Angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots. Most of our iodine is stored in our thyroid gland and this gland uses the most iodine for its functions. While Epsom salt baths are great for increasing your serum Mg levels short term, it’s better to use something more long lasting like the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Chloride oil that stays in your body properly.
You can view the official ChemWatch safety sheet information on Citalopram Hydrobromide here (PDF). I followed the test instructions, collected my urine samples and set off my specimen via UPS to the lab at Hakala Research in Colorado, USA.
Because bromide is excreted slowly from the body, I believe that if you would have done the test while taking the Celexa it may have been slightly higher. Additionally I’ve cut out pineapple and soy sauce as they seem to be very high in iodine too. In recent years, Kegels have become widely employed as an approved, natural method of strengthening the diaphragm and other pelvic muscles.
Kegels are also commonly prescribed after prostate surgery, as they help hasten recovery and curtail urine leakage.
Regardless of age, health status, or gender – Kegel exercises offer something for everyone.   Be persistent and consistent in your Kegel workouts, and hold on tight for a healthier tomorrow!
Over the summer, my girlfriend Karen and I were attacked by fire ants while drinking wine in the park. As long as we remembered to carefully jiggle envelopes while pulling them out we'd be fine. He had been bitten by everything in the swamp, including snakes and alligators, but said a recluse bite that nearly lost him his left foot was the most painful. The technical term for the flesh-eating rot their bite induces is necrosis, which is caused by a cell-killing protein known as Sphingomyelinase D. In a warming world, the recluse's domain could expand north to include cities like Philadelphia, Boston and New York.
The test requires you to stop iodine therapy 48 hours before doing the test to get a better reading.
Ironically, these problems only started a couple of years ago, and that’s when my angiomas started appearing.
Recent research, however, has revealed that men, too, can derive many health benefits from Kegel exercises.
Prolonged catheter insertion after kidney or bladder surgery often produces temporary incontinence, which Kegels can help alleviate.  The advantages are not limited to medical settings, by any means. I received more than 200 bites, mostly around my groin, they formed welts the size of beer coasters and my ears and throat swelled up. Then one morning our drunken neighbor Steven, a cook at a local restaurant who got bit by a brown recluse on the head while in prison, stuck a newspaper in our mailbox and flung the spider into the yard.

I finally found an expert in an evolutionary biology Ph.D student at the University of Kansas named Erin Elizabeth Saupe. The test required me to take an Iodoral 50mg tablet in the morning and collect my urine for a full 24 hours after taking it. From what I understand, angiomas generally typically don’t start appearing en masse until ones 30s or 40s. I thought I had cancer at first and then I started researching and figured out it was cherry angiomas. Male Kegel exercises are performed by using a “squeeze, hold, release” pattern in quick succession. Keep the contractions up to 5 seconds and then rest 5 seconds between contractions for the first week. I saw where you can do the electric surgery which is pretty much burning them off so I actually tried lighting up a hot pin and burning them off myself. Squeeze the muscle, hold for several seconds, then release.  When you do this properly, you should feel or see your testicles move upward.
For some passing stools once in two or three days may be normal while for others passing stools every day is normal. Necrosis typically takes hours if not days to fully set in, and a spider's prey is killed in minutes. In the worst cases, a gaping hole appears around the wound and the skin rots away, leaving a gooey mess that resembles pizza.
There have been minor incidences, like when quarters flew out of my jeans and slammed me in the nose.
It left a little pink spot but after a couple of weeks my skin is back to normal.Only bad thing is they started popping up on my scalp and 3 on my face. Ears have been known to rot off, heads can swell up like balloons, the venom can even affect internal organs. From the scar the recluse left you'd guess he got cracked in the skull with a baseball bat, Karen and I suspect the venom may have retarded him. For me, however, they left giant welts that itched for weeks, a worst reaction than most endure. Socks are particularly annoying, I must turn them inside out to make sure there are no spiders inside the tube. At least in my eyes, there seems to be no evolutionary reason for the recluse's ability to turn your arm into pizza.
I’m going to start taking vitamin c everyday and I hope I can get rid of these things soon and stop this itching. With practice, you can do Kegels anywhere at anytime – when relaxing on your couch, or while driving. Once I burned the ones off my chest it stopped itching… Im about to try to burn them off and apply ACV for a few minutes. Simple bug arithmetic tells me, if mosquitos do nothing much to the average person but give me welts, then the recluse, which leaves saucer-sized holes in the average person would dissolve my entire upper body. Some of the risk factors of constipation include:- Lack or inadequacy of fibres and fluids in diet.
Fibres are included in fruit, vegetables and cereals Avoiding or delaying urge to pass stools Certain medications may lead to constipation as a side effect Mental ailments like anxiety disorders and depression Elderly over the age of 55. This is due to slow bowel movements, use of multiple medications as well as a relatively sedentary life. Treatment for constipation is effective but it may take weeks before there is a regular bowel pattern. Diagnosis usually involves detailed history of the condition from the patient about the signs and symptoms.
Details of ignoring urges to pass stool and inadequacy of time and privacy for passing stools are also asked. Lack of fluids and increased amount of red meats, processed meats and canned foods also leads to increased risk of constipation Details of medications and laxative use Several medications may cause constipation as a side effect. Laxative abuse is also an important cause of constipation and needs to be detected while diagnosing constipation. If inflammatory bowel disease or bowel cancer is suspected a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy is advised. Previous history of sexual abuse, violence, trauma, fear or unusual attitude towards bowel motions, depression and eating disorders have to be ruled out or detected. Tests include Manometry for Hirschsprung’s disease and Electromyography for spastic pelvic floor dysfunction. Fibres are included in fruit, vegetables and cereals Avoiding or delaying urge to pass stools. Having limited privacy for passing stools and using a community toilet (in schools, hostels or dormitories etc.) could be a reason for exacerbation of constipation.
Some of the medications that may cause constipation as a side effect include aluminium containing antacids, antidepressants, antiepileptics, tranquillizers, opioids like codeine, morphine etc., antipsychotics used in schizophrenia and other mental health conditions, calcium and iron supplements, diuretics etc. Psychiatric problems, such as ones that result from sexual abuse, violence or trauma may also lead to constipation in the short as well as long run. Mental retardation, Down’s syndrome and other congenital conditions that lead to mental retardation are also associated with constipation. Possible causes include lack of fluids in diet, lack of fibres, over feeding, malnutrition etc.
Constantly intervening while the child is using the toilet interferes with passing stools and may lead to constipation. This leads to poor bowel habits when the child ignores the urge to pass stools and withholds the stools for fear of experiencing pain and discomfort. They include:- Including enough fibres in diet - Fibres are available in fruits, vegetables, whole grain rice, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, seeds, nuts, oats, pulses etc. Some bulking agents like wheat bran may be added to the diet to increase the bulk of the stools and facilitate passage Including enough fluids in diet - Fluids like water and fruit juices help prevent dehydration and help in softening the stools as well. Certain fluids like caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks are not good for bowel motions and excessive coffee or alcohol may precipitate constipation. Ideally around 150 minutes of moderate physical activity is recommended every week Developing good toilet habits - The urge to go to the toilet should not be ignored. They lead to formation of soft formed stools after a couple of days of use and ease the process of passing stools. Softening the stools help in their passage and prevents stool impaction or fecal impaction.
These agents take around 6 to 12 hours to work and should be used on short term basis only. They are also useful for clearing the bowel in patients who are to undergo surgery (especially abdominal surgery) or radiological investigations and imaging of the abdomen. Gentle movement of the baby’s legs in a bicycle motion also helps the baby pass stools.
They may be given fibres in diet in the form of fruits like apples, apricots, pears, peaches, grapes, plums, bananas, raspberries, strawberries etc. Laxatives that are safe to use during pregnancy include the osmotic laxatives lactulose and macrogols.

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