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If You Travel At All For Business or Pleasure You May Want To Consider The Benefits of Becoming A Customer of Our Travel Club. One day you feel fine and normal, and the next day you’re adrift, shipwrecked or marooned.
Without your mojo platform under you, you have no will to send out resumes, and if you do blast out a few, they won’t hit their mark.
Here are nine activities that will help your mojo return to you and buoy you up the way it did before your disruptive changes showed up. We tend to treat our bodies like beasts of burden, mere conveyances for our powerful brains. The topic in this episode is all about getting motivated and getting your MOJO back… your fire… your passion!
Before we get in to the tips to help you get you MOJO back, I first want to cut you some slack and let you know that you’re human.
Want more great tips and resources on improving balance, energy, organization, health fitness, relationships, focus, faith and happiness? Every single one of us have faced that moment when we realize that we’ve lost that special power, drive or energy that is synonymous with effectiveness and success. As universal as the feeling of being in the zone when your mojo is on and you are on top of everything, so is the sensation that you’ve lost it and need to get it back. I spent some time looking for those answers not too long ago, and collected a wide variety of suggestions.
The important thing to remember as you try ideas from this list (which is by no means exhaustive or complete) is to do your best to quiet your mind and remove yourself from panic before you start. I have to admit – crawling out of bed at 5 am, immersing my body in cold water, and swimming up and down a pool for an hour or more was not the most motivational line of thinking to enter my brain when it came time to go exercise. It may seem corny to some, but visualizing yourself being successful can be a great way to generate some mojo.
I love reading Tony Robbins and other experts in personal achievement because they really know their stuff. Fun and adventure comes in many forms, but they are essential ingredients in my view to getting your mojo back.
Contact & ConnectSocial Web Tactics is a Virginia Digital Marketing agency based just outside of Washington, DC that specializes in SEO, SEM, Social Media, Usability, and marketing strategy. You know and follow the expert writing advice: set a schedule, push through resistance, keep at it.
In fact, probably less time than you spend poking around on Facebook or perusing Pinterest.
Are you drinking at least one glass of water for each cup of coffee or caffeinated beverage you consume? The human brain is 70 percent water, and this needs to be replenished to operate effectively. Yet, depriving yourself of needed nourishment will eventually result in frequent illness, aches and pains, and sluggishness. Before you sit down to work (or before you go to bed), prepare a few healthy snacks so they’re ready for you when hunger hits. Study after study shows that a regular mindfulness practice results in increased productivity, sharper memory, and a flow of creativity.
I finally made the commitment to practice for just five minutes a day, which I soon increased to 10. If you still balk at setting aside even 10 minutes, try incorporating mindfulness into something you already do. Remember, a writer’s most important tool is a well-rested mind, one that is ready to explore, examine, and express. Sarah O’Leary is a writer and wellness coach on a mission to empower women feel vibrant, look radiant and finally step up to their dreams. It only take a little bit of a break – but on a regular basis to keep that writing flowing.
The reason why people get so tired and don’t have energy is they have trained their bodies to be weak. Hey Darnell, I agree that more vigorous exercise certainly yields better results – both in fitness and in your generating energy. So, I stand by my recommendation: if the pain of heavy exercise isn’t for you, baby step your way to exercise!
I have a difficulty finding time to take a break particularly when I’m beating deadlines. Drinking water and stretching a little may not seem like they could make a significant difference in your energy and motivation but they certainly work for me. Yes Liz, it’s so true that a simple thing like water can make a huge difference in that motivation level. I actually believe that corporate offices should provide napping chairs and encourage power naps for their employees. One thing that’s critical for me, though, is limiting the amount of screen time I expose myself to outside of my working hours. I do always try to take a few moments when I’ve returned from my run to jot down the inspirations that have occurred to me. LOL, yes as I commented above the trick is to actually get UP from the power nap after 5, 10 or 20 minutes. It’s true that we must be vigilant to plain old resistance disguising itself as the need for a break. I’ve been going through the process of turning pro, working on my attitude and work ethic, working on my desire to match my life to the vision in my head. Awesome, I love that movement it the top of the list, nothing gets me more in the mood then exercising! The Pomodoro method is a great way to schedule in those all-important breaks during your writing day! The purpose of this time limit is to ensure that registration is available to as many people as possible.
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We couldn't process your order because you have this event open on multiple tabs in your browser. Rejection, disapproval, frustration and probably at a time when you’re struggling financially too. With a baby in tow I took my four older kids to 20+ weekly activities from ice skating and swim lessons to Brownie scouts, violin and soccer.
To allow it back in, you have to go in a different direction from the go-go-go Get it Done! Your body is in charge, and the more care and respect you show your body, the faster your mojo will return.
Write your autobiography in your journal or draw a picture that shows your path since childhood. Volunteer for a cause that moves you, or help job-seekers at your local job advice resource center.
Pay attention to every message you get, whether it’s a dream, a surprising incident or an off-handed remark that strikes you as notable. Pay attention to everything around you, from the quality of the sunlight to the way you feel in social and business situations.

Mother Nature loves a curve ball, and the more you can give up on your old, fixed identity and step into your possibilities, the more powerful you will be! Each episode of my podcast, The Chalene Show is designed to give you strategies and simple steps you can implement today to become a better, more balanced, happier version of yourself. One thing to take into account as you review the list below is that there is no pill or formula that will work for everyone or work every time.
The first thing I’ve discovered is that if I have lost my mojo it is typically because I am run-down or tired.
Instead I thought about how important swimming was going to be for my heart and my body, and how much I enjoyed the feeling of pushing through a difficult set. If those are the emotions you have flowing through your body, you will not be able to get your mojo back. I’ve used visualization before exercising as well as while I am running and swimming. One of the most consistent exercises these experts recommend that you can do to get your mojo back is outline what your strengths are as a person. For starters, picking up the phone or talking with someone in person brings a whole new set of emotions to you. Identify your main priorities and focus in on those, and cut out, temporarily, all those things that are really distracting you from achieving your best or sucking away your good mojo. It helps with digestion, food absorption, maintain your insulin balance, and generates physical and mental energy.
How can you possibly take a break when you’re already behind with projects or deadlines? When your last brilliant new idea blossomed, were you sitting at your desk, flogging yourself to keep going? A change in focus replenishes those creative and intellectual synapses, priming you for another session. This can be as simple as a walk through your neighborhood or as elaborate a fancy new workout routine at the gym. Even if you don’t fuel your writing with caffeine, how often to you remember to slake your thirst?
It works wonders when your brain shuts down and you can’t come up with fresh words or the solution to your story conundrum. Set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes, release whatever problem you’re struggling with and let your eyes close. You might get away with such habits for years, thinking you’re saving time by not fussing with food preparation.
All of which will keep you from producing the stellar writing you know you’re capable of.
It turns out that 10 minutes a day is enough to derive some of the amazing benefits of meditation! I challenge you to give it a try for 21 days and see if you notice a difference in your writing.
When you take a break, and pause to focus on something different, you will return to your writing newly energized, clear, and with fresh inspiration. I just write and write for long hours without taking too many brakes then wonder why I find it hard to focus! Sit in your most comfortable napping chair, with the cookie sheet on the floor and the spoon in your hand, resting on the arm of the chair, so that if you dropped the spoon it would hit the cookie sheet. I’ve found that even that instant of sleep can get me through the push to finish a writing session before bedtime. I think our screens and devices are the new addiction of the 21st century – and it may turn out that this addiction is as destructive as other unhealthy addictions!
I agree that if we can discipline ourselves to take a break from the computer and other screens our writing will benefit! Something about that rhythm, the fresh outdoor air, being in nature, getting the heart rate up. That’s why I advocate trying to head that off at the pass and taking just a few minutes every hour or so to un-crunch, stretch out and bring some oxygen into the brain! Stretching out on the floor is good way to keep yourself from overdoing this rejuvenating technique. We writers can sometimes let that care for ourselves drop to the bottom of the list – the writing rules!
We forget this essential wisdom sometimes – when our inner slave driver wants to crack the whip and tell us to keep going.
My little rationalization compartment in my brain tends to seize on things like that and says, “You really do need a break.
I guess that what be a good indication – if you’ve already had one five minutes ago!
Sometimes just resting quietly and letting my mind do its work gives great results, even if I just stay in bed for 20 minutes after waking.
And I’m super happy that you’ve found more helpful information over on my site! For example, taking one day off writing per week, and going to an awesome seaside vacation for one or two weeks once in a while. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more next to the type or types of tickets you would like to purchase.
It’s no wonder so many of you fail to achieve the results and lifestyle you believed possible in MLM because you simply burn out or get too stressed as things take their toll mentally.
You don’t have the fuel that every ambitious project needs – a job search, most of all!
My mojo came back when I gradually stopped focusing on my desolation, feelings of failure and general suckitude and started exploring new things.
Turn your attention to something completely different, whether it’s painting the garage or helping your cousin launch her business.
When you recall and reclaim the events in your past, it reminds you how far you’ve come already.
Your flame is in your body — your mind gets the mojo boost that comes when you let your body take the lead.
When you help someone else, you’ll remember that you know a lot and have wisdom that makes a real difference for people.
When you realize that are you are fine and always have been, that the job was just a job and that bigger adventures are waiting for you, your mojo will come roaring back. Never forget that you are amazing and powerful with or without a title and a business card.
And when we are missing it – there is a flatness to our state of being that creeps in. What’s more, you may find that some days it will not take a great deal of effort to get your mojo back, while other days you need to expel a great deal of effort.
Getting run-down or not getting enough sleep can lower your immune system, reduce blood flow and oxygen to your muscles and brain, and diminish your overall mood. We have conditioned ourselves through habits to associate greater pleasure with laying in bed and daydreaming then with getting up and moving.
The more I did it, the more I began to get excited to get the pool to swim, and afterwards, get into my post-swimming routine.
Having a blueprint and creating some structure to your day will enable you to accomplish more. I have used it in preparation for events I’ve spoken at, as well as for things that have not yet taken place that I am striving to achieve. You learn from talking with other people, laugh and open your mind to new ideas and experiences that are not your own. Remember, the highest state of generosity and kindness is to give without expecting anything in return (and to do good acts anonymously whenever possible).

This can lead to painful and difficult decisions, but in our complex lives distractions can be real mojo killers. There are many studies that link sunlight to the promotion of stronger bones and heart, as well as improving your immunity.
He specializes in digital marketing strategy, seo and sem, social media, merging online and in-person events for best engagement, business development and more. When you push past those warning signs, your work suffers, your creative process flags, and – worst of all – you lose the joy of writing. With practice you will drift off and awaken surprisingly refreshed when the timer goes off. If you’re wondering how to start, take a look at Mary Jacksch’s article on how to meditate at Good Life Zen. Download her free ebook, Pathway To Radiance:Self-Care Stories and Strategies from 50 Empowered Women. This has countless negative effects on your health, not to mention your motivation and energy level. It allows me to totally drift into rest and relaxation without having to worry that I’ll fall asleep for an hour or more. Which is usually easy to do because 10-20 minutes is not enough time to go so deep into sleep that you have to recover. For some months now, just to get a lot of things done, I eat in front of my laptop and though I feel full, it seems I still get tired earlier than before. I use the Pomodoro technique and timer to write for 25 minutes and take a break of 5 minutes in between, every time.
I’ve been using that a bit myself lately, and I do some movement and stretches in the 5 minutes. I was depressed and directionless, with no flame to fuel whatever projects I might have come up with. One day tumbled into the next, the baby gobbled enough milk to take off the extra weight and little by little I started to feel normal again. You have everything you need to rock the house – we’re all waiting to celebrate with you!
What makes getting up early hard for so many people is that we are battling our own minds and the routines we have created. While no moment will turn out exactly as we planned, visualizing success can help generate some of the energy that makes up our mojo. Interacting with others can be a quick way to elevate mood, establish a new relationship or bond, or even make a life-changing connection that jump-starts your mojo.
Getting a healthy dose of sun does not mean you need to head for Miami Beach (though I’d hardly blame you), but it does mean you need to get outdoors and absorb some sunlight each and every day.
She literally pulled off the highway and then got back on, only to pull off the highway again and get back on. With over 15 years experience in government, non-profits, public and private corporations, spanning a number of industries, Hackmer has a unique wealth of experience. I do get ideas when I’m doing other forms of exercise, but running seems to bring me the most. The quest I am on is discovering how working hard can coexist with taking care of our one and only bodies. Journalling opens a channel to your higher self, the best possible guide in your reinvention! Though sometimes we feel better after just one night of rest and sleep, getting two to three days worth will really help return your body to a higher energy level.
Part of getting your mojo back will mean creating new habits and not succumbing to the old ones. I’ve had this experience too just connecting with people on LinkedIn in groups I am involved in.
Bad stress is the feeling that you are both overwhelmed and not working towards anything you believe in or think will succeed.
As a New Englander (now currently living in the Mid-Atlantic) I know that we have fewer days of good sunlight. He featured it as one of his 50 secrets of magic craftsmanship and attributes this type of nap as a means of lucid dreaming to opening up his most creative self. Anyone who knows me personally is well aware that I have experienced quite a few painful moments and seemingly insurmountable challenges over my life time. In one case, a quick online conversation around a topic of mutual interest turned into a Google hangout discussion via video. But if you are trying to get your mojo back – finding the time and best way to get a little sun can do a lot of for state of mind and your body. But the more I ate very lean meat, vegetables and started eating better foods each day, the more energy I got.
My daughter as well has been on the fence about joining clubs or doing other things, only to show up and have a great experience. I set a timer for, say, every hour and just get up and do some stretches, jumping jacks, or some other physical activity. But if you start waking up early and getting active in the morning, it will help improve your thinking, productivity and health, and be a great step towards getting your mojo back. But that still does not change the fact that you will not be able to get your mojo back if your mind and soul are stuck in a depressed state. It also can be reduced through a massage, sex, a hug or some other physical action where your body is able to release tension. Make a list of those things you enjoyed and set out to do something to shake up your life a bit. Also, my desire to pull into a fast-food drive through diminished to the point where now I do not crave it at all.
I actually have to really push myself to get up and away from my project, but when I do I’m always amazed at how my mental energy has increased.
The way to start to break out of your funk is to think about all the good in your life, starting with the fact that you are alive.
In fact, whenever I feel like I need to get my mojo back, I return to that list and update it. If you cannot address your stress on your own (many of us think we can handle it alone), then you will need to force yourself to let someone else in to help you. Now, as a caveat, I am not saying you give up hamburgers and start eating salads right away.
Think about everything that you enjoy and everyone, and start to embrace the best aspects of your life. In fact, if you try that as a way to get your mojo back, you will fail because such dramatic change rarely is sustainable. We can send a million documents electronically to people, but we react differently to things when they are printed off and in front of us. I now use exercise as my time to clear my head, come up with new ideas, challenge myself and ultimately feel stronger and better.
You will find a phased approach will generate better short-term and long-term results, and help you get your mojo back. What’s more, since June I’ve lost over 25 lbs and I am stronger than at any time in at least 15 years! But even a light workout in the morning where you get your heart-rate up high will help get your brain and body into a better state.

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