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I consider Donald Trump would be a much better American Idol judge compared with Harry Connick Jr. The pair then ran down to the sea before Timberlake tried to impress Kunis by showing off his throwing arm. They were only acting, but their obvious on-screen chemistry might hit a nerve with their respective other halves.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and French actor Olivier Martinez have split after a short romance.The 22-year-old model is said to be devastated and spent Valentinea€™s Day alone in Goa. Rosie met Olivier, 44, at a Victoriaa€™s Secret fashion show in November and the couple spent New Year in Paris. Sergey Brin rolls into work on skates, while colleague Larry Page tinkers with a A?77,000 electric sports car.
The pair enjoy vintage wines and even have a Boeing 767 a€?party aircraft' kitted out with hammocks, king- size beds and showers.One person unlikely to get a boarding pass is baby-faced Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg, meanwhile, waves around a fencing foil when he gets excited.These are the unconventional billionaires behind the two biggest companies in cyberspace a€“ and they are going to war.
The 26-year-old may only be worth a paltry $7 billion (A?4.5 billion), but he has a community of 500 million users.
After thousands of protests a€“ and a federal complaint in America a€“ the company finally backed down.The latest controversy, just weeks ago, involved Facebook transmitting information about tens of millions of people to outside companies.

As well as their Boeing 767, Page and Brin own two corporate aircraft and a Dornier Alpha light attack jet. His first Facebook business card reads: a€?Ia€™m CEO, bitch!a€™a€?Theya€™re egotistical and young for the amount of money, power and prestige they have,a€™ says a source. Some then sold the data on to advertisers.Ironically, Zuckerberg is an intensely private person.
The 600mph two-seater is kept at a Nasa airfield near Palo Alto where it is used for a€?scientific researcha€™ a€“ and presumably buzzing Facebooka€™s HQ nearby.Page and Brin each own a€?at least onea€™ electric Tesla Roadster sports car. How we search the web, how we shop online and how we communicate in the years ahead will be decided by three geeks with a history of riding roughshod over customersa€™ privacy. They include Zuckerberg turning up late for a meeting with venture capitalists and still wearing his pyjamas.
He listens to Lady Gaga and U2, loves Gladiator and The Matrix movies, and reads sci-fi books.
But a source says they now regret their choice of words: a€?If they had to do that over again, they never would have made that slogan. He is also said to have turned down the chance to meet the Queen because a€?I dona€™t have time for these thingsa€™.All three entrepreneurs cultivate the laid-back, anti-authoritarian image of their student years, when they first formed their companies.
Ita€™s come back to bite them so many times.a€™Zuckerberg, on the other hand, has no motivation beyond building his business. He and his wife Anne were married in 2007 in his-and-hers swimsuits on Musha Cay, David Copperfielda€™s private island in the Bahamas.

All guests had to swim to an isolated sandbar for the ceremony.Brin often arrives at conferences in a T-shirt and jeans with holes in them, although since marrying, both Google founders have started to dip into their fortunes. And earlier this year, Page and Brin mashed up Facebook and Twitter to produce Buzz, a service that adds social features to Googlea€™s popular Gmail site.However, the only buzz that Buzz generated were angry complaints about the way the site automatically published details of usersa€™ most frequent contacts.
Page and Brin are angry that Facebook has made it difficult for users to transfer digital contacts out of Facebook.
Even Brin admits Google chiefs lack the a€?emotional intelligencea€™ to understand its users.Both companies see the coming war as a clash of philosophies. Google wants all the information in the world to be freely available a€“ and sponsored by its advertisers. Facebook wants to replace Googlea€™s services with recommendations, searches and news tailored to usersa€™interests and sourced from their own friends a€“ but withFacebooka€™s commercials.Google calls Facebook a€?a data dead-enda€™ and accuses Zuckerberg of a€?trapping his usersa€™ contact informationa€™.
If that doesna€™t change, we could see their positions reversed in five years.a€™But whichever company triumphs, the real losers could be us.

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