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In Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 7 the metaphor between the house and their marriage was like an anvil over the head. Watching the scene in the bedroom, as they chatted as nonchalantly as two separated people possibly could about pregnancy, I realized that they always remember their past fondly.
The less I know about why they went on a break (simply drifting apart is starting to seem impossible with how well they've learned to communicate post separation), the more confusing the entire thing becomes.
Becca's response to Jake pointed out the problem dating a young starlet who didn't have a normal childhood.
Phoebe might be done with Ralf and she got a lovely end-of-an-era commemoration gift in the form of a foot long diamond necklace. We make it easy for you to watch Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce online via TV Fanatic if you're late to the #GG2D party. Delia, I cannot handle a lecture on how sleeping with your ex can change the date of your future separation. OK, if you must, Joseph Gordon Levitt read the Ukraine script and apparently he flipped out over it.
Becca Riley (Julianna Guill) wears this orange cut out playsuit in this week’s episode of Girlfriends Guide to Divorce.
Flat out up front – I've never done any kind of "trip" and the idea of it scares the bejesus out of me. Abby was trying to be a friend to her, but she's so wrapped up in her own problems she missed the incredibly large change looming over Lyla's head. Lyla tried to fit in and be cool but in the process she was slammed by Delia when she attempted to be a friend (You don't know me and you don't deserve to?
Delia's run in with an apparent relative in Vegas who shamed her for ignoring her only living parent will likely play a much bigger role going forward.
It was cool the true effects of cleanses, alcohol and drugs were touched upon instead of it all being one big, happy party.
Do you think the journalist who caught Abby handing Carlos the money will do more with that story? The act will likely cement their friendship, but still leave them confused for a while longer. If you haven't seen it yet or need to catch up, watch Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce online via TV Fanatic. Is a retaining wall all that's needed for Jake and Abby to repair what has happened to their marriage?

Hardly subtle, and even worse because it's highly unlikely the two of them will be revisiting a life under the same roof (as partners, anyway) any time soon.
There was that brilliant scene at the end of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 1 when they shared how their marriage unraveled, but since then they've been supportive.
Whether she was getting a little too close to a client, bad mouthing Lyla or ignoring calls from her dad, she wasn't winning a popularity contest. Please allow this to be a turning point, because any grown woman who still calls her ex (who she still screws) daddy needs to switch things up. Do you think, after Becca kicked Jake out that they reconciled since he was calling in the directing card for Blood Sisters? Witnessing what went down in Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 6 only makes me feel better about the decision to limit my excessive intake to alcohol alone. Something tells me things that happened there could eventually come back to bite some of our gal pals in the ass. We learned what's been going on with Phoebe's baby jewelry line, that Delia is hiding a lot under her smooth exterior, and just how little attention the ladies were paying to Lyla's situation.
Everyone likes to jump down her throat for her anger issues, but when Abby admitted she didn't really understand how bad things were with regard to the custody situation, my heart broke. If not because we need Delia to have more depth than the shark-like attorney and sex goddess she plays (that bathing suit!!), but because they fellow who played her relative isn't a short-term guest spot kind of guy. She tried the baby jewelry business, but it might have been a good idea to know a bit more about babies before she jumped in head first. He was a much wiser shaman than the crackpot Jake and Becca were visiting and he had the perfect nugget to feed Abby; nobody truly interesting is universally liked. She seemed genuine, but it will be surprising if that doesn't come back to haunt Abby in some way.
Hey, if your dad is dating a CW star and you have her phone number, you're going to invite her to impress your friends. When she said 'Lilly invited me' as if that made the whole thing alright, it was perfectly clear and impossible to blame her. Something needs to give with her to make her more compelling because I'd like to do one of the two things Phoebe wished upon Becca and Lyla, either punch her in the boob or in the vagina.
As she told Carlos (purrrr), she cares a lot about what other people think; maybe too much. Even the photographer was angry at her for not having 12 backup babies to get three happy babies at the same time.

She was keeping to her cleanse to get fit (although that's hardly an issue she needs to address) and decided against the drug candies, but when she gave up her cleanse for party Vegas, she was shortly thereafter engaging in puking Vegas.
There's nothing worse than having fun one moment and hanging your head into the porcelain god the next, but it can happen easily if you're not careful. It would be preferable if the entire night could be used as a learning moment, a time to hang with someone she'd never have otherwise and to inspire her next great book. It would have been nice to know them before things got bad, but then it might not be as easy to love them both, so I'll take what we have. She truly thinks an 8th grade kid has the right to determine who is invited to her birthday party. I'll get off of my freak out over the "drugs are bad, mmmmkaayyy" and talk about the good stuff. From her actions, I'm guessing she thought she wasn't famous enough or pretty enough or successful enough to be heard.
She seems the type to give up, and if that experience – capped with a baby swallowing one of the bracelets and choking on it – doesn't cause her to do just that, it will be a surprise. What real woman would tout skipping bathing your baby to lather your man or feeding your kid ABC turkey so you didn't have to pack the baby food? We also have a GG2D Twitter account we use for all the latest news and live tweets during the show, so be sure to follow us.
Abby took it poorly (on top of the cracked foundation and recent sex) and even Jake wished Becca had asked before replying. She's so disgusting, but when you think about how those guru types grasp people's attention, you just know how easily her garbage would be swallowed by the masses hoping to feel vindicated by their shitty parenting skills. Blame it on the birthday girl with the foul mother who wants to kill her soon-to-be-ex-husband!
A happy(ish) ending is far better than I expected given the final minutes of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 6. It's not unusual for two people who love each other, but who are no longer in love, to have that last moment together. My girl could have been squirming in pain and I would have made a bee line for the snacks poolside.

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