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According to the International Business Times on Friday, the “real Gemma Sheridan, whose Twitter tagline interestingly reads, ‘Who is she?
Gemma’s narrative, as carried originally by, sounds legit, but in actuality the site is a quasi-news outlet known for the occasional satirical story.
In 2007, Gemma Sheridan and 2 friends set out on a voyage that was to take them from their home town of Liverpool, across the Atlantic to the Panama Canal and then onwards to the beautiful island of Hawaii. The story goes on to recount how she survived for seven years – killing goats with clam shells, taking four weeks to learn how to build a fire, scouring for food, etc.
Woke up 1 morning to the sound of a plane flying over me which was unusually low, I could not believe it, I thought it was a dream.
Yes, and perhaps some sort of arithmetical computation can be derived to help internet perusers distinguish fact from fiction.
Writes hoax-debunking website WafflesAtNoon: “The website which produced this story provided no sources, and there are no corroborating reports to be found anywhere online. News Hound is littered with outlandish stories, including the Internet whopper of a lie that a man sued his wife for bearing him ugly kids.
Evelyn BennellLong Island Top News ExaminerEvelyn is a married NY mom and is happy to contribute articles relating to top news -- from niche news to banner bulletins. Colossal data breach of Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail: Culprit brags on hacker forumsA data breach on Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail has millions of users’ passwords and usernames in the wrong hands.

World Naked Gardening Day: Get in touch with your inner hippy this SaturdayThis weekend is the best time to get in touch with your inner hippy because May 7 is the 12th Annual World Naked Gardening Day. Google street view has caught some interesting things in the past but perhaps none so useful as this. When Google cameras catch people in their street view cameras they blur out the faces but that’s not the case with Yandex. Sasha confessed but said he did not love the other woman but as you can imagine, Voinova was already intending to break up with him. One day during the summer after an evening church service, I noticed a colored picture of an anchor on this mana€™s forearm. Another decade passed and then we entered a time of technology, laser technology that could remove onea€™s unwanted tattoos! Within the past ten years, it seems that the popularity of tattoos is at an all-time high: expression of oneself through ink on skin is common now.
My kids are elementary school age, and we often frequent the public pools in the summers to escape the heat.
I work as a counselor in a public school, which gives me the opportunity to visit with many students and their parents. My Hella€™s Angel view on tattoos, unless of course you are in the military, changed about seven years ago.

As I mentioned earlier, tattoos are prominent among professional athletes, especially so in the NBA.
However, after passing through the Panama Canal and into the Pacific, things started to take a turn for the worse. I ran to the beach screaming and waving my arms like a lunatic, the plane flew over 2 or 3 more times and then dropped a small package. A woman from Russia discovered her fiance had been cheating on her after looking up an address on an online map and finding his image with another woman. Although it might not be the best resolution, Voinova said she was sure it was her fiance when she noticed the cast on his arm from when he broke his hand that summer. You may have read the incredible tale of British woman Gemma Sheridan and her will to survive against incalculable odds.
We talked for what seemed like an eternity, then I asked the voice on the other end, “How did you find me?” to which they replied, “Some kid from Minnesota found your SOS sign on Google Earth.” I didn’t even know what Google Earth was, but I'm eternally in their debt now. Her story of improbable rescue from a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean after a Google Earth user happened to stumble upon her beachfront “SOS” sign has gathered millions of page views on multiple news outlets and via social media.

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