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When Eric Jason Pena went to grab a coffee at Starbucks, he never expected that he will make such a strong connection with a stranger.
Eric saw a homeless guy sitting on a table with his dog by his side and he decided to join the man.
As the homeless man walked away, he whispered to Legacy: “I told you God was going to take care of us”. What if you could get free shipping on the iPhone 5, powered by AT&T, but for just $45 per month with no annual contract?
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There are some events in this world that are just plain bizarre that we can’t even decipher the real reason why it happened.
But in this web post we saw, we can’t help but cringe upon seeing this photo of a woman in a public place in Hong Kong. This middle-aged woman from Hong Kong allegedly pooped in the middle of a public place in Hong Kong.

19 Fabulous Crafts You Can Make with those Pennies10 of the Strangest Jobs in the World that Surprisingly Pay WellEveryone Loves Her Songs, Except One Guy. The man was drinking his coffee and trying to catch some free Wi-Fi while his dog was peacefully sleeping beside him.
He gave the man a pair of new boots so he could continue his journey with his best friend, the dog called Legacy.
Straight Talk is adding some great new prepaid cell phones and smartphones, like the new iPhone 5, that use the three network towers cell phones and smartphones in America always use, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. We offers reviews of the best Straight Talk phones and offer direct links to Straight Talk for purchases of the iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S 3, Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, as well as reviews of all of the best new prepaid smartphones they offer, which most of the time, are not actually in stock at local Walmart stores we go to, regardless of whether they are Verizon, AT&T or Sprint tower powered for Straight Talk. She was seen squatting in the middle of Tai Wai’s Lung Hang Estate seemingly doing a number two. Eric noticed that people weren’t friendly with the homeless man, they didn’t even allow their children to pet his dog. This includes thumb sucking even past the infant stage, having very unique bedtime routines, etc.

They even rolled their eyes at the man who seemed to have disturbed his peace, even though he was just sitting quietly, drinking his coffee paid with his own money. I had made a sign on the beach that was about 10 feet high, but it had sat there all this time and nothing came of it. So I decided to go all out I spent the next few weeks clearing space and find materials to build a huge sign in the sand on the beach.
My hope was that perhaps a plane might fly over and see it, but in all my time on the island, I had not seen one single plane.

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