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Korea's love motels (there were an estimated 32,433 of them in Seoul alone as of 2006), from the cheap and cheesy to the discreet and edgy, offer young couples the best bang for their buck. Because many young Koreans traditionally live with their parents until marriage, love motels are particularly cherished as locations for romantic romps for those who simply don't want to wait until marriage. Of course, however platonic your relationship with your travel buddy may be, it's likely that they'll make assumptions. And if you think anniversaries are difficult to remember, try remembering the 100th, 200th, 300th, and 1,000th days of your relationship -- all these are dutifully celebrated by many Korean couples.
In Korea, blind dating does not have the negative connotation (your grandmother setting you up with her knitting club partner's toady nephew) it might have in the West.
Well, it doesn't have to be serious, but it's definitely a booming one -- arranged marriages may be rare, but arranged dates are a perfectly acceptable, and even preferable, way of a finding a partner. And then there is the more private "sogeting," with considerably less alcohol, wherein you meet someone through a chain of mutual acquaintances with the understanding that you're both single and looking. Betty Park, a 28-year-old marketer from Seoul, is currently seeing someone she met through a sogeting. But Min Jun, a 24-year-old political science student, says it's not always as "together" as it appears. But maybe that's what makes it all the more romantic: doing ridiculous things in the name of love. It's not the sheepish "let me hold this for one minute while you dig through your pockets for your lip gloss" kind of holding. Another reason why you might have to leave the event-planning to a hotel: You're too short to stick the balloons to the ceiling. For anniversaries, birthdays, and other commemorative days, grand romantic gestures are de rigueur.

While lovebirds in the United States may draw their inspiration from John Hughes films and express their feelings with custom playlists, in Korea the K-drama is the bible of grand romantic gestures.
Of course, while some couples have graduated this stage and find happiness in mutual restraint, it can be hard to resist peer pressure while others continue to take it to the next level.
Sure, getting dumped will suck, but imagine getting dumped into the plush sofas and rosebud-scented air of the Love Factory. The Love Factory only accepts one couple at a time, for maximum romantic and dramatic effect. Tarot card readers and fortune tellers are a popular form of entertainment in Korea, and saju tents (fortune-telling tents) are usually frequented by many young people or couples wanting to hear some positive affirmations about their future. The fun ends when people take it too seriously, which happens far more frequently than might be expected in a country of pragmatism and capitalism. But this particular kind of superstition is surprisingly prevalent in some circles, and with pretty dire consequences. And many times it's difficult not to take it seriously -- particularly if you get the wrong tarot card reader.
The former rich girl reveals she’s been reduced to working in a food truck, which she dramatically drives on to the field where the cheerleaders are practicing. Sadie agrees they should do whatever it takes to make it work, even if it means Lissa giving in to the original ultimatum. As such they're a good option for travelers who seek inexpensive alternative lodging -- something over-the-top and exciting. There is the "mee-ting," or a group blind date with no strings, lots of alcohol, and general hilarity.
Everything from baseball caps, T-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, and sneakers to all of the above.

On the streets of Seoul and other major Korean cities, it's common to spot men holding their girlfriends' purses. On the contrary, men carry the pinkest and furriest of female purses with complete acceptance during the course of the entire night out. You can argue that it's sexist for both parties: to the woman, for assuming that she's too weak to hold her own purse, and to the man, for the pressure put on him to hold the woman's purse -- women's purses aren't always as light as they appear.
She was matched in fervor by her boyfriend, university student Yi Won-jin, who arranged a surprise candlelit event for their second anniversary on the campus of their university. It’s trope typically reserved for couples not friends making it even more awkward than it already is. Usually the domain of university students, it's a way for them to socialize, network, and get drunk. Once kept to honeymoons, now Korean couples often don matching looks on dates as well -- and the best part is, they do it without a hint of irony.
Not just while their girlfriends are using the ladies' room, but also when they're walking down the street or window shopping.
When the cheerleaders elect Lissa captain instead of Sadie, she gives her an ultimatum to resign but Lissa finally stands up to her.

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