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As a result, the BlackBerry Q10 managed 8 hours and 42 minutes of internet browsing, which interestingly, puts it close to the top yet again right below the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The BlackBerry Q10 gets and endurance rating of 56 hours, meaning that’s how long you can go between charges if you do an hour each of calling, browsing and watching videos per day.
Time for another unboxing – on today’s menu is the Motorola MILESTONE 2, or DROID 2 as it’s called States-side. The Motorola MILESTONE 2 box includes the standard set of goodies – a charger, a one-piece headset and a microUSB cable.
I’ll leave the details for the review, but here are the major selling points of the Motorola MILESTONE 2.
Currently, the app is available only in Singapore as Samsung explores its full potential before rolling it out to other markets. If you are traveling above 20 kilometers per hour, it blocks the phone and sends an auto reply to text messages that says you are behind the wheel. The South Korean company tested the app in Singapore and is evaluating how it can automate the activation of the app once it detects that someone is driving.
Samsung Group is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul.

More: MobileBeat 2016 is focused on the paradigm shift from apps to AI, messaging, and chatbots. As we found out in our BlackBerry Z10 review, it’s very good phone overall, but merely mediocre as far as its battery performance is concerned.
Here, the BlackBerry 10 OS has a lot to brag for as it features one of the most advanced mobile web browsers around with one of the best HTML5 skills and full Flash support. Keep in mind that our web tests don’t include Flash, so all phones are on equal footing. The small display of the BlackBerry Q10 isnt best suited for video entertainment, much less with its 1:1 aspect.
That should be well enough for two days of heavy usage before you need to plug BlackBerry’s latest QWERTY effort into a wall charger. The Motorola messenger kept a lot of the highlights of the original, while updating much of the features. It’s augmented by the MOTOBLUR UI version 1.5 – as expected, there’s SNS integration all around, but some other handy tools as well. It notes that drivers are 2.8 times more likely to get in an accident while dialing and 23 times more likely when texting.

If you are, it hides phone calls, SMS text messages, and social media alerts until you reach your destination. A survey in Singapore showed that more than eight out of 10 drivers admitted using their phones without a hands-free kit while driving in the past year.
This result brings it awfully close to the Motorola RAZR MAXX and its monstrous 3300mAh battery. There’s a Task manager preinstalled and there is also the Profiles setting, which is similar to Sense UI’s Scenes.
The Q10 hit 10% battery after 11 hours and 15 minutes meaning you’ll be well covered for those long cross-continent business trips.

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