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On Thursday, Donald Trump's tweet about tacos was only the second-most-alarming message he sent to potential voters.
In the war on distraction, a new long-term study of disrupted attention, multitasking, and aging shows dramatic results in improving working memory for older participants through use of an online game. There have been as many explanations given for this phenomenon as there are pundits on the Internet. To Kristin Neff, a psychology professor at the University of Texas, that’s not surprising.
Back in early March, The New York Times reported that the FBI would be interviewing Hillary Clinton and her top aides about her private email server within the coming weeks.
The email-server story seems to move in waves: silence for a while, then an onslaught of news.
Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitYes, psychologists can help the ultra-rich get rid of their guilt Psychologists are trained to manipulate anyone's feelings as long as they have the trust of the person. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitIt's a different perspective Usually the only input the rich get about themselves and their wealth is from other rich people they are around all the time, be it friends or family. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitWealth Psychologists can Help Talk it Through Speaking to a wealth psychologist can help someone who is feeling guilty about their good fortune get rid of their guilt by allowing them to discuss the core reasoning behind their guilt and allow them to discuss options to alleviate the guilt.
Remember how, about a month ago, Rachel Zoe received a monogrammed Louis Vuitton diaper bag for her rugrat Skyler and maybe you paused for a moment and felt some feelings about conspicuous consumption, shameless logo-whoring and maybe even exploiting children to be super! This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.A few weeks ago, when I was interviewing reporter-turned-pot activist Charlo Greene at a weed-themed ball, she hinted that I should ditch my job and follow her lead. The event drew people who worked in TV, education, finance, real estate—all looking to cash in on cannabis. On the corporate side of things, people working as consultants or in quality assurance for licensed producers are cracking six figures. Master GrowerSalary: $100,000 and up [$72,000 USD and up]The master grower, or "pot whisperer" as one newspaper put it, oversees every aspect of growing for a licensed producer including selecting strains and seeds, cloning, potting, transplanting, feeding, trimming, harvesting, packaging, and inventory.
Tony Lacombe, Tweed's brand new master grower, told VICE he has no academic expertise in agriculture.
Director of Quality AssuranceSalary: $100,000 and up [$72,000 USD and up]Buying weed on the black market means when you end up with a shitty batch, you're left with no real recourse.
Tom Shipley, who performs this role at Tweed, was previously a Health Canada researcher who worked in toxicology and later evaluated vaccines. In addition to overseeing everything that goes down at the facility, it's his job to investigate consumer complaints.
Trimmers are checked before they leave a facility, so unfortunately there's no way to pocket any green for personal use.
Don Briere owns Weeds Glass & Gifts, a dispensary chain that has 28 locations in BC and Toronto.
Likewise, he said his staffers almost act as restaurant employees—a dabtender serves up a "shot of cannabis"; scalers measure out different amounts of chronic. They start out making $12 an hour and graduate to $15 [$11 USD] an hour after a 90-day probation period.

Briere, who takes home $84,000 [$60,000 USD] a year, also pays his workers medical, dental, and pensions. Hotbox, one of the oldest vapor lounges in the GTA, features a large patio where people can sess as well as a private member's lounge with a dab room and video games. Owner Abi Roach opened it in Kensington Market in 2003, inspired after a trip to Jamaica where she saw people openly smoking pot everywhere. For now, the location, which is undergoing major renovations, is BYOP, though Roach hopes that will change when the laws do.
She learned to bake from a dispensary owner and two-and-a-half years ago started the business, tailoring her recipes for cookies, s'mores, and pixie sticks to suit patients with diabetes, cancer, and celiac disease.
The market has grown incredibly in the last couple years, she said, and those looking to bake can start by turning to YouTube. She and her partner work out of an office space, where they do everything from production to packaging.
As for training, Sarah said, "We're still a ways away from there being a formal education system for cannabis jobs in Canada." So basically, people with backgrounds in health and beauty have an upper hand. In addition to his rate, Samuelsson said he negotiates for equity of around 20 percent or a mix of equity and wages.
In the event of a recession, Trump would treat the full faith and credit of the United States to a capricious hair cut.
The idea of a basic income has been around for decades, and it once drew support from leaders as different as Martin Luther King Jr.
So, even though competing claims on our attention, including from all those devices that bleep and burp and screech, often swamp our ability to focus, evidence from a major study to be published tomorrow indicates that training on a video game improved not only the ability to stay on task but also shored up short-term memory in aging adults.
But way off in the ivory tower of the University of Chicago, the philosopher Martha Nussbaum has developed a different framework for thinking about the rise of Trump: by examining anger as both a motivation and source of moral conflict. A combination of generous social programs and a secular society have all but made nuptials obsolete—while giving rise to a unique culture of independent motherhood.
A source told the paper the investigation would probably conclude by early May, at which point the Justice Department would be left to decide whether to file charges against Clinton or anyone else, and what charges to file.
Late Thursday, it emerged that while Clinton hasn’t spoken to the FBI yet, several of her top aides have. If a wealthy person is feeling guilt about that wealth, there are a number of mental exercises any psychologist could suggest to alleviate the guilt. A therapist can help wealthy people look at themselves in a different way, and maybe help them determine ways they can use their wealth to get rid of guilt. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And what's even greater, there's even more opportunity for you to create exactly what you want to do because there's so much need," she told me, at which point I interjected, "Are you trying to recruit me?" "Maybe," she replied. Meanwhile budtending and retail positions are in line with what you'd expect from comparable service sector jobs.
The space can be massive—Tweed Inc., one of Canada's largest suppliers, has a 30,000-square-foot production area—so they're split up into rooms managed by section growers.

It's frustrating as hell, but calling out your dealer when there aren't many other options is kind of like biting the hand that feeds you.
Suited up in coveralls, a mask, and goggles, you trim buds for legal growers, removing the sticky stuff from stems and leaves. The venue offers snacks, but no alcohol, and closes at 11 PM on weekends to avoid late-night drunks. A Supreme Court ruling from last June made it legal for people to consume cannabis any which way they pleased, including eating cookies, brownies, etc., but it's still not legal to make those products for sale. So if you're one of those crafty people who likes to make your own soap, you might be in luck.
He says his background in chemistry and history as a medical patient make him right for the job. Annie Ling spent two months photographing these mothers in the Nordic country, documenting their daily lives and struggles.
In this case, wealth psychologists are useful because they can help that person lead a more fulfilling life. However, deep down, the wealthy person knows that giving it away would get rid of all the guilt. Weed may not be 100 percent legal yet, but once it is, it's expected to generate $5 billion [$3.6 billion USD] in annual revenue in Canada.
Jordan Sinclair, communications manager at Tweed, wouldn't reveal the salaries of employees there for fear of getting characterized as "corporate pigs" and "f*#$ing profiteers." But an industry-watcher who spoke to VICE said master growers at major firms can bank around $250,000 [$180,000 USD] a year. Vancouver has implemented an outright ban on edible sales, using the "think of the children" (who might mistake weed candy for regular candy) logic. She started Mary Jane's Touch in 2012 with a medicated balm used to treat chronic pain; the line has since grown to include soaps, bath salts, body butters, and scrubs.
But rather than waiting for governments to act, Santens has started crowdfunding his own basic income of $1,000 per month. The answer: 47 percent of respondents said that either they would cover the expense by borrowing or selling something, or they would not be able to come up with the $400 at all. In anticipation, plenty of above-board (and semi-above board) jobs are already cropping up, some of which pay serious cash.
She also makes healthy THC-infused snacks, like granola, root vegetable chips, dried fruit, and pressed juices. Living in a small community means relatives are often close by and can pitch in on childcare. According to postings obtained by VICE, these jobs require you to suss out "regulated parties who perform activities such as importation, production, and distribution of narcotics, targeted substances, restricted drugs, marijuana for medical purposes, industrial hemp, controlled drugs, and precursors." Basically, this means you visit legal grow-ops and make sure everything follows the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Everything from growing instruments, to the facility, to the plants themselves, is tracked and tested.

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