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After we exhausted our allotted time at the Annual Passholder preview of Star Tours on Sunday, we went over to California Adventure to see if The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure was soft open, and we lucked out.
The queue is classic Disney deception—when you get in it you see what appears to be a short switchback in the breezeway, with the end of the line facing you and leading into the building.
The Scuttle animatronic is wonderful—he looks so cuddly, you want to reach out and hug him. Patrick didn’t take a lot of pictures inside the ride because we wanted to completely experience it for the first time without distraction. I shouldn't complain about this mural too much—at least it's real paint, not a giant printout! I promise to keep an open mind when we ride it again this weekend, though—and hopefully an attentive camera too!
Each of the photos is the same width on my screen, even if it would appear from the way the image is arranged that some are vertical and some are horizontal, if that helps any. I liked the detail on the floor and things like that, but I wish they actually played the score while you’re in line rather than the generic DCA music. The whole attraction feels slapped together in response to the reaction of the public when they saw what the Little Mermaid ride was supposed to be on the Special Edition DVD. Explore facts, characters, quotes, fan art and more with your favorite Disney movie for one week! In an original draft for The Little Mermaid, Vanessa’s role in the plot was quite different than in the final version. Also, Vanessa was originally supposed to wear a scarf in order to ensure that her identity as Ursula was safe (as it hid the shell necklace) when meeting people up close (such as Ariel). The attack on her was actually much different in the original version, as Scuttle and the various aquatic fauna did not start attacking her and the ship until just before the priest could pronounce them husband and wife. Scuttle, in this version, also decided to exploit the fact that Vanessa’s true form can be revealed from her reflection by airlifting the mirror from the bridesroom over to her and positioning it near her, but she caught on and destroyed it before he could get into position. Perhaps the biggest difference is that Vanessa still kept Ariel’s voice, although it was implied that she was unable to use it anymore due to the fact that the sun was already beginning to set.
Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch taps his childhood memories to create the offbeat world of the hot new Disney Channel cartoon. The fun tagline for Disney Channel’s new show Gravity Falls describes its location as “just west of weird.” But if you’re looking for the real spot where the toon’s ideas come together, it’s the great mind of its young creator Alex Hirsch. That’s when Mike Moon and Eric Coleman, the very well-respected top development execs at Disney Channel, approached him to work on the Fish Hooks pilot.

The toon, which debuts this month on Disney Channel, follows the adventures of twin brother and sister Dipper and Mabel Pines who get involved in strange mysteries when they spend summers with their huckster great uncle in the peculiar Oregon town of Gravity Falls.
Coleman remembers that he was so taken by Hirsch’s passion and drive that he gave him the go-ahead, although they really wanted him to work on Fish Hooks.
Hirsch, who studied character animation at CalArts, says he got a lot of attention from studio execs thanks to a student short called Off the Wall, which he produced during his senior year.
To create the look of Gravity Falls, Hirsh wanted to stay true to his hand-drawn, tactile roots. Hirsch credits the eye-catching look of the show to art director Ian Worrel, who used to be his roommate at CalArts. Although his famous student short was a Flash-animated project, Hirsch decided to go the traditional hand-drawn route for the Disney Channel series.
When asked about the most challenging aspect of creating and exec producing a hot new show,  Hirsch doesn’t miss a beat. Now that the show is ready to make a big summer splash on TV, Hirsch says he’s quite proud of the fact that Gravity Falls is both funny and different from the rest of the shows on the air. Since attending CalArts played an important role in Hirsch landing his first job in the business, we had to ask him whether he thinks studying animation in college is necessary to thrive in animation.
Since Hirsch based a lot of the character of Mabel Pines on his own twin sister, Ariel, we had to find out what she thought of her brother mining their childhood for comic material. The line was about 20 minutes, but, like the ones at Tokyo Disneyland, it moved constantly, so it didn’t seem that bad.
What you don’t realize is that to get back to that entrance, the line runs all the way to the end of the building, out into an unsheltered garden, under a side porch, and then all the way back down the length of the building. Yes, the Fantasyland-style dark rides go for simplicity, but think of the gorgeously detailed murals in the Snow White rides at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. This one of the Under the Sea show scene is blurry, but let’s pretend it’s cuz the scene is so EXCITING! But I really gotta stop reading the Disney Parks Blog, cuz it had me SO hyped up for this ride that I couldn’t help but be disappointed.
I need to learn how to make my site compatible with more browsers—IE is kinda tricky and I don’t use it, so it helps that you pointed out the problem. I did go to the Blue Sky Cellar often, but other than that I tried to get there with no expectations. Or maybe they did it so that by the time you actually get on the ride you’re not sick and tired of hearing the music?

I know Disney is spread a lot of money around what with Carsland and the redo of what seems to be all of DCA, but if they are going to heavily promote this through the blogs like they have, they better be working up to their potential. While fighting off the animals, Vanessa also nearly hinted that she wasn’t who she claimed she was so she faked fear at a suspicious Eric.
However, her reflection was already exposed from water seeping onto the deck from the animals, thus giving away who she really was to Eric.
Hirsch says, at that time, he really wasn’t actively thinking about doing a children’s show and was considering a more adult-oriented channel like Comedy Central or FOX-TV. Quintel (creator of Regular Show) offered him a job on Cartoon Network’s The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, where he also got to work with Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time. We only rode once, and Patrick didn’t get our usual 87 bazillion photos, so consider this just our first impression, subject to change. That Under the Sea scene was by far our favorite—so much color and movement and stuff to look at. I was expecting a long, elaborate, animatronic-packed spectacle like Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage at Tokyo DisneySea.
The horizontal photos appeared wider (and complete) than the verticals in Safari, while in IE7, all of the photos are the same width as the narrative paragraphs.
I love Disney, but over the years I’ve learned to go in without expecting much and hopefully not end up disappointed. Instead we get a handful of good-looking scenes linked by bare hallways and a few video and lighting effects. Is this a setting on my computer that should be changed, or is it something that your website does?
The Ursula animatronic is very cool, of course, and the scene with Ariel & Eric in the boat is nice, but we almost shocked by how bad—make that, how nonexistent—the climax of the ride was. You get a cute little silhouette effect of Ariel & Eric embracing as she gets her voice back next to what looks like a cardboard cutout of a pint-sized Ursula and that’s it!
I guess the aim was to make the next scene, the wedding reception, the climax, but a cut-out…?

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