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I think the best way for me to recap this intense and heavy season is to break it down by character. Full disclosure…I have not declared alliance to any of the houses in the series, even though I do have favorite characters, because I feel like every house has a valid argument for sitting on the iron throne.  So these characters and houses go in no particular order for this recap.
Daenerys aka Khaleesi aka Mother of Dragons had a pretty rough first season but in season two she began to transform into a bad ass revenge hungry wannabe Queen of The Seven Kingdoms. A rider returns with news of a city called Qarth where they will welcome Khaleesi, her dragons and people. Khaleesi starts to adapt to her guest city, and is even proposed marriage to Xaro Xhoan Daxos (dude, too soon) but is advised by Ser Jorah Mormont that she should cross the narrow sea her own way, not by the hand of a wealthy man. Khaleesi returns one day to find her people murdered in her courtyard and her dragons missing.  After meeting with the 13, Khaleesi finds out her dragons were taken (with help of Xaro Xhoan Daxos) by Pyat Pree (super weirdo) to the House of the Undying. Khaleesi, Ser Jorah Mormont, and Kavorro (a Dothraki rider) go to the House of the Undying to get the dragons. After a little tiff with Pree she is able to escape the House of the Undying with the assistance of her dragons, who are finally able to blow fire. With dragons in toe, Khaleesi returns to Xaro Xhoan Daxos house and opens his vault to find no riches (loser). Robb may be becoming a very successful King and leader but that does not mean that he does not make mistakes!
Mistake 3: Though Robb is promised to marry one of Frey’s daughters (Did you know the dude that plays Frey is Argus Filch in Harry Potter?) he decided screw that and marries some foreign girl, Talisa Maegry. Though Robb has made a couple big mistakes, he has proven to be very successful in the battlefield.  Will there be a big victory for Robb in season three? Jon Snow joins Qhorin Halfhand and the other rangers to take out a small group of Wildings.
After a couple days of wondering around in the freezing weather, Ygritte is able to break free and finds a tribe of Wildings lead by Rattleshirt aka Lord of Bones. To get the Wildings to trust him, Qhorin convinces Jon to kill him, which he does.  The last time we see Jon, he is arriving at Mance Rayder’s camp.
She is still living trapped, or just in a very very nice prison that is King’s Landing, and she is still set to wed the wicked Joffrey.
A turning point for not only Sansa, but for the Lannisters as well, came after sending off Myrcella.
Tyrion’s mistress, Shae, becomes Sansa’s new handmaid and they develop a bond.  She vows to not tell Cersei that Sansa has got her “flower” but it was too late and Cersei found out. The day after the Lannister victory, Cersei (in front of all of the court) informs Joffrey that he no longer has to marry Sansa and is now to wed Margaery Tyrell.  Sansa is very happy about this news but her bubble is burst by Little Finger that Joffrey “is not one to give up his toys”. In season two, Arya is still posing as a young boy and traveling with a group of hooligans to Castle Black. Jaqen H’ghar, one of the prisoners Arya released, approached Arya to inform her that he will kill three people in return for her saving his life and two others.  The last name Arya gives is Tywin’s but Jaqen is unable to kill him at that time, so in return he helps Arya, Gendry, and their friend Hot Pie escape Harrenhal.

The young lords, Osha, and Hodor all survive the Greyjoy invasion, but the same cannot be said for Maester Luwin who will not be in season three. The last we see of these four in season two is them leaving Winterfell heading towards Castle Black and Jon. There is something about Tywin Lannister that I just like.  Do not ask me what it is, but I just genuine like the dude. Tywin is all bent out of shape by the fact that young Robb Stark is so successful in battle. At the end of season two, Tywin comes in a saves the day during the Battle of Blackwater and then takes over the Hand position.
There really was not a lot of Jamie Lannister in season two.  For the most part Jamie was a prisoner of the Starks, but even stuck in prison, he still found time to kill his cousin, be witty and charming.
There is one scene that I think reveals a lot of about Sir Jamie Lannister.  He even though it is gross beyond belief that this dude is like crazy in love with his sister (though it does seem he loves her more then she loves him) at least he is one faithful Knight.
Jamie is in route to King’s Landing with Brienne of Tarth, I have a feeling these two will become besties.
I do enjoy the fact that Cersei has become kind of a wee bit of a wino after the death of Robert, and war started since she thought Robert was a drunk. Season two is a big season for Tyrion.  He is the temporary Hand, and kicks ass at it.  Come on, who does not love seeing Tyrion slap the shit out of Joffrey?!
Tyrion does so much awesome shit this season that it would just be too much to list them all.  His most badass moment comes during the Battle of Blackwater  (really, he was badass that whole ep) in the form of the Wildfire trick.
Even after Tyrion’s great success at the Battle of Blackwater he will get no credit what so ever.  With the arrive of his father, Tywin, all the great work Tyrion has done is a distant memory. His shining moment would have to be during the Battle of Blackwater.  When things started to look bad he went running back into his big castle while his men fought his battle.
Not really much to say about Renly.  A black ghost that looks like his brother, Stannis, kills him pretty early on in season two.
Though if he remained alive and partnered with Robb, I am 85% they would kick the asses of Stannis and the Lannister’s. What we got out of Renly is his wife aka beard, Margaery Tyrell, who just wants to be THE Queen and the amazing Brienne of Tarth.
Stannis, who seems to be a little rough around the edges, and for sure has some brotherly love problems, put all his eggs in one basket. Stannis is being a foolish man, trusts a beautiful woman to help him win the iron throne.  Melisandre aka The Red Lady is a priestess for the Lord of Light. The season ends beyond The Wall.  Night Watch brother Sam witnesses an army of White Walkers marching towards the wall.  There are definitely bigger issues going on in Westeros than who the hell is sitting on the Iron Throne!  Get your shit together people, winter is flipping coming and with it some crazy cold loving Westeros zombies coming for you all!
As the second episode of season four of Game of Thrones has just aired a few minutes ago, we at All That’s Cosplay aim to get you excited for the new episode in the best way we know how– through cosplay! One of the 13, Xaro Xhoan Daxos (who prides himself on being the richest man in Qarth … someone is compensating), steps forward to house and take responsibility for Khaleesi, her dragons and people.

When there, that rat Little Finger puts it in her head that if the Starks release Jamie she will get her daughters back. The brothers were staying with a friendly Wilding, Craster, who marries his own daughters and gives away his sons to something in the woods.
Within the group of Wildings is a girl, Ygritte, who Jon is unable to kill (probably because this is the first chick he has seen in months). Jon, as well as Qhorin are now prisoners and are off to meet Mance Rayder aka the King Beyond the Wall.
Season two brings a different Sansa, now hardened by the events of the end of season one, she is out to survive and has become one of my favorite characters.
Tyrion has luckily been there to protect Sansa, but it is mostly for the hope that if she is returned in one piece so will his brother, Jamie. When walking through the city, the locals riot and go after all the royals, including Sansa.
Khaleesi sends her best riders out to find a civilization, because soon people will begin to die, but more importantly her dragons need some meat! The last we see of Khaleesi and her people is them ransacking Xaro Xhoan Daxos’ house to help her pay for a ship. With sending Theon back to his father, Robb created a whole new war and problem he just does not have time for. Thus leading to Jamie escaping with the help of Catelyn and her new friend Brienne of Tarth. But Jon’s disrespect towards Craster get the members of the Night Watch kicked out of the camp. Sansa is beaten and about to be raped when The Hound (who has an eye on Sansa for awhile) kills them all and returns her to the castle.
When a member of the King’s Watch shows up, Arya freaks out and tells Gendry who she really is but it turns out the Watch was looking for Gendry.
Check them out and be sure to view more of Kristen’s work at her Website and Twitter page! For the latest on all that’s epic in gaming, movies, television and cosplay, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook! In one room, Daenerys is reunited with her husband, Khal Drogo, and her son.  I legit cried like a little baby through this scene (their marriage may have started off rocky but damn did they end up loving each other).

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