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About 1853, the most prominent and well to do men of this set with the assistance of a few outside of the family, saw the necessity and importance of establishing a good School in the community accessible to all held a meeting and took steps to build a School house at the most convenient point, which was on the Mars Bluff and Little Rock road, about half way between the homes of Philip Bethea and John C. The first building was burnt but the trustees immediately began to erect another which was finished in a few months.
The trustees required the teachers in opening School, to read a chapter in the Bible and have a prayer.
These are about the main facts, that made impressions on my mind while going to McDuffie's School.
In addition to the smaller classes, a class in geography came in daily from McKerall's side to be heard by her. When he left that community and settled in Marion, and began to practice law he was anything but religious. McGoogaw seemed to know the wishes of the trustees relative to whipping and you could not accuse him for lack of diligence in that respect. He had the manners of a Chesterfield, and there is no question about his knowledge of polite society and he must have had good training in his early years. So far as these Schools are concerned there is no doubt that the Schools of McKerall and St.
Leaving aside what this says about the Times or Darling (his ex-wife and close friend Joan Darling scoffs that a€?Erik was as far from preppy as you can get,a€?) it speaks volumes about the public perception of Seeger.
But a€?preppya€? and a€?Ivy Leaguera€? are unlikely to be part of the chorus when the time comes for the obit writers to sing of Seegera€™s remarkable life. Seeger's father Charles, a well-know folklorist, was a conscientious objector in the First World War, but his Uncle Alan was one of its storied casualties, a volunteer in the French Foreign Legion who was killed in 1916 shortly after writing his famous poem I Have a Rendezvous with Death.
Seegera€™s music also attracted the attention of the FBI, which in 1941 started a file on the folk singer that grew to encyclopedic proportions over the years.
But his enormous talent and his dogged determination not to be cowed into abandoning principles eventually lifted him above the fray.
Nearing his 90th birthday, Seeger still lives in the house he built near Beacon, NY, and still takes an active interest in the Hudson River, whose waters he helped to rescue from choking pollution.
Originally, my avian environment was dominated by white-winged doves, accompanied by a number of unwelcome grackles and several small sparrows and finches with a few precious cardinals and blue jays.
I am aware that in nature it is common for male birds to be more colorful than females in order for the females to be less conspicuous to predators when nesting. House finches provided some color with their very reddish heads, and while I saw more hummingbirds, they were always few and far between.
Thanks to a frienda€™s gift, I added a suet feeder, which eventually attracted a woodpecker. I have seen many changes since I started feeding the birds, but the biggest change occurred last July.
On a side note, one of our new church members made us a stunningly beautiful birdhouse: orange and white with a UT theme. I used to be disappointed that we had no yellow birds a€“ until the gold finches showed up a few months ago.
In the interest of brevity (too late?) Ia€™ll just mention in passing some of the other birds Ia€™ve seen here: red-winged black birds, mourning doves, white crowned sparrows, house finches, Carolina chickadees, purple martins, mockingbirds, and brown-headed cow birds. My fascination with hummingbirds has only increased since our relocation because now we see them daily. Sellers, one of the board of trustees, from a noted School in Switzerland, taught by a man by the name of Hellensberg (?). During the construction of the second building, the School was taught in a tenant house on lands of James R.
Scholars had the opportunity to prepare for as high as the Junior class in college, but very few at that time went off to college. The School always closed with a big exhibition and a public dinner, sometimes there would be theatricals or a grand party at night. About this time there were some changes in the personel of the board of trustees some dropping out and new ones coming in.
He was a general whipper and kept always on hand a big supply of switches of considerable length and size, in the corner by his seat. His School exhibitions were grand affairs, and he had the knack of showing off what his School was doing, which impressed the patrons in a high degree. The journey Pete embarked on when he left Harvard behind has taken him bumming around the country singing for his supper, organizing for labor, fighting for civil rights, disarmament, and the environment, dueling with the government, making records, travelling all over the world, and forming groups like the Almanac Singers and later Americaa€™s most famous folk group, the Weavers.
In 1955 he was summoned to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee, where he stood on his First Amendment rights in refusing to answer questions about his beliefs. The blacklist kept him from performing in many venues, from clubs to television, until the late a€?60s. The picture that emerges from these pages is of an evangelist of song, a romantic who believed that there is good in most people, and if you can just get them singing the right songs together, that good will pour out. I wrote of the birds, squirrels, and cats that frequented the oasis I had created in a once barren landscape.
Too big to perch on the feeders, pigeons cover the ground scarfing up anything dropped from above; and as I mentioned in the original essay, birds are messy eaters and send much of the feeder contents to the ground below. Squirrel proof feeders are a myth, and a 50-pound bag of Hen Scratch is a lot cheaper than Walmarta€™s birdseed. We had i??just finished lunch and I looked out the window to spy an unusual splash of color a€“ four or five painted buntings! Well, he got moved to another pen, his old grazing area got cleaned up and fresh grass planted, and a few months ago it got new occupants a€“ five young calves. We had just finished lunch and I looked out the window to spy an unusual splash of color a€“ four or five painted buntings!A  I had seen pictures but never expected to see one in person, much less in my own backyard. This was a famous School and was patronized by students from different countries in Europe.
He may have been a good scholar, the writer was too young to judge, but now looking back on that period and recalling what he saw, he is fully convinced, that McDuffie was a poor teacher. Notes and billex doux were constantly passing and sometimes the teacher would get hold of some, but no great fuss was made about it.
I was a little fellow, swallowed up by the crowd of students, so escaped the teacher's notice. This was his first introduction to South Carolina where finally he made his home until he died. If he had had the now up to date books, the modern School conveniences in an up to date building there is no telling what he would have accomplished as a teacher. He pretended to teach Greek but his knowledge of that language did not extend far beyond the alphabet. The others might as well not been taught, really, it would have been better had the pupils been at home at work on the farm. He attended Avon Old Farms, a venerable New England prep school where Brooks Brothers suits were the dress code.
He met Woody Guthrie in New York City one night in 1940, and the two men soon embarked together on a hoboa€™s tour of the American hinterlands, playing and collecting music. He faced greater danger in September, 1949, when rabid right-wingers in Peekskill, NY, abetted by a locally active Ku Klux Klan, used stones and clubs on performers and their families after a concert to combat the dangers of communism and folk music.
He was later convicted of contempt of Congress and sentenced to ten years, but an appeals court found a flaw in his indictment and he did not do jail time. He was barred from TV shows like Hootenanny, which the success of the Weavers had helped to spawn. Dunaway's portrait shows us a man who was a bit of a prig and a prude, perhaps a bit sexist in the spirit of his times. Years of throwing back his head and belting out a song finally did their damage and robbed him of his soaring tenor. Birdseed and hummingbird nectar had attracted a wide variety of birds, but little did I know that I was just getting started.
Male and female cardinals are easily distinguished but I have found no such difference among blue jays. I started shopping at the local feed store and included some sunflower seeds so as not to be a total cheapskate. Whereas before we would occasionally see a cardinal, we now have i??three or four pairs of cardinals that make daily appearances.
Whereas before we would occasionally see a cardinal, we now have three or four pairs of cardinals that make daily appearances. The trustees must have thought he was something extra, for they hired him at least three times. The prayer, without exception, was a regular stereotyped edition and it was not long before most of us, knew it from beginning to end.

These Schools became so crowded that the School room could not accommodate the Students, so the larger boys were allowed to study out in the woods near the School house. The small boys did not get all the thrashings now and then a good sized would have to take one. He knew what figures would solve the problem and knew how to arrange them for this purpose but he could not make you understand it. We all deserved a whipping from him, but for all that we continued to be bad boys, and would take the risk in order to have fun. He entered Harvard in the fall of 1936, in the same class as another child of privilege from the Northeast, John F.
I have learned much about identifying i??birds, and yet there always seems to be so much more to know.
There are houses around most of the block but there is also a large fenced-in area in the center suitable for containing large animals.
For several days last fall, while some cardinals were migrating, we had over a dozen cardinals at once. At first I thought they were Downya€™s like we had before but realized that these were somewhat bigger. Then one day while I was observing this a€?slight change in scenery,a€? I saw something that made my Texas Orange blood tingle a€“ a full-grown longhorn with horns that span roughly 6 A? to 7 feet! I have learned much about identifying birds, and yet there always seems to be so much more to know. A painted bunting actually looks more like a sparrow who fought a paintera€™s palette and lost. The School room was divided by a partition the girls and small boys in one end and the lads and large boys in the other. He had a fine system with good discipline, and all the pupils, that could learn, progressed finely. As soon as the lesson began, I noticed it was about North Carolina, and Miss Mary began to spread herself on her favorite theme to the utter disgust of some of the class.
Quite a number of boys always reached the School house very early, long before it was time for the teacher to arrive.
I have seen boys come to school with an extra heavy coat, when they knew they had to take a whipping. He was a fine teacher as far as he knew and what he did not know, he pretended to know and on this account he was constantly getting into holes.
I don't know why, but, I suppose, it was because at this time the members of the board of trustees were less puritanical than formerly, I suppose. I posted a picture and asked the question, a€?What do you call black birds with red tips on their wings?a€? I quickly received the a€?duha€? answer: red-winged blackbirds! On the day we moved in I walked to the back of our large backyard and found a horse just on the other side of the fence! Sure enough, the Hairy woodpecker has similar coloring to the Downy but is slightly larger, and according to the website, a€?at feeders they are attracted to suet and peanutsa€?! As much as I enjoyed the spectacle, it was a pain to make enough nectar to refill the feeders two to three times a week! When I realized what I was seeing, my first thought was, a€?I hope they dona€™t leave until I get pictures!a€? They didna€™t. The writer has seen balls rolled over the floor or thrown across the room to be caught by other boys. The teacher would steal out occasionally and catch the boys playing cards, stick frog or some other game. On a certain morning we were all there as usual, in and out of the School room having a big time. I have seen him begin to feel for his switches, while he was saying the last sentences of his prayer, so when he arose he could begin to whip for some devilment during prayer.
For a speech if we could get hold of something humorous, so much the better especially poetry. He had about three verses all such doggerel as this quoted here, and we saw at once a good chance to create some fun, so we told him it was the very thing, and we hurriedly wrote it down in full as he repeated it to us. There were very few streams South of Mason & Dickson's line in which he had not fished.
This was their first School and consequently they were green as the grass as to the ways and customs of School. I have also discovered that they are not so rare, but it was a pleasurable discovery for me nonetheless. Has seen some of the most venturesome boys go out into the middle of the floor and pile up one another lengthwise, until the bottom one was pressed so hard by the pile of boys, he could scarcely breathe. Sometimes he would find the shanties vacant, the boys being away on a raid on somebody's orchard or water-melon patch. She could hear recitations and that was about all; she did not know how to teach, and, I suppose, nobody but her brother knew it. He did not know who it was or did he ask, but he knew about where it had been going on, and there he would do his work covering a plenty of territory in order to be certain that he would get all who had been cutting up. He told this so differently so many times nobody believed him; but he certainly had received a pretty fair education somewhere and what he knew, he knew thoroughly but he would occasionally overstep himself and, if he became cornered, he did not hesitate to make statements that were untrue. Soon after the School had assembled and School work had begun, these two boys walked into the School room and took seats on the nearest bench. My research on this bird also revealed that the female more closely resembles a large sparrow (brown and white striped) than the male counterpart. If it turned suddenly cold and the teacher directed a fire to be made at recess, the boys would pile on wood until the fire came out at the chimney tops. McKerall followed him to the door and told him he never went outside the door to pursue a pupil.
The picture was a ludicrous representation of the teacher, one of the artist's masterpieces.
After it was finished and we had him to read it over more than once so he would make no mistake, we told him it was just one of the best compositions that would be read that afternoon. He would get on occasional drunk, was a great gambler at times, and at one time, even joined the Radical party and chummed with the niggers.
I see them in the neighborhood, but only see one in my backyard on occasion and he doesna€™t bother the feeders. I dona€™t know if hea€™ll be here long term, or just passing through, but Ia€™m grateful that hea€™s so photogenic! He had poor discipline and the Scholars, especially the big ones, did almost as they pleased. Sometimes the chimney fire places would begin to smoke and the teacher on investigating the cause, would find a wide board over the top of the chimney and a ladder resting against it.
It usually took about a year in this to qualify for the reader; then came the various readers and Smith's English Grammar.
We had such a boy in our class and he was continually calling on some of the class to read the lesson of his particular period for him. These occasions were opportunities for much fun to the most of us and generally speaking some of the boys would get a whipping before the exercises were over, for some of their pranks. He was a gifted conversationalist and always had on hand a store of anicdotes of remininiscincs in which he was the hero.
He had quite a number of young men, and they were what you might call bad boys, always up to some devilment. I have seen McKeral often come into the room and tell her she must have better order, that really the disorder was annoying him on his side. It struck me as quite strange that the teacher would make such a selection, but it was not long before I solved the riddle.
Every new arrival was led up and took in the picture, and there would be a new burst of merriment. He said his native state was Kentucky, but this was very doubtful for he really lacked common-geographical knowledge of that commonwealth. One of the chief things that recommended McDuffie to the trustees, I suppose, was because he whipped a good deal. I thought the situation a very grave one and expected the boy to get a whipping, then and there, but McKerall instead of giving the boy a flogging, burst out laughing and said the answer was the best he ever heard, and that the boy must not be punished.
A few days after this, a boy about the same age or older, but spare and deliate, ran out of the School house and McKerall ran after him some distance from the School house. His object was to read the book through, so he had started at the beginning and he continued from day to day to read each succeeding chapter until he finished the book. So one might possibly manage to get through and receive credit for a good lesson and only prepare a certain period.

The trustees thought that this was very necessary and a teacher that did not use the rod was no account. Latin and Greek were taught from text books that would now (1916) be considered antiquated and out of date. I had not been in there long before I was impressed with the fact that the State of North Carolina was a great place.
When you come to think about it the answer was a very good one for at that period a good many people of the laboring class, having such occupations and complexions came from North Carolina to get employment. He could certainly say truthfully that he had read the New Testament through for he had many witnesses to the fact. He knew from the order in which we sat exactly what period would fall to him; so if he could get some of us to read his period, his Latin lesson would not be much of a task. We selected our own subjects, and if blank paper was not handy, we were allowed to write on our slates. He had now begun the second verse and the teacher, by this time took in both the character of the composition and the merriment it was causing, yelled out, "What do you mean, Sir? Highly recommended.THEN A BAND TOOK TO THE STAGE WHICH TOOK US BOTH COMPLETELY BY SURPRISE!
McDuffie filled the specification in this respect and hardly a day passed, but somebody got a whipping. There was not as much whipping as previous Schools, but there was enough for the trustees not to complain for the lack of it. She was constantly talking about her State what a grand State it was, and what it had done. All of the boys were hoping McKerall would go out after the boy for they wanted to see the fight. The trustees thought he was really religious and they would talk about their pious teacher's say.
The teacher always gave notice that he would take no excuse for not having a speech and a composition, and if you had none you might expect a whipping. The boys had a heap of fun, but the School management did not give them the opportunity some of the previous Schools did.
The picture was left on the board and I thought as the last straw, possibly, it might be over looked and at recess I would rub it out, but not so, for as soon as the School settled to their studies, I noticed that different ones were pointing to the board, and soon there was a general titter throughout the room. One morning, soon after getting to the School house, he came up and begged and implored me to read his period for him. A great many of the boys never thought of writing composition until about the time the exercises were to begin. He felt safe, he thought, in the old Captain's company to assert that a certain river in Kentucky rose in a certain place and flowed into a certain other river. Clair told him that it was not right to reply in that way, that when he was asked his name, he should say Samuel and not Sam. The small boy's mind is very receptive, and it was not long before I was thinking very favorably of our sister commonwealth.
You could see boys all over the room busy fixing up something to read and avoid a thrashing. These were the books generally used in all the Schools at that time (1853) and most of the first class teachers could teach them or pretended to.
He used the rod pretty freely, mostly on the lads and small boys, but now and then he would tackle a big one. Sometimes some of the boys would be pressed for time and when called on had hardly begun to compose, but they would get up and read from a blank slate their pretended compositions and to give their minds time to work in composing they would pretend to dot i's or cross t's and so on to the close.
When the class was called and became seated the teacher told Bill Bethea to go to the board and transform the first example which is the one quoted above. If a Scholar, for instance wished an example in Arithmetic worked out he would become so absorbed as to be totally oblivious to his surroundings. During her term a rather funny incident took place and which I witnessed so I relate it here. If a boy read from a blank slate, he always, the moment he finished, rubbed out his pretended composition. In the meantime Bill and I were almost busting with laughter; everything had panned out so nicely, and we were enjoying the fun it was causing.
Clair did not know that the old Captain was an expert in this study, but he was more particular afterwards when around the Captain. Sometimes things would become so outrageous, he would realize that something wrong was going on, and then he would jump up, grab his switch and commence whaling the small boys. I wished to see it, to correct it," but the boy would answer that he did it unintentionally or that he did not know he wished to see it. We saw that we were getting a lot of whipping the big boys ought to get and consequently we studied how to avoid a whipping. I did so, taking more time than necessary for I wished to put off the punishment as long as possible. I told some of the class what I had done and when we were called up to recite, we took our seats in the usual order and the recitation began.
I remember on one occasion, a certain boy in the school, who was awfully afraid of the teacher, came to Bill Bethea and myself and begged us to help him with a composition.
If they want the round method, I teach that and if they desire the flat system, I teach it".
Covington as a School teacher a decided failure, at least, so far as young Students were concerned.
This boy was about fourth or fifth down the row and I noticed from his manner that he was anxious for his time to come. When he whipped, he went at it systematically commencing on the first row, then the second and so on until he finished all the rows.
He arose and read it exactly as he had been coached; using a little more emphasis than usual on account of I suppose, his unusual good preparation. We told him to write any little thing, something about a dog or a cow or a horse that he could say something on a subject like that, but he said it was impossible, he could not think of a thing to say, and here it was almost time for the exercises to begin. Now, we had not calculated on this turn, and the thing was to make some excuse that would prevent a whipping, so we had to do some fast thinking. We asked him if he knew any piece of poetry, that told about the flowers, spring time or some such subject, hoping to find something in these that would suggest some ideas on which he could build a short composition.
If you happened to be, say on the third row and wished to escape a whipping, it was a simple matter to move your seat to the row number two, he had just finished.
The teacher came near laughing, but he managed to curb himself and instantly roared out, "What do you mean, Sir? This scheme worked admirably for a while but soon too many boys got to using it and had to be abandoned.
The teacher said if such was our motive it was commendable and that he hoped our lesson would bear fruit, good fruit, and we went to our seats. Now, the teacher took our explanation in good faith, he did not know that we had invented the excuse on the spur of the moment. A  I learned something from every man I met or exchanged emails with, and Lou taught me a few words in Spanish.A  Ole! We can take a little walk, maybe get our feet wet, and then lie on a blanket and listen to the waves.
I do the same thing myself, when the mood strikes.A  And how about this for being an "in tune with women" kinda guy?A  A few days after I had ordered myself 2 new green dresses and several in black to add to my collection from a mail order company named Newport News, he sent an email asking:A  "So, what are you wearing right now? A  For Christ Sake!!A  How about saving the Taxpayers a buck?A  In addition to that $6 million you've already blown by hovering and covering me, and scheduling a proper Face to Base meeting in your office; at my convenience? Dramatic, but no drama.A  Short black skirt, or long black dress?A  Heels or boots?A  Camo, or commando? Until then, as in the end,there is much more to come.A A A  Once Upon a Time, a little mushroom popped through the moss covered ground of the Southeast Alaska Rainforest. Grant, Attorney at Law, Juneau, AK From Wedding Bells to Tales to Tell: The Affidavit of Eric William Swanson, my former spouse AFFIDAVIT OF SHANNON MARIE MCCORMICK, My Former Best Friend THE AFFIDAVIT OF VALERIE BRITTINA ROSE, My daughter, aged 21 THE BEAGLE BRAYS!
HELL'S BELLS: THE TELLS OF THE ELVES RING LOUD AND CLEAR IDENTITY THEFT, MISINFORMATION, AND THE GETTING THE INFAMOUS RUNAROUND Double Entendre and DoubleSpeak, Innuendos and Intimidation, Coercion v Common Sense, Komply (with a K) v Knowledge = DDIICCKK; Who's Gunna Call it a Draw?

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