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The compatibility of a Virgo male and Taurus female rises out of their similarities which is the basis of their strong relationship. The unconditional love between a Taurus female and Virgo male leads them to the wonderful bonding called marriage.
If you are trying to impress a Taurus girl, you need to keep your patience levels high as she is a little slow at making decisions. She is also a perfectionist like you but your detailing and precision can at times make her crazy.
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He adores and admires the support she offers him in every mood of his life and she appreciates his ability to get deeply engrossed in his work and also in his relationship. Both the partners have a practical approach towards life and both understand the importance of being a perfectionist. It is not something that will click with the first sexual encounter but will surely get better and more satisfying with the passage of time.
Their compatibility and tuning makes them a very understanding match who doesn’t need to do anything extra or special to make their bond work. They are so fond of each other’s company that they don’t need anything extra to appreciate and enjoy life. Regular days become more interesting as holding one another’s hand means the most special thing to them.

His inability to take the lead in the start of the relation can cause some trouble in their sex life but when the Taurus woman understands and accepts his nature, she gets ready to take the charge. She is an independent woman who knows how to achieve her goals with her persistent hard-work.
She wants her man to lead and with time he learns to lead their sex life like a perfectionist. She may find it a little difficult to adjust with him in the start of their marriage but with time, the couple will be able to live a soothing life.

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