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I'll be answering these questions about my own network shortly but, I wanted to get the ball rolling. Only other notable thing is a buffalo QVL quad bay NAS modded to include the transmission torrent server, which i use a windows program (or android app, remotely) to remote control.
I do plan to rewire the house for more Ethernet options, and installing a Gb switch in the future to assist with this option.
Also got mobiles linked via bluetooth to my pc which can be loaded straight to the network folder, which is ideal for photos etc.
The Linksys E3000 was my original router, but it didn't cover the whole house very well. Fun fact - in a previous apartment Nortons network map thing picked up everyone connected to the net switch, so I could get the IP adresses for all my neighbours. With teammates like Andy Dalton, Carlos Dunlap and Mohamed Sanu in attendance, Green married his longtime girlfriend Miranda Brooke at the historic 200 Peachtree venue in Atlanta. For the LTSC Annual Cruise I was supposed to be on-board Selene with all the other boats in France. The plan for this yeara€™s cruise was Normandy, going across first to Fecamp, then on east to Dieppe, back to St Valery-en-Caux, Honfleur, Oistreham, Caen, back to Oistreham, Carentan, and St Vaast.
The first step on Friday 3rd June was supposed to be to either Gosport or Brighton dependent on choice. But many, many other sites are now available if you carry some device that will connect to the Internet. The problem for a yottie with the Shipping Forecast is that the sea areas are pretty big: a€?Dover, Wight, W Force 4 - 5 but 3 at times, soon veering NW increasing F 5- 7, perhaps Gale 8 for a timea€? actually tells you a lot.
All these sources are actually based on things called GRIB files, which are the way the international met community shares basic data on pressure, wind strength, temperature etc. The photo shows the output for 1754 UTC June 17th from an App (program) called PocketGrib on my iPad.
In the ten years I have been a member of LTSC I have been on all or part of 4 Summer Cruises, and had been intending to go on two more. However, it has to be said that the Flotilla Cruise nature of the LTSC cruise, with a carefully pre-planned day by day itinerary, is not my preferred format even when all is well. The thing that really needs to be got rid of in all this is that old-fashioned word a€?phonea€?, which causes so much confusion. So it is interesting that Apple Inc has now downgraded your computera€™s status, be it a Mac or a PC, a notebook or a desktop. In practical terms that has been true for a while - there is nothing really I do on my desktop machine that I cannot do on my iPad. That is where Apple is leveling the playing field between a€?computersa€? and other devices. I have been playing with computers of various kinds for 50 years, and for perhaps 10 - 15 years have been counseling people who were just beginning to realise they might need one to keep in touch with their friends let alone keep up with the world. Finally, here is John Stacey emerging on to the deck of his boat, Mixit, during one Meander long ago. For the LTSC Annual Cruise I was supposed to be on-board Selene with all the other boats in France.A  Sadly, I had an accident (me this time, not the boat), tore some muscles in my chest and between my ribs, and was told medically I should not go, indeed that I should not sail at all for several weeks. MUNAI, Lanao del Norte – Supporters of mayoral candidate Dante Batinggolo of the Liberal Party here, have blocked the transfer of the vote counting  machines from the municipal hall to the polling precincts. And with only a few hours left before polling precincts open for voters, none of the 27 vote counting machines here have been tested and sealed. Lieutenant Colonel Leomar Jose Doctolero, chief of the 15th Infantry Battalion, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer Sunday night that supporters of mayoral candidate Dante Batinggolo of the Liberal Party blocked the transfer of VCMs from the town hall of Munai to the polling precincts.
Munai Commission on Election officer Mastura Aleola was still at the municipal hall, as of this posting, but could not be contacted by phone. Doctolero said if Batinggolo’s camp would just allow the Comelec to bring the VCMs to the polling precincts, the final testing and sealing would be done in the first few hours of election day, Monday (May 9). ELECTION PREPARATIONS:  Teachers install posters showing election guidelines at the Cubao Elementary School, Quezon City on May 7, 2016. Luistro expressed concern for the teachers who were usually blamed by losing politicians in previous elections and were also accused of taking part in cheating. The Department of Education (DepEd) activated on Sunday, its election task force to provide teachers adequate information and technical and legal assistance as they perform their duties as members of the board of election inspectors (BEI). Should any BEI member face an election-related suit, Luistro said that the DepEd, through its partnership with the Public Attorney’s Office, would be ready to provide free legal assistance. Expecting this year’s elections to be heated, he appealed to the teachers to be neutral and nonpartisan and to “continue that long tradition of objectivity and of effective service” during the elections. For this year’s elections, more than 277,000 teachers will help in the peaceful and orderly conduct of the election.
The Comelec has also allocated P30 million for election-related deaths or injuries of DepEd and non-DepEd personnel in the performance of their duties. The education chief appealed to the electorate to shun survey results, big promises and mass popularity, and instead let their “conscience” be their guidepost in choosing the country’s next leaders, who should possess the core values of being God-fearing, humane, environment-friendly and patriotic. Luistro, who led the Department of Education since the start of the Aquino administration in 2010, said that indeed, the country has been in need of reforms.
The landmark education reform program, which adds two more years to the current 10-year basic education system, is set to fully roll out on June 13 with the introduction of the senior high school program.
Whatever the result of the elections would be, Luistro asked the public to “accept the outcome with graciousness in our hearts” and continue to strive to promote the welfare of students.
PARIS — Pedestrians took over the Champs-Elysees on Sunday as part of a new program to ban traffic from the famous Paris avenue once a month. The initiative, for what is usually one of the busiest roads in the French capital, was launched by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and is aimed at reducing pollution in the city. Hidalgo couldn’t have dreamt of a better day to launch her project as temperatures reached 27 C in Paris on Sunday and tourists basked in the sun.
Without the noise of traffic that usually envelopes the avenue, an uncommon sense of quietness reigned on the Champs-Elysees. The city had already sought to cut pollution levels by introducing rental bicycles in the streets, adding cycling paths and adopting a fleet of electric cars for residents to incite drivers to keep polluting vehicles at home. According to World Health Organization data published last year, air pollution is leading to 600,000 premature deaths each year in Europe.
A wildfire burns south of Fort McMurray, Alberta, near Highway 63 on Saturday, May 7, 2016. LAC LA BICHE, Alberta — The images are ones of devastation — scorched homes, virtually whole neighborhoods burned to the ground. There’s fear the growing wildfire could double in size and reach a major oil sands mine and even the neighboring province of Saskatchewan. The Alberta government said the massive blaze in the province will cover more than 200,000 hectares by Sunday and continue to grow because of high temperatures, dry conditions and high winds. Officials had hoped to complete the mass evacuation of work camps north of Fort McMurray on Saturday. Notley said about 12,000 evacuees have been airlifted from oil sands mine air fields over the past two days, and about 7,000 have left in highway convoys escorted by police.
The fire could reach the edges of the Suncor oil sands facility, about 25 kilometers north of Fort McMurray. The fire and mass evacuation has forced a quarter or more of Canada’s oil output offline and was expected to impact an economy already hurt by the fall in the price of oil. More than 80,000 people have left Fort McMurray in the heart of Canada’ oil sands, where the fire has torched 1,600 homes and other buildings. About 25,000 evacuees moved north in the hours after Tuesday’s mandatory evacuation, where oil sands work camps that usually house employees were used to house evacuees. Lac La Biche, Alberta, normally a sleepy town of 2,500 about 175 kilometers south of Fort McMurray, was helping thousands of evacuees, providing a place to sleep, food, donated clothes and even shelter for their pets. Jihad Moghrabi, a spokesman for Lac La Biche County, said that 4,400 evacuees have come through The Bold Center, a sports facility in town. Philip Wylie, wife Suda and 13-month-old daughter Phaedra, were among those staying at the center after evacuating their apartment in Fort McMurray on Tuesday.
Nicole Cormier, a photographer from Fort McMurray, is staying with family in Lac La Biche but brings neighbors that she evacuated with her to the center every day for services. She showed cellphone photos she shot from her backyard of the advancing fire, and photos of flames on the side of the road while they were evacuating.
Cormier said she checks the security doorbell camera on her house several times a day just to see if it’s standing. An injured Afghan man lies in an ambulance in Ghazni on May 8, 2016, following an accident on the main Kabul-Kandahar Highway. GHAZNI, Afghanistan — At least 73 people were killed Sunday when two passenger buses and an oil tanker burst into flames in a head-on collision in eastern Afghanistan, health officials said, in one of the worst road accidents in the war-battered nation. Many of the dead, including women and children, were burned beyond recognition and dozens of others were left badly injured in the accident in Ghazni province, near the Afghan capital, one of the areas worst affected by the Taliban insurgency. The vehicles were completely gutted and clouds of acrid smoke shrouded the scene of the crash on the Kabul-Kandahar highway, a major roadway linking Afghanistan’s two largest cities. Bloodied, dazed and badly burned, many of the survivors streamed into Ghazni’s main provincial hospital, while many others were rushed in ambulances to health facilities in southern Kandahar city.
The Kabul-Kandahar highway passes through militancy prone areas and many bus drivers are known to drive recklessly at top speeds so as not to get caught in insurgent activity.
Afghanistan has some of the world’s most dangerous roads, often in dilapidated condition and traffic rules are seldom enforced. Many in the country rely on old and rickety passenger vehicles, meaning that high casualty road traffic accidents are common. At least 18 people were killed in May last year when a minivan overturned in the western province of Badghis. And in April 2013 a bus hit a wrecked fuel tanker in the southern province of Kandahar, killing 45 people. The World Bank in November signed off a $250 million grant to upgrade roads crossing Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush mountains, crucial trade links that are often closed in winter by snow. Insecurity is growing around Afghanistan as the Taliban press on with their 15-year insurgency against the Western-backed Kabul government.
The answers found in this FAQ come from resolutions filed by the Commission on Elections (Comelec), press briefings by the poll body and other laws found in the Constitution.
Registered voters can find out their precincts prior to going to their polling centers through the Comelec Precinct Finder. If the Comelec website is still down, you may call them at 525-9296 or text them at 0918-566-8301.
In various pronouncements, Comelec has encouraged the electorate to prepare their kodigos in order to speed up the voting time. A vote counting machine, or VCM, is the device that will be used to tally all ballots in this year’s elections. The VCM possesses many security features its predecessor didn’t have, such as source code reviews, ultra violet detectors, digital signatures protocols and a Voter Verification Paper Audit Trail, to ensure that the tallying of votes is as fair and clean as possible. If a voter’s ballot is rejected by the VCM during scanning, the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) shall allow the voter to refeed the ballot four times in four different orientations. If the ballot is still rejected by the VCM after four tries, the BEI, through a majority vote, will decide if the voter purposely defaced the ballot. The voter should approach the BEI and affix his or her signature at the back of the voter’s receipt. Comelec is in charge of the canvassing and proclamation of winners in the senatorial, congressional, party-list, regional, and provincial elections.
As for president and vice president, the House of Representatives and the Senate will convene a canvassing board when session resumes on May 23. The Senate will receive the manually accomplished certificates of canvass (COCs) showing the votes for president and vice president from the city and provincial board of canvassers.
After the declaration of winners, both chambers of Congress will proclaim the president-elect and vice president-elect in a joint session. In 2010, President Benigno Aquino III and Vice President Jejomar Binay were proclaimed winners four weeks after the May 10, 2010, elections. There are two ways in which an elected official can be removed after being proclaimed as a winner: election protest and a quo warranto petition.
An election protest can be lodged by a losing candidate who filed a certificate of candidacy and was elected in the same office, while a quo warranto petition can be filed by any voter.
A quo warranto petition and an election protest should be filed within 10 days after the proclamation of the election results.
The Supreme Court en banc shall be the sole judge of all contests relating to the election, returns and qualification of the president and vice president.
On the other hand, contests against members of the House of Representatives will be heard by the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal while protests against regional, provincial, and city officials should be filed before the Comelec. LONDON — London’s newly elected Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, has joined an annual memorial to the millions of Jews slain in the Holocaust as his first official act in office. The event inside a rugby stadium brought together thousands from London’s Jewish community, including more than 150 Holocaust survivors and a combined choir from five Jewish elementary schools.
London’s previous Labour mayor, Ken Livingstone, was suspended last month from the party after he claimed that Adolf Hitler supported the Zionist aim of establishing Israel. MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Energy (DOE) and affiliated agencies, such as the National Grid Corp. Gross power reserves for Luzon are estimated to reach 2,710 megawatts (MW), for Visayas 209MW, and for Mindanao 235MW, according to NGCP data. The energy family, which includes DOE and its line agencies, together with NGCP and Meralco, activated their joint command center at the NGCP head office in Quezon City at 12 p.m. Meralco technical assistance engineer Melvin Paulino said the distribution utility dedicated the hotline 6328118 strictly for poll centers and canvassing centers to report power supply-related incidents. Concerns on power services related to households and facilities not related to the elections may call the regular hotline 162-11. Just in case power supply dips unexpectedly, Meralco can activate the Interruptible Load Program or ILP, under which private firms can be called on to use their own generator sets to ease power demand from the grid. Monsada said the distribution utilities in Visayas have set their own ILP with total capacity of 64MW.
Monsada said DOE and private firms NGCP and Meralco would closely watch the days immediately after elections since those would be regular working days. 09983816167 (Smart) and 09175414917 (Globe) for power concerns during and after the elections. The NGCP said that as early as February this year, it had started to implement its contingency plan to ensure that the country’s power transmission network would work well during the nationwide elections on Monday (May 9). NGCP has also been preparing its facilities and deploying its resources to be responsive to any incident that may affect transmission services during the election period. Some of the contingency measures put in place were the suspension of line and equipment maintenance and testing activities two weeks before and one week after election day to make sure that all facilities are on-line and available from casting to counting of the votes. Salman tapped Falih, the chairman of state oil giant Saudi Aramco, to head an expanded energy, industry and mineral resources portfolio. His predecessor Naimi had led the now-defunct ministry of petroleum and mineral resources for about two decades.
Naimi oversaw a major change in policy towards the end of his tenure when the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) refused to cut production despite a price plunge. Instead, OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia focused on protecting its market share and driving out less-competitive players, including the developers of US shale oil.
Major oil producers failed to reach an agreement on freezing output in Qatar last month as Saudi Arabia insisted any deal must include all OPEC members, including rival Iran which boycotted the talks.
The price collapse, from above $100 in early 2014 to less than $45 on Friday, has intensified Saudi efforts to diversify the economy away from oil which makes up the majority of its revenue.
Falih was appointed as part of a government shakeup that saw several ministries merged in what analysts said reflected the government’s determination to diversify the economy under its wide-ranging Vision 2030 plan announced last month. An oil industry source, speaking shortly before Falih issued his statement, said he did not expect any change in Saudi oil policy under the new setup. The kingdom produced about 10.1 million barrels of oil per day in March, according to data cited by OPEC. A cursory look at Commission on Elections figures will show that to be true: 54,363,844 registered voters nationwide, of whom 24,730,013 are aged 18-34 (the age range of millennials, or those born between 1980 and 2000), and of whom the single largest group (7,983,167) is composed of those aged 20-24. Inquirer Super recently spoke with first-time millennial voters who said, among others, that they want a trustworthy and honest leader who represents alternative politics. Elsewhere, in social media, for example, the discussions have been so clangorous as to border on violence. Rivera also issued the reminder that turning out to vote greatly matters: “The more insidious danger lies not in irresponsible tale-telling on social media. Political science professor Antonio Contreras told Inquirer Super that the youth “should not just focus on who they are going to vote, but on what kind of politics they want, and start to do that right now.” The youth make up “46 percent of the electorate,” he pointed out. Millennial voters are burdened by great expectations, including the difficult task of shunning dictatorship despite their never having experienced the terrors of martial law. Hopefully they have come to realize that history matters, and that the next six years are crucial for a country teetering between development and collapse. The mystique of power as it relates to the church has to do not only with its numbers but also the authority and cohesiveness with which it is able to summon and direct the faithful. At least two reasons come immediately to mind in trying to account for the hesitation of mainline Christian movements to become a power bloc similar to the INC. Domination characterized periods when the church was in a majority situation, as in the time of Constantine up to the close of the Middle Ages, when the gilded throne of the papacy ruled with both the cross and the sword. Separation was the monastic movement’s reaction to the church’s internal rot and corruption, seeing isolation as a form of purification. The other reason is a theological misunderstanding of Jesus’ oft-quoted remark “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” In western thought, this has been construed by the likes of Martin Luther as the “doctrine of the two swords,” or the dualistic separation of the church and the state. This means that while the church and the state are separate institutions, both are directly accountable and subject to God’s purposes for them.
This appeal to a higher power and a higher law has been the compelling motive for all sorts of civil disobedience waged by the churches since then. Today, mainline church traditions are torn between the impulse to be prophetic—that is, to make errant powers accountable and governance more responsive, and the need to stay clear of becoming, once again, a worldly power. Certainly, the church as a political player needs to discern the difference between prophecy and politicking.
The INC has acquired political clout by judiciously parlaying its command of merely two million votes as a swing vote.
Along the same vein, an informed source tells me that Quiboloy’s church in Davao has fielded an army of 2,000 “cyberwarriors” for the candidacy of Rodrigo Duterte. A church that has turned power broker is, in a sense, no more than just another vested interest, to be fought and resisted in much the same way that other vested interests need to be resisted when they ultimately subvert democratic processes. Let me congratulate, too, the 1,731 passers out of the 6,605 takers in the 2015 bar exams, yielding a genteel 26.21-percent passing rate.
Special felicitations go to first-placer Rachel Angeli Miranda of the University of the Philippines.
Jesus Tambunting, the founder of the micro-small-and-medium-enterprise-focused Planters Development Bank now merged with China Bank. For 2012: philanthropist Washington SyCip who founded and headed SGV, the largest auditing company in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. For 2014: the visionary Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, chair of the country’s oldest business conglomerate involved in real estate, banking, telecommunications, water distribution and business process outsourcing, as well as the leader of several educational and charitable causes and foundations. Yes, when businessmen help in education, the young invariably become good citizens, and in the process, consume higher quality food, purchase more homes and appliances, wear better-made clothes, travel more frequently, and use more mobile phones. When employees and laborers are paid correctly, treated with fairness and respect, and amply rewarded for work done well, they become efficient and loyal, thereby helping their employers advance the interests of their shareholders, customers, community and the nation at large.
When farmers are assisted in planting, harvesting and marketing their products, they multiply their resources.

When ex-convicts and former rebels are given a chance to work in farms, factories and offices, they reform themselves and become useful members of society, instead of going back to their old ways.
We pray that all the officials who will be elected will become “healing,” and not “killing,” servants of our people.
On the eve of Election Day, let us not forget that there is such a thing as an “act of God,” which makes the impossible possible, and surpasses human efforts, perceptions and expectations.
Let me end with a story I heard about a bird who was convinced by a cat to give a feather in exchange for every worm the cat will give. Dear friends, let us not sell out, let us not settle for compromise with the prowling politician ready to devour us. Lord, help us to level up so that we can rise above our petty quarrels, rivalries and divisions, and move forward.
At the last presidential debate, the candidates were asked how they would deal with China’s incursions in the West Philippine Sea.
Wherever the mayor talks about it, his audiences greet this verbal bravura with rousing laughter and effusive cheers. It was this situation that the anti-Semitic writer, Dietrich Eckart, saw in his defeated and demoralized country in the wake of World War I.  He saw Adolf Hitler at a meeting of the German Workers’ Party, and at once he knew this was the man who could lift Germany from its humiliation. All this sounds frighteningly familiar when one views the phenomenal rise of Digong Duterte in Philippine politics.
In short, the country is not in crisis—at least not in the way it was in the aftermath of the 1983 assassination of Ninoy Aquino.
Interestingly, it is not the extremely poor who are reacting to these complex issues with great impatience. At this point, it’s not clear what “sort” of baby will be born tomorrow—whether it’ll be a child savior who’ll deliver on the promise for the future, a demon child who will plunge the country into six years of doom, or a Frankenstein monster cobbled together from sundry parts which will blunder through the difficult future.
Whatever choices we make tomorrow, though, the greatest impact will be felt not by us oldies but by our children and even grandchildren.
Beck pointed out that “a 10-year-old girl or boy of today will be 16 by the time the next administration ends, or 25 years old by the end of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in 2030. Policies and programs must be put in place targeted to meet the needs of young people—education, employment, good health. And that’s why it’s crucial that as we fill in those empty ovals in our ballots tomorrow, we take care to do so with an eye to the future, to choosing those who will not only have the best programs or make the most ravishing promises, but who also have the capability, the experience and the integrity to forge that brighter future for our children. And many times, when a child is born to a mother who is too young or too old, too sick, or who has too many previous children born too close together, that child will lose a mother. Each year, an estimated 303,000 women die in pregnancy and childbirth; that’s about 830 each day.
Most of these deaths could be prevented with skilled care before, during and after childbirth.
Fully 99 percent of these deaths occur in developing countries; more than half of the deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa and nearly one-third occur in South Asia.
Young adolescents are most at risk of complications and death from pregnancy and childbirth. If 90 percent of the women who wanted to avoid pregnancy were using modern contraceptives, 28 million births could have been prevented in 2015.
So the call on this occasion is not just to celebrate the gift and blessings of motherhood. And since we started considering the future of young people which we voters will be determining tomorrow, let’s also consider the future of young women, too many of whom are becoming mothers before they’re even ready for its responsibilities, or even before their bodies are ready for pregnancy.
In this country, before a young person can receive counseling or services from a public health center or clinic, he or she must present written consent from his or her parents. And then, hearing about the rising numbers of teen pregnancies, we throw up our hands and decry how irresponsible these teens are! The people, in turn, believe in personalities—the messiah, the savior, the harbinger of change—because time and again they are confronted with “choices” that are unsatisfactory.
The lesser evil takes many forms: the radical punisher, the “propoor” technocrat, the motherly, the experienced, the economist, or the heir to the straight path—yet trailed by a long list of “buts” that will only bring frustration and confusion. The electoral system is seen, by default, as a solution, but it can also foster an abusive relationship with the people.
Elections can be likened to Roland Barthes’ concept of wrestling: an open-air spectacle of excess.
Because after the votes are cast and the numbers are flashed, the real winner is still the same repressive system that has kept the people in chains for so long.
As a counterpower, other mechanisms of change will open up without letting our passions die a natural death in existing institutions of power. True empowerment in a democratic country lies not in the people’s capacity to surrender their future to the lesser evil because they need a leviathan to liberate them from society’s ills.
I’m so tired of seeing people’s opinions on social media defending their presidential candidate.
If drivers remain impatient and irresponsible, we can’t expect the traffic to ease and road accidents to decrease. If policemen remain lethargic and just content themselves with watching their bellies get bigger, we can’t expect better security. If doctors remain selective in accepting patients, we can’t expect all sick people to be given immediate attention and medication.
If students remain uninterested in learning, we can’t expect the youth to be truly educated. I don’t think the diehard supporters of each of the presidential candidates will become better people after the election.
JUST a few days more and we will know our next President, one of the five candidates who slugged it out on the campaign trail—Digong, Grace, Mar, Jojo and Miriam.
Before we go out and cast our votes, perhaps, we can crack jokes about the next Malacanang resident.
If Miriam wins, the madlang people will be on their knees begging God “not” to be ready yet for her for another six years.
But if God decides “not” to be ready for her in six years, a lot of interesting things will arise in the republic.
She will invite FVR and a socialite friend to a state dinner in Malacanang and then introduce him as the man who stole her presidency in 1992!
Before her term ends, she will have a film made of her life story, detailing all the awards she received all these years. By the end of his term, titles of all state properties—from Bonggao to Basco and Baguio in between—would be claimed by the Binay real estate business. The senior citizens across the archipelago will have the time of their lives, especially when they celebrate their birthdays. Jojo will do everything he can to duplicate the Ayala urban center of Makati in all corners of the archipelago so that he can tax the rich to give to the poor.
Caught in the complex role of administering the entire country, he will have no more time for Makati. If Mar wins, journalists will be an endangered species as they will collapse under the strain of boredom along with their bored reading public. Who will appear at the Malacanang press cons to be bombarded with statistics and data only economists understand? The good news, however, especially for taga-Davao is the major increase in PhilHealth funds available, if only to spite you-know-who. Ayala and even the global city in Taguig will have to be relegated to lower status compared with Cubao where an ultra-modern city will rise! Mother Susan Roces will do an Imelda taking over the management of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Folk Arts, the damaged Film Center, Metropolitan Theater near Manila’s City Hall and all other centers of culture. Grace will be a hit at international gatherings of heads of states as she will stand out as the youngest, cutest, slenderest, coolest chick among mostly aging male prime ministers and presidents!
She’ll be CNN’s, BBC’s, Al-Jazeera’s favorite head of state to cover, as she looks and sounds terrific on TV. Side by side with President Hillary Clinton as Grace goes to the United States for a state visit, Americans will be able to welcome two Presidents who are Americans on both sides of the plane.
Despite all efforts, she will realize that it is impossible to get the machos—Nur, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters commanders, JoMa and the death squads—to sit at one table!
State dinners at the Palace will no longer take place (as the President of the United States and prime minister of Australia will definitely not come for state visits). To make up for his rape joke, Digong will field women with strong leadership in major government offices where corruption is rampant. If Leila doesn’t make it to the Senate and if she is open to reconciliation, she can take the post at the Bureau of Customs.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Not to say we should continue that here, but I am curious how everyone has their networks setup.
All media is played back via PC's or android over samba file sharing - 1080p playback over wifi works well.
Torrents run on a schedule, slow during the day (approx 30% network speed) and 60% at nights.
Also thinking something like chromecast plugged into all TV's so i dont have to always plug the laptop via hdmi, which is PITA! It's a temporary arrangement until I can redo some Coax and add some CAT6 and design a closet for telecom and server equipment.
The laptop my wife uses, her tablet, my phone, and my laptop (which I almost never use at home).
It has two onboard PCI-E network adapters and two ports I added from a dual-port Intel 1000 Pro PT PCI-E card.
My i7 tower, plus AC (in the summer), plus air purifier makes a lot of noise and I don't need more machines in here to add to it.
The most direct and open way to get it up here is not a short path (considering it's going from the basement to the attic).
Do you have VoIP and some network-powered phones or do you power remote switches with it or something along those lines?
Necessity and the router's CPU has crashed a few times so it needs to be replaced sooner or later.
The first 10 days included 4 days with gale warnings in Dover and Wight, and the cruise ended with more gales and gale warnings with only one of 10 boats making it back to the UK, and most of the others temporarily parked in St Vaast or Cherbourg.
The Cercle Nautique da€™ Honfleur were in Lymington for the annual race with LTSC and supper, which was most enjoyable, on Thursday 2nd and were warning that Fecamp in the North Easterly F6 then forecast would be bad news because of the nature of the approach into the harbour.
Of course the Met Office forecasts, and perhaps Meteo France, remain the gold standard in forecasting, and you can get these on your Navtex.
And although we all have our favourites, it is important to realise that where things like wind-strength are concerned they are all really simply re-packaging the same data which is widely shared internationally.
GRIB stand for Gridded Binary and the merit of GRIB files is that they are very compact and hence good for transmission and interpretation on e.g. The first time I pulled out was because I had just discovered what was not then yet public knowledge, namely what had been going on behind my back in my then marriage. You could always do this and drop in on the LTSC Cruise as and when you feel like it, taking pot luck about marinas etc, which Mike Kelly puts so much excellent effort into arranging for those who prefer to sail as a group. Yachting Monthly has just caught up, the July edition having a lengthy piece entitled a€?Has the iPhone killed the Chartplotter?a€?. With their new Operating System(s), anything you type or generate on your a€?computera€? is immediately available on all your other devices.
However the speech bubble is of course entirely the product of my warped imagination, since Mixit was safely moored at the time.
If there are those who would commit any wrongdoing, there is an outlined process for such incidences, so don’t harass or threaten our teachers. The teachers can also report to the task force if they are harassed, threatened or intimidated by  groups related to disgruntled election candidates. The chairperson and members of the BEI will be given by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) an honorarium of P4,500 each, while their support staff will get P1,500.
Luistro described one’s ability to choose his leaders  “the greatest power” he could possess. He cited as an example the K to 12 reform program, which overhauled the country’s education system to help students have a better shot at life. Canadian officials hoped to complete the mass evacuation of work camps north of Alberta’s main oil sands city of Fort McMurray on Saturday, fearing the growing wildfire could double in size and reach a major oil sands mine and even the neighboring province of Saskatchewan.
And Canadian officials say they expect to fight the massive wildfire that has destroyed large parts of Alberta’s oil sands town for months. Chad Morrison of Alberta Wildfire said it’s not uncommon to fight such an inferno in forested areas for months. He expected cooler temperatures and they could get rainfall Sunday, but significant rainfall is needed. Thousands of displaced residents got a drive-by view of some of the burned-out neighborhoods as convoys continued.
The Alberta oil sands have the third-largest reserves of oil in the world behind Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.
The company said in a statement that while there is no imminent threat from fire, smoke has reached its Mildred Lake site.
The fire started last Sunday and has destroyed about than 2,000 square kilometers of northern Alberta forest.
Ghazni’s Governor Mohammad Aman Hamimi earlier reported seven fatalities but his own spokesman gave a death toll of 50.
The Philippines will lease 93,000 VCMs for the 2016 elections from Smartmatic, which provided the precinct count optical scanners (PCOS) in the country’s first two automated elections in 2010 and 2013.
If it was found that the voter did not deface the ballot, he or she shall be entitled to one replacement ballot.
Comelec has also warned voters that “frivolous objections” regarding alleged discrepancies on their voter’s receipts is an election offense. What will happen if I “overvote,” or vote for more candidates than required in a certain position? What will happen if I “undervote,” or do not vote enough candidates in a certain position? Unnecessary marks on the ballot should be prevented in order for the VCM to read your ballot properly. The canvassing and proclamation of winners in the said polls will take place from May 13 to 15, 2016. What if I or any other Filipino want to protest the election results and have an elected official removed after their proclamation?
Feedback via text may also be sent to the numbers 09209716211 (Smart network), 091755116211 (Globe), and 09257716211 (Sun). The continuous flow of electricity from generators to distributors through the power grid facilities will benefit customers who depend on these power services, the NGCP said in a statement. NGCP said people could report concerns on transmission facilities, such as suspicious activities around towers, through the hotlines 091784764327 or 0917-TIP-NGCP (Globe) and 09188476427 or 0918-TIP-NGCP (Smart). In case of power interruption, the grid operator will be ready to deploy its strategically placed aircraft, emergency restoration structures, and spare parts for faster line inspection and restoration. These command and control centers will also serve as the energy sector’s main monitoring and information centers, according to the NGCP. We want our lines to be cleared of illegally planted trees before the elections for more reliable transmission service. Their numbers are of critical importance in the presidential election, and it behooves them to be aware not only of the burning issues but also of the significance of their vote in their country’s progress. A 22-year-old teacher’s view is heartening: “This kind of politics births new measures to forward the concerns and issues of women, youth, farmers and the like.
On one hand it is noteworthy that voters are quite engaged, but on the other it is reprehensible that threats of rape and mayhem issued by a candidate’s supporters have become commonplace. And millennials should vote for the candidate they want, not the candidate they think will most likely win, or the candidate other people are pushing. But then they are made of encouraging stuff: They embrace diversity, call for LGBT equality, and seek to make the passage of the freedom of information bill a priority. It is not being unrealistic to expect millennials to grasp the necessity of participation in the nation’s collective destiny. Politicians may rant and rail against church interference in such contentious issues as reproductive health, yet come election time, they all make a beeline for the head of the Iglesia ni Cristo, or to emergent church movements such as that of Apollo Quiboloy and vote-rich Catholic constituencies like El Shaddai. Part of the power of the INC is the perception that it is able to deliver a solid vote because of its practice of bloc voting.
The church’s track record as it relates to the state has not been without blemish or lapses into “worldliness.” Through the centuries, the church in its relationship with the world has swung from domination to capitulation, from separation to solidarity.
Capitulation characterized periods when the church was weak and in a minority situation, or occupied with survival, as with the Eastern churches in the Arab world.
Solidarity occupied the church in periods when repression caused it to be a voice of the voiceless, the last remaining bulwark against abusive regimes, as with recent experiences of authoritarianism here and in Latin America. But in that remark, as the Anabaptist scholar John Howard Yoder now points out, what Jesus cunningly left unsaid was that in truth, what belongs to Caesar also belongs to God.
Justice is God’s minimum requirement for governance; the state has been given the power of the sword precisely to be able to execute justice for all. It also accounts for the constant tension between the church and the state as institutions. When the church upholds the norms by which society is meant to be ruled, it is being prophetic. This unduly skews the results and tends to obscure the true picture and pattern of voting behavior in this country.
This perhaps explains the unprecedented level of virulence being spewed out in social media. Melba Padilla Maggay is a social anthropologist and president of the Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture.
A former Inquirer scholar, may she write as succinctly as our staffers and as eruditely as Supreme Court justices. Let me likewise pay tribute to the “RVR Award” winners who exemplify the life and values of the late Ambassador Ramon V.
Lopez, patriarch of the Lopez Group, which espouses the “Power of Good” and integrates the green ecosystem in its many businesses.
Pangilinan, chair of several conglomerates involved in telecommunication, digital commerce, electric power, water distribution, tollways, railways and other infrastructures, hospitals and health services, broadcast and print media, and mineral resources, and the unassuming head of the Philippine Business for Social Progress and many other huge foundations, including some that promote sports here and abroad. The RVR Award is unique because it promotes entrepreneurship and nation-building, traits that some people still treat instinctively as mutually exclusive and separate, when in fact they should be, and are, mutually inclusive.
When out-of-school youth are trained to sharpen their vocational skills, they get employed and contribute their share in nation-building.
And when young athletes are trained in a world-class environment, they bring honor to our country and to themselves.
They devote a great part of their time, talent and treasures in helping the least, the last and the lost. Call it coincidence, but all of the sick people whom the first priest prayed over and anointed were healed. When Jesus was lifted up into heaven, He did not “kill” the hopes and dreams of His disciples.
24, 46-53), the Risen Lord challenges His disciples to continue His work of preaching repentance for the forgiveness of sins.
More than winning the position, the bigger challenge is to unite a people who are divided by class, creed, ideology, subculture, and religion. More than a political battle, it is also definitely a battle between good and evil, a battle between light and dark, a battle between the Prince of Peace and the prince of darkness.

More than any human blessing or endorsement, your candidate must be endorsed by, and acceptable to, God!
Let our mothers remind us that amid all the harshness and uncertainties of life, matters of the heart still matter. It was easy and convenient, until the bird lost all its feathers and could no longer fly, and was devoured by the cat. It makes no difference to them whether he’s joking or he’s serious about this grave policy issue. Except for one thing: The Philippines is not struggling to recover from the desolation of war. We find this in every country that is in the throes of modernity—the sense of drowning in an accumulation of problems beyond the capacity of existing institutions and leaders to solve.  In a flash, the people’s pent-up resentments against the existing order come to a head and find release in the quest for a god who can solve their problems—the traffic jams, the petty criminals, the undisciplined motorists, the insensitive government employee, the abusive cop, the bribe-taking judge, and the thousand and one aggravations that mark their daily lives. We need a president who can form a capable team that will sort out the complex problems of governance.
So in 24 hours, we will all become mothers, “birthing” a new set of public officials, from the highest official of the land to the humblest councilor. We will be voting not just for ourselves but for the children of today, and deciding what their lives will be like beyond even the next six years. Although I must say that for some women, every time a child is born, a mother is born anew, a mother who, depending on the circumstances, will be not just older but also frailer, wearier, less healthy. Pregnancy and childbirth-related complications are a leading cause of death for girls aged 15-19. It is also to make motherhood safe for mothers, which means making sure that every mother is healthy and free, free to choose the timing and frequency of her pregnancy, and free to access the full range of services before, during and after childbirth. Let’s think, too, of the future of young men, who’ll be facing the adult responsibility of fatherhood years before they’re ready to be raising a child. But think of it: If teens are already able to talk about sex with their parents and trust that the information given is full, accurate and not designed to scare them off sex, would they still see the need to consult strangers in a public setting?
That means 10 presidents, two people power revolutions, a dictatorship, and decades of corruption, poverty and injustice.
In a country where elections are both a blessing and a curse but viewed as the be-all and end-all of things, democratic participation has become centered on shading the ballot. No matter how progressive they may be, they will always be bound by the interests of their class. When elections are over, the people return to the cycle of poverty and landscape of social injustice that the person they elected had promised to eradicate. The power of choice has slipped from the masses’ hands and become concentrated on the flightless superheroes. Elections will eventually become a nonsolution if the power of the masses stops where the power of the elected leaders begin.
We must avoid the mistakes of the past and cease believing that the act of voting will single-handedly solve our problems. It is in the capacity to control their own destinies, fight for their rights, and refuse to be trapped in other forms of lesser evils.
Whoever wins, it shall force us to go out and make a choice, not only for a single day, but even after the ballots are cast.
However, I don’t really believe that having an excellent president would totally provide the solution.
They will probably remain what they are: waiting for progress to happen by itself and complaining about each administration’s failures.
I hope they will somehow realize that it’s not only the president who will make their lives better, and that the real power to change the Philippines still lies within each one of us. Even the political opinions in media—especially in the wake of Digong’s offensive jokes and comments—were dead serious.
Imagine if her running mate Bongbong wins and God gets ready with her within a week or two? Outside of his family and inner circles, the criteria for hiring Malacanang employees will be height. Like seniors in Makati, cakes will be delivered at their doorstep, courtesy of a Binay bakeshop with outlets in all urban centers.
Alas, he will realize Ayala is difficult to replicate outside of Makati since Pinoys continue to seek their fortune in Metro Manila or go abroad.
However, she will have to be prescribed more medicine to make sure her memory cells are intact. Would he ever change his wardrobe, his facial expressions and his language when he becomes President so he could win over the middle-upper classes, fashionistas, feministas and intelligentsia of this republic? The ones now in the Office of the Ombudsman and Bureau of Internal Revenue will keep their jobs. Etta will be head of Ninoy Aquino International Airport and have power over all the airports in the country.
Of course, Grace will occupy either the Department of Social Welfare and Development or the Department of Tourism, or return to her post at the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board.
A deal will be reached: no cases will be filed against Jojo and he can keep his properties. Not in the first six months of his administration, as he will be busy fulfilling his campaign promises. One investment area to consider whose profits can then be used to feed the political prisoners—build more funeral parlors! At this point I'm sooooo much happier compared to my POS Belkin router (I may use it as an AP at some point though). As it stands, I need to have my modem in my living room which requires everything else be there as well as it is the only good Coax jack in the apartment (super PITA). My tower has an AE2500 adapter in it, but there is no Linux support, so I fall back on the powerline adapter for Linux.
It's doing everything because I don't have the space in my current configuration to have more than a single headless tower for wired access to the network (WTF! Most boats set off on the Friday, but by then the forecast for the Saturday was NE Gale 8 and that continued through Sunday, so everybody was expecting a couple of days rest on this side of the Channel.
But it does not help you much with working out what to actually expect point to point in a passage.
17th June was a windy day mid-channel - three full feathers on a Wind Arrow means 28 - 32 knots. My problem is that when I get somewhere that I like, the weather is lovely, and the bars and restaurants are good, I have a tendency to want to spend yet another day sitting on the harbour wall or outside a bar watching the world go by. That is what it says on the cover, but when you get to the article it is actually about the iPhone versus handheld chartplotters. I still prefer a real keyboard to a virtual touch-screen one, so typing things like this blog gets done at the desk, but that is about it. The end of the idea that you need some sort of special training to use a computer lest it rise up and attack you.
It can also mean that they think there is some mythical set of rites, a religion, you have to be taught and follow if the thing is to work - an idea fostered by Windows as an operating system. I still prefer a real keyboard to a virtual touch-screen one, so typing things like this blog gets done at the desk, but that is about it.A  The central position of my iMac computer in Burgess Towers nowadays is simply because that is where all my data has always been kept and fed out from. Officials said there is no timeline to return residents to the city, but the Alberta government has begun preliminary planning, though it stresses fighting the fire is still the first priority. The center was offering three free meals a day and other services, including mental health services.
10047 states that persons with disabilities, senior citizens, heavily pregnant women, escorted detainee voters and indigenous peoples shall be afforded an express lane and be allowed to vote “as soon as they arrive.” If you do not belong to any of these groups, you must wait your turn to vote. The receipt will then be attached in the minutes and will not be placed inside the receptacle along with other voter’s receipts. It is not being overly dramatic to say that they hold the future in their young and vigorous hands. This nation of more than 100 million will either benefit or suffer from the choice that the millennials will make tomorrow.
Inquirer millennial columnist Kay Rivera wrote recently: “Maybe we do deserve a president who is willing to recognize that rape culture and systematic oppression do exist, and who won’t contribute to that. In choosing their candidate, they are choosing the one who hews most closely to who they are, or what they want to be. They consider education important, are environmentally aware, and are disgusted with the corruption around them. But first, critical awareness is required of them, a correct perspective on where we all stand. The actual metrics of this have yet to be empirically demonstrated, but in a time when reality can be virtual, perception is all.
This cannot be arrogated to one individual or clique, however, and there are limits to the power of the state. But when it turns into a power broker, using its authority over the flock to deliver a command vote, then it is merely politicking. Three days after Election Day, the vote-counting machines (they are now nicknamed VCM, no longer PCOS) will tell us who the political victors are. In that spirit, let me just congratulate the nonpolitical winners in the family, in the recent bar exams and in the business community. I hope that beyond merely sponsoring the search, the Jaycees themselves will emulate these twin values of entrepreneurship and nation-building in their own lives and pursuits. On the other hand, again as if by coincidence, all of the sick people whom the second priest prayed over and anointed, died. He drew them to Himself, and led them to a new level of life and discipleship with purpose and mission. May all winners and losers alike be open to peace and reconciliation so that we can all level up, and move forward. Beware, and be very vigilant, for the evil one is excellent in deception, lies and manipulation, and his agents are working very, very hard these days.
The elections are about our beloved Philippines and our people, and the future ahead of us.
And let us pray that those who will be proclaimed winners are the ones who were really chosen by the people—and yes, by God Himself.
Let us also not forget that there is such a thing as “a mother’s embrace” wherein, win or lose, anyone can find warmth and comfort, be lifted up, protected and shielded from any danger or sin.
He will tell the Coast Guard to take him to the middle of the sea, and, from there, he will ride a jet ski to the nearest disputed atoll.
No matter what he says, Mayor Digong seems to fulfill their expectations of the kind of leader the country needs for our desperate times.
To make sense of charisma, one has to understand the social context in which a leader attracts throngs of followers. There’s threat of hunger in some parts of the country because of the drought, but food is readily available everywhere else. Our national situation is more complex today not only because there are more of us, but also because our daily lives have become increasingly shaped not just by innovations in technology, but by shifts in the global economic system and world politics as well. It is they who righteously proclaim their entitlement to something better—better paying jobs, better public transport, more responsive public service, safer neighborhoods, lower taxes, better airports, better hospitals and better schools.
Yet, no government will ever succeed unless we, the citizens, can rise above our unexamined fears and emotions—high enough to be able to ask what we can do to help our country or, at least, not add to its problems. Can you imagine the dialogue between parent and a teen asking for permission to talk about sex and receive information from another adult? When he decided to retire his decades-old jeepney years ago, his belief in the Philippine electoral system died with it.
Essentially, it becomes about replacing kings and queens, but never abolishing the monarchy. The electoral system is still bound by the structures that allow the flourishing of the elite, political dynasties, and patronage politics. It sees passion—in the ways by which the candidates make their promises, badmouth their opponents, or insult the intelligence of their audiences, never mind if it’s real. There is a need to extend the strong electoral force that we have now from the ballot to organizations that will turn the thirst for change into a coherent counterpower. We Filipinos can have a super-perfect leader as our president, but if we choose to remain the same, nothing will happen.
This expense will be charged to an account known as Predeparture Bring Happiness, a presidential prerogative. But as money will pour in Cubao, sorry Capiz folks, your infrastructure and basic needs’ facilities will remain Third World. Side by side with Rizal will be FPJ monuments in every town plaza, especially in the Bangsamoro territories.
So also couturiers, flower arrangers, chefs and all those mobilized for elite affairs in the Palace.
For the national defense post, Inday S will be posted there to lord it over the generals who will need to undergo gender sensitivity training. And the nuns, who have no qualms dealing with Digong, will be the foot soldiers to deal with erring policemen, barangay officials and tanod.
But watch out human rights advocates for it might be a blue Christmas in 2016 (blue as in bruises). When Digong goes dictatorial, red graffiti on the walls will scream—DOWN WITH US-DUTERTE REGIME! I need a closet dedicated to telecom for at least my apartment and the attic which has yet to be finished (but already has the extra (something like 115v 4x30A circuits IIRC) circuits to wire in power when that does happen. From the switch, cabling goes round with LACP to ESXi and desktop, and plain old gigabit for various access points (all 802.11ac at this point) and devices that have an ethernet port.
Mike Knowles transferred his flag from Selene to Barry Danielsa€™ Juniper when it turned out I could not go, and Juniper got to Brighton and then, after a couple of enforced days off, across to Dieppe, and thence down to St Valery, so back on plan. Looking at the synoptic charts, now and predicted, will tell you more, but still in a fairly broad-brush manner. You can also see the veer and slight decrease further West as the front passes and the decrease near both the English and French coast. This year the withdrawal was much more prosaic being simply due to aching and injured ribs! Touch screen devices like the iPad blow both worries out of the water whilst still doing everything and more that your old-fashioned beige box could do. They should remember that many people have died and sacrificed so that they can one day exercise their right to vote.
Sooner or later they will learn how dreadful it is to bear the crushing outcome of a mistake, and how demanding it is to undo damage where it counts.
Since 2010, this award has been sponsored yearly by the Junior Chamber International (Manila Chapter) or Jaycees, the Asian Institute of Management and the Del Rosario family.
Let us go to our Blessed Mother and ask for her loving embrace—for ourselves and for our nation. Thank you for the reminder that this life is not all about the “5 Ps” that can destroy our peace—pera, power, pride, pleasures, and politics! Some areas devastated by Supertyphoon “Yolanda” are still not fully rehabilitated, but much has been done to resettle the displaced communities. We have been able to reasonably adapt to the challenges and opportunities of this changing global reality. But the danger of choosing the lesser evil is the tendency to choose the status quo: safe, convenient, but still detached from the plight of the masses. After the dust has cleared, what remains is the elite web of allies that rallied the politicians to power.
These can impoverish us as a people as we need humor to spice up the boring ordinariness and seriousness of everyday life. Imelda will be back in Malacanang with all that was good, true and beautiful of the “golden” years of martial rule, complete with butterfly sleeves and pink parasols! Every morning and evening broadcast news will give daily health updates of the President before the weather forecast. This way the President—when he walks in the halls of Malacanang—will stand out, which is but fitting for the person holding the highest post in the land.
Her family members, who will remain Americans, will make sure the US bases are well-established at the nearest point of the Philippine archipelago facing China. To protect her, Digong will give her all the weapons she needs so she could deal with her death threats. For this reason it serves, in addition to your typical network services like DHCP, Firewall, and VPN, I have a RAID in the box for storage, as a result Samba and miniDLNA are running on the gateway for access to that data.
And as I struggled to my kitchen to try to get a glass of water, I involuntarily coughed very hard indeed and a small hand-grenade went off in my ribs. Thereafter all was well until near the end, when Gale Warnings were again the order of the day and Brittany Ferries did a brisk trade in repatriating crews of the seven yachts that were being left in France pending the arrival of better weather. That is probably a consequence of the fact that for the first 25 years all my cruising was in a family context, but there we are. YMa€™s only real point favouring dedicated handheld chartplotters is that some are waterproof - but you can get a waterproof case for your iPhone. Touch screen devices are genuinely much easier to learn and use than old-fashioned a€?computersa€? but they also seem so much friendlier and more intimate than the old beige boxes and keyboards.
YMa€™s only real point favouring dedicated handheld chartplotters is that some are waterproof - but you can get a waterproof case for your iPhone.A  YM then goes on to review the six marine chart iPhone Apps now available - that is up from just two alternatives when I wrote about such things just three months back.
Those who make a choice based on ardent prayer, sincere discernment, and clear conscience, and not on emotions, affiliations, and personal agenda and intentions, are the ones who are on the side of the Prince of Peace.
But, undeniably, many of our countrymen are falling through the cracks of these developments.
And her TV program—oh yes, ABS-CBN will gladly welcome her back—will be broadcast from the presidential office or Malacanang’s Heroes Hall.
Right now I'm minimizing power usage as my hours for work have been cut due to college. I use it for large downloads (to avoid wi-fi and powerline) to take full advantage of my 119mbit download. The forecast information, such as above, is available at 3 hour intervals over a 5 day span, and can be seen in animated form if you desire.
So type a letter in Lymington on your a€?computera€?, sail off on your boat with your iPad or iPhone, and the letter is there for you on that device. As for Mar, he will be made the National Economic and Development Authority head where his love for statistics will be put to use.
I also have a DNS server running locally for local names and caching to speed up DNS requests which allows me to restrict all incoming and outgoing DNS traffic and my iptables config are just as strict for external connections.
So that puts off the possibility of putting a closet in the attic (but not running wires through the floor) which would open up the possibility of the basement. Two days or so later I noticed a large 20 cm bruise running down from my ribs towards my groin. Daily demonstrations filled the streets, and rumors of a military coup were rampant.  There was loud clamor for a new government that would rebuild the nation’s institutions. So the next day I tried to a€?be a mana€? as I was brought up to be (that never really worked), and to ignore it, and went sailing, and I regretted doing so in some agony the next day. The App (a€?programmea€?) you used to type it did it all for you via Applea€™s iCloud as you typed - so long as your word-processor was made by Apple.
The App (a€?programmea€?) you used to type it did it all for you via Applea€™s iCloud as you typed - so long as your word-processorA  was made by Apple.

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