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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When you are weak that's when people will try to take advantage of you and walk all over you. No man shouldn't have to find something to do with her he will stand strong with her right beside her not in front or behind her but beside her because us woman cant b strong all the time its in every ones nature to fall apart sometimes and if he still standing beside u in ur down fall to pick u up then u know hes strong enough to walk through the storm with you. Yes he can cause her strength in herself will help him to help himself and then they will take both of their strengths and build the most beautiful thing together, that's how you get Kings and Queens. A gentleman knows when to listen, when to comment, and when to simply hold his woman and kiss her tears away. But someday, maybe when he get a little grown up, and after he get through so many times and moments with her, I think he will realize "different feelings" for Lucy.
For Lucy, in the beginning, she easily blushing when a guy tell her 'something sweet', just like when she blush by Loke in Loke arc, the writer in the fated meeting, and Gray (Gemini) in Oracion Seis arc. They TOTALLY should be together, but I haven't finished all the eps yet, so I have no clue.
I'm not sure but he is definitely clueless about LOVE, but the way he acts around Lucy is sort of obvious. After watching the movie I feel like natsu looks at Lucy as a little bit more than a friend also one time Lucy was wearing a towel in front of natsu and it fell off. I have t disagree, first of all Erza and Natsu have a sibling like relish ion ship so I highly doubt that they would end up together.

Truthfully he protects and cares for Lucy more than anyone and personally I think that is enough proof that he loves her. All brand names and trademarks mentioned in this site are the property of their respective owners.
But someday, I'm sure Mashima-sensei will make him understand what is love, and realized his 'different, special feelings' for Lucy as 'love'. And Sorry to you because Mashima said that NALU will be cannon in the futer, and their gonna have a child named.
Natsu is most likely over Lissana, and NALU is going to be a cannon in the future, Hiro Mashima said so him self in an interview, he also said Natsu and Lucy will give birth to a girl named Nashi (Nashi is also the name of his daughter). Lucy has a high chance of having a crush on Natsu because on episode 50 "Look out for the one you love" after Mira suspects Natsu liking Lucy she begins acting nervous around him and the title also gives a hint that she does in fact like him.
When You Don’t, It’s Love, in this daily quotes category, we also provide some title as well as far from what i once was, i’m nice, until you gave me a reason not to be, listen to the voice that speaks inside you, i’ll never leave you, i promise, maybe i don’t cry, but it hurts, and much other good stuf. Mashima also said that he wanted to keep Lissana dead, but the producers convinced him to bring her back for her brother and sister, NOT for Natsu. Now and then Natsu shows some kindness towards Lucy and he may think of her as a "Replacement for Lisanna" but as he gets to know her more he may of realised that they're nothing alike and may grow some feelings for her. Or maybe Natsu is still to immature to know what love is,and Lucy blush when a guy tell her something nice,they have fillings for each other but they don't know sure if that is love.
JERZA is a grate couple because obviously they both have feelings for each other, that is proven in the episode were they almost kiss.

Plus after they return from Edolas you'd suspect that Natsu would be overjoyed but really he couldn't care less because he either has grown use to Lucy and is relaxed around her, is over Lisanna or he loves Lucy. But honestly looking at all the popularity the makers will probably go with Lucy because the fans prefer it and the only reason she was introduced was to become close to Natsu. He feel comfortable around Lucy, as he can do anything to her, like sleep in her bed, taking a bath in her bathroom, wear her clothes, etc. I wish the characters could actually pick tho :'( Im positive hed pick Lissi over Lucy, i think he loves her like a sister.
You need someone who goes out of their way to make it obvious that they want you in their life. He care for Lucy very much, as he protected her, uproots one entire Sakura tree just for her, keep her maid outfit in his house, etc.
Also, in the interview with Sorcerer Magazine, both Natsu and Lucy said they have the best relationship with each other.

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