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If that’s not surprising enough, the extremely rare letters, confirm that the error was pointed out by a 23-year-old student.
23 year old Herbert Salzer was studying for a Master’s degree in physics, when he wrote to Albert Einstein to point out that an equation in one of his published papers was actually wrong.
Interestingly, the German physicist initially, politely dismissed the claim, reported ABLX Boston. All could have ended there, but the untiring dedication that Einstein had, nagged him to recheck his equations. Einstein continued to closely examine what Herbert put forth with equations that were now revised.
Needless to say, Herbert went on to become an acclaimed physicist and published more than 100 papers. Cristiano Ronaldo sparked rumours that he and girlfriend Irina Shayk may have married in secret when he referred to her as 'my wife' in an emotional acceptance speech after being crowned the FIFA World Player of the Year for the second time.The 28-year-old sportsman was joined by both Russian model girlfriend Irina, also 28, and his three-year-old son Cristiano Junior as he claimed the coveted Ballon da€™Or at the ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland, on Monday night. On his rivalry with Messi, Ronaldo said: 'I have a very professional relationship with Messi, he's a player I admire.
We're more used to seeing Irina Shayk flaunting her figure in a bikini but here she is all dressed up for a big night out with her man.
Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo may have won some award for kicking a ball around a pitch but that really pales into insignificance next to his girlfriend's chic outfit. Luckily Barney's is still stocking this iconic style and if you click through (right) you can get a pair for your fashionable feet. An emotional Pele was presented with the inaugural Ballon da€™Or Prix da€™Honneur during the awards ceremony.
A while back I decided that we needed to put on a concert here in Havana highlighting the jazz repertory that we were doing while out on tour at international festivals.
Ita€™s possible that music cana€™t solve all of the worlda€™s problems but you cana€™t deny that it enhances our lives in an essential way.
I suggest that you dona€™t watch the concert alone: Get a group of friends together to watch it or share it with your familya€¦. A while back I decided that we needed to put on a concert here in Havana highlighting the jazz repertory that we were doing while out on tour at international festivals.A  When I thought about the fact that all the musicians that were part of the project also had their own bands or were A-list soloists, I said, a€?Wow!
Truthfully, I have many reasons to be an optimist.A  I have a great job, surrounded by musical geniuses that each time we play together, share their incredibly creative improvisations.

His theorems have been the basis of further scientific research discovery even in the 21st century. But the humble genius that he is, Albert Einstein, though initially dismissed the claim politely, in one of the follow-up letters, not only admitted the error, but applauded the man for his diligence and mathematical prowess. Einstein had invested more than three years pursuing the theory and possible linkages between gravitation fields and electromagnetic fields, but chose to simply abandon his hard-work when he failed to find strong evidence to support his notions. Einstein replied back to Herbert with the complex algorithm re-written, that was aimed at defending his work. The footballer's second win also means that he has broken the stranglehold of his great adversary Lionel Messi. Of course at over A?500 they are a very expensive new year treat but we think you're worth it. There are many others who we were not able to include this time since we had to limit things to what was possible to achieve in an evening-length concert. Big Brecker (by Orlando SA?nchez)A A tribute to the great saxophone player and composer Michael Brecker. Suzi's Mood (autor: Edgardo Miranda) A I got this piece years ago from my Nuyorican brother, Jerry GonzA?lez. Hence it comes as a shock when two never-before-seen letters confirm the unthinkable; Einstein had once committed a mathematical error in one of his many published papers. Though it was rare for a student to challenge such a prodigy, it was even rarer for a noted persona to reply, let alone closely examine the claim and counter-verify his own work. It mixes rumba with themes from a number by the Brecker Brothersa€™ band, which was a trailblazer for jazz-rock fusion in the 80s. Robertico led Afro-Cuba during one of its richest periods and who is now musical director of La Academia. And for me personally during this concert it helped me more than ever to handle some of the tough emotions that I was feeling throughout the night. Jerry has done more than most anyone in the world for latin jazz, or jazz with clave.A  Hea€™s plays trumpet and congas and is the leader of the famous group Fort Apache Band that I appreciate for all the positve influence it has had.
That oversized buckle is too cool for school and all-in-all they're a classic that will work with any look. Orlando SA?nchez is one of Cuban jazza€™s all-time greatest composers besides being a genius sax and piano player.

Now that drinking is legal again in the US, it turns out that our neighbors to the north are not allowed to come and visit us and have taste of that delicious rum!
The original author put his wifea€™s name in one verse asking her to a€?hand him a candlea€? and years ago, when I first started singing this song, I changed the name to personalize that intimate scene. A master rumbero and a priest of the sacred bata drums of the Yoruba tradition, he was one of the first drummers who back in the 1970s perfected the art of playing all three bata drums together while also singing.
And their amazing director, Zenaida shared the chart with me, which I adapted to create this arrangement for Mezcla.
If they were forced to repeal that other prohibition, it has to be possible that some day wea€™ll be able to visit one another without so many problems! He represents a dynasty of great Cuban jazz players who all share his last name plus he is the leader of the super group, La Academia. So during this concert, when people heard me say that there was someone missing in the audience that night, everyone present knew that I was referring to the person who was my partner for over 44 years. We recently had the chance to play it here in Havana for its author,A the Puerto Rican cuatro player and jazz guitarist, Edgardo Miranda. They've been seen on Jennifer Hudson, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner in various colour combinations and they really were the shoe of last spring. I consider him a national treasure no just because of his role in conserving the complex anscestral rhythms but also because he has known how to mix them with all the different genres of present-day Cuban music as well as international styles.
This song features a brilliant trompet solo by MA?yquel GonzA?lez who shows off his deep knowledge of all styles of jazz. She was an actress who was very well loved in all of Cuba and all of those of us who knew her were still feeling the pain of her recent physical disappearance. I was so emotional that when it came time to do this song, I dona€™t know how I was even able to play the guitar.
Ia€™m not a religious man and I dona€™t believe in ghosts, but that night I felt that she was right there with us on stage.

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