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Joro Olumofin, popularly known as Doktor Mofin, is a known personality in Lagos' social circles who often shares his thoughts on relationships with his social media followers.
Emotional Disconnect is the worst and sometimes if not attended to as soon as possible it can lead to permanent breakup and hatred. Emotions are memories in our cognition that make us attached to a one person more than any other person in the World. Physical Disconnect is when your man is no longer attracted to you psychically but still loves you as a wife or girlfriend. Some men even lose their ability to get an Erection for their partners because of this problem. Most times Physical Disconnect is associated with (1) meeting a new or younger woman (2) when wives or girlfriend becoming boring or refusing to be creative in the bedroom e.g. Ladies, some scholars have argued that men are biologically made to cheat and some other scholars disagree to with this Hypothesis. As most of you know by now, my husband, sons and I have been experimenting with a new way of eating the past four weeks. In a nutshell, we’ve been eating lots of animal protein, plenty of healthy fats, tons of vegetables and some fruit.
I did continue eating, but I should have trusted myself, because unfortunately our friend didn’t hear my husband when he mentioned “grain-free”. By the time we had finished our meal, I already felt a headache creeping in around my temples.
I’m not gonna sugar-coat this people, when I realized that I’d most likely eaten gluten on Day 26 of my Whole 30, I had a mini breakdown. If one of my original goals in doing this Whole30 was weight loss, 27 days in, I care far more about health. The effect that certain seemingly innocuous foods have been having on me — I thought headaches and wrist pain were normal!
As I wrap up the last few days of my Whole30, I’ll be sharing with you guys one more week’s worth of menus. Have any of you done a Whole30 or eliminated entire categories of food from your diet short- or long-term? Is it possible that your reaction was so severe precisely because you eliminated it so much.
For whole 30 chai lattes make chai tea (can buy in bulk loose or tea bags) coconut milk and a piece of licorice root. Harry reportedly wanted Lisa to quit the show, but Lisa had already agreed to do the next season of RHOBH. Sources tell Radar Online that Harry isn’t “happy his wife has continued to do the show” but “he would never give her an ultimatum.
Looks Of The Day: Natalie Portman Gossips With Reese, Julianne Hough Is Caught Kissing, And Miranda Kerr Flaunts Her Bikini Body! Social Psychologist and Sociologists alike credit infidelity and unfaithfulness by a partner in a relationship as one of the major reasons for breakups and slips between strong or & weak couples.
So if your Man has an Emotional Disconnect then he may most likely cheat on you or not give you the time and affection you deserve. He still laughs at your jokes, buys you nice things, there are occasional surprises but when it comes to the late night activities he’s missing in action. I thought it was odd, since I haven’t had a headache since around Day 10, but I chalked it up the loud environment (I tend to get overstimulated in rooms like that, even under the best of circumstances).

I can enjoy the occasionally “off-plan” foods – as long as there is no medical condition (such as for those with Celiac disease) precluding it – but I need to do it with my eyes open. And hopefully as the days go by, I’ll have better clarity about what all of this Whole30 experiment has meant for me – and my family — and be able to express that as well.
Lisa Rinna and Harry have been facing cheating rumors ever since Lisa's fight with Kim Richards on 'RHOBH.' Now sources say they're having problems in their marriage.
Since Kim Richards attacked Lisa Rinna in Amsterdam, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans have wondered what Harry Hamlin actually did. After Kim Richards told Lisa Rinna that she needed to worry about her husband during a dramatic fight, fans are wondering if Harry Hamlin had an affair. However, she promised that Kim wouldn’t be around and that Harry’s name wouldn’t come up with the other RHOBH women. And while it’s entirely possible for someone to make a big mistake like cheating in their past and never do it again, the majority of individuals just don’t change. As my husband ticked off a list of foods we weren’t eating, our friend informed him that we could eat the meatballs, the rosemary chicken and the roasted cauliflower. By this point, I was fairly well convinced that there was something in the food I ate that wasn’t Whole30 approved. I talked to a friend (a very well-researched and incredibly smart nutritionist), who reassured me that I had not failed; that I had, in fact, learned a very valuable lesson. Having a plan, being intentional – those are the ways to save more and live better….So why did it take me until now to realize it with food?! My boys are already saying that they don’t care about grains and sugar (other than on Shabbos), but they want beans, chickpeas and dairy back in their diet. I’m going in knowing that I may pay for it, so the “treat” I choose better be really worth it.
They will always have a wandering eye and find any excuse to cheat in their current relationship.2.
But I’m on the Whole30, you know – and so I was fully prepared to go, but eat nothing. Lies OftenDoes he lie about the silliest things, like doing the dishes when he obviously didn’t, or going to Target instead of Wal-Mart?
Thirty days to clean out your gut, reset your system, and get in touch with what food does for you and to you — nutritionally and emotionally. While these may seem like simple, silly little lies that are almost comical, don’t take these small lies too lightly. Someone who can lie on the spot without even thinking about it (and not care that they are lying to their partner) will have an easy, guilt-free time lying about infidelity in the marriage.3. This is one of the biggest signs of a man who is cheating, or at least talking intimately with another woman. If he suddenly seems glued to his phone and runs to the bathroom, locking the door, every time you want to use his phone, it might be the time to worry about your husband cheating on you.4. Has Secret Conversations Advertisement Does your man suddenly need to get off the phone with whoever they are talking to the moment you enter the room? When you ask him who he was talking to, does he simply say ‘nobody’ or ‘don’t worry about it’? If he’s having secretive conversations where he’s whispering to somebody in the other room, he’s probably talking to someone he is not supposed to and talking about things he doesn’t want you to hear.
If something like this does occur, there’s a very high chance there’s another lady involved.5.

Spends Less Time With YouIf your man is suddenly coming home late from the office on a regular basis, I think we all know what that means. Yes, he could have gotten more work and is making more money, but more than likely this is a sign of a cheating man who uses work as an excuse to spend more time at work. If he isn’t working and is simply out of the house more often than you’re used to, never having any time to go on a date with you, this could also point to cheating. 6.
Acting Suspicious and Out of CharacterWhen someone is doing something they aren’t supposed to, they simply act out of character- even if they don’t realize it.
If your husband isn’t acting like himself and seems a bit more edgy and paranoid than usual, he might be trying to hide something and his conscious is making him act out of character.7.
Accuses You of CheatingWhat better way to get rid of guilt than to shift the blame on someone else? So if he is trying to accuse YOU of cheating, he’s obviously got a guilty conscious that is trying to make things right.8. If you have never heard about this ‘new’ individual before and it seems like he is always in contact with her, there’s probably something a bit suspicious going on- especially if you know all of his friends and he brings you around all of his friends- new or old.9.
Seems Less Interested in YouA man who is cheating isn’t interested in hearing about the day you had at work, the cool movie you saw, or how your grandmother’s hospitalization is worrying you.
His lack of interest is almost an obvious sign that he doesn’t have the time to bother with you, as he is too busy engaging in conversation with his new woman.10. Doesn’t Engage in Any Sexual Activity With YouJust like he isn’t interesting in listening to anything you have to say, he won’t be interested in having any sexual activity with you either.
If he has some lady on the side keeping him sexually interested, he will be too tired to share anything with you. If your once sex-crazed animal barely wants to give you a kiss goodnight, you might have a serious problem on your hands.11. You Never Know Where He’s AtIs his phone off all the time (yeah, it died for the sixth night in a row)? Suddenly Changes His AppearanceMen don’t just decide one day that they want to switch up their look.
Ok, they can sometimes, but it’s pretty unlikely- unless of course they have a reason to; and this reason could very well be a new hottie he’s in cahoots with. If your man suddenly decides to cut his hair a certain way or wear a certain type of clothing, he might be trying to impress someone else.13.
Confuses Information and DetailsIf he can’t seem to get his story straight and is all over the place, it might mean that he has too many stories going on in his head to keep things straight.
Or is that highly enticing smell come from a woman who was…extra close to your husband that night?
Obvious Marks from Another LadyIf your man has come home with lipstick stains on his shirt or a hickey on his neck, I think there is a very, VERY safe bet that he is cheating.
In fact, you would have to be pretty clueless or in complete denial to have any other explanation for these marks. While this is unlikely, it’s safe to say if your man comes home with any markings from another woman, he isn’t afraid of you finding out and probably wants out of the marriage altogether. Have you ever been cheated on?
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