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Anti-aging products that fill pharmacy shelves and magazine advertising space push the message that it is better to look, feel and be younger. To help you feel great about getting older, we’ve assembled nine of our favorite quotes about aging.
Even though Superman is near to invincible, unless a villain conveniently has some Kryptonite, that isn’t the biggest issue with it comes to putting him in a video game. While of course aging is often accompanied by negative health side effects, these anti-aging messages do not tell the whole story of what it is like to grow “old.” Aging is by accompanied maturity, wisdom, new opportunities -- beautiful things that are certainly not “anti" anything. As soon as it was announced that this would be their final Batman focused game, speculation began on why the studio decided to break away from the money making franchise. Superman Returns in 2006 got around this by giving the city of Metropolis it’s own health bar, meaning the player could only fail a mission if too much damage was done to the city, rather than Superman himself. The player is locked out of a room and must find an alternate root into it (through an air vent, for example). His conflicts take place in a very local area, which works well for him and works well for the developer who doesn’t have to worry about making a game world that is bigger than that of Gotham. Windows were shattered, walls crumbled, entire skyscrapers brought down to rubble and the streets resembled the surface of the moon, with all it’s craters. Though they belong in the same universe, their skill sets require totally different types of challenges, if they are to be entertaining to play as. The most commonly thought idea is that the studio must be moving on to another DC Comics character series and Superman is a popular candidate.
This provides the player with just as much challenge, as they must race to dispatch enemies, put out fires and destroy meteors in a tricky act of spinning plates.

You could limit Superman’s issues to just Metropolis (like Superman Returns did) but again, you are taking away something from playing as Superman.
Say what you want about how the film portrayed that confrontation but that is a pretty true representation of what would happen if two beings of Superman and Zod’s power collided.
Rocksteady proved that a decent Batman game can be made and that we needn’t settle for simple movie tie-in titles to get our superhero gaming fix, but Superman’s abilities just make him impossible to be properly portrayed in a video game world, without tying him down to limiting rules and systems, and who wants that? The point is, Superman has a way to get out of any situation and it is usually on his own terms, there are very few ways that you can truly restrict him, without a contrived plot device. He is meant to deal with matters that are much bigger than just the city, sometimes worldwide concerns.
If enemy AI is to be a challenge to the player, they must have some significant power in order to be a threat to the player and if that is so, then you will get conflicts end in pretty much the same way each time, with horrific damage to the surrounding area.
Someday the technology and the sophistication in game design will be at where it needs to be for the Man of Steel to get his proper video game justice, but until then we have some very solid Batman titles to play. This brought people thinking that they have no value in their life, also they consider that their life is miserable.
A decent video game featuring the character and a good film could be all that Warner Brothers and DC Comics needs in order to make Superman more popular with general audiences and consumers.
Yes, there could be a story beat where Superman pricks his finger on a Kryptonite spinning wheel and he is suddenly a lot weaker but then what is the point in that? Although destructible environments are possible in games, Red Faction Guerrilla and the Battlefield series prove this, you wouldn’t be able to pull off something of that scale effectively.
As a result of depression when they are going to make any decision, besides looking the positive aspects of decision that look on negative one. It all stacks up, it makes sense that Rocksteady would be commissioned to do for Superman what they did for Batman in video games.

You’re taking power away from the player and diminishing the experience and the thrill of being Superman. Flying through a building, making it topple and having it crash into another building with bricks simply flaking away would require so much processing power from a gaming machine and we simply aren’t there yet. It makes sense until you actually think about the character and the problems that a character as powerful as Superman has in the boundaries that come with the medium of interactive entertainment. Superman can fly at speeds much faster and to travel a map the size of Los Santos would take him a split second. We don’t have the technical capabilities to do destructible environments in a way that would work for such a game. Some times different moments occurs in ups and downs of man life when he totally loses hope and become pessimist. Depending on which interpretation of the character you go by, he can travel around the globe fast enough to spin it backwards (if you go by the first motion picture), or he can at least get from one side of Earth to the other in minutes (if you go by Man of Steel). How do you make a game world that is big enough to contain a character with his level of power? Without creating the whole world in a game, you won’t really allow the player to feel like Superman, a hero without limits.

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