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The vivid, rollicking world of Los Santos leaves a lasting impression—for better or worse—so much so that it garnered an excellent 4.5-star review from us and capped $1 billion in sales in a mere three-day period. If you are looking for general hints and suggestions on how to get started, check out our in-depth Grand Theft Auto V guide. Below are some of the currently known cheat codes and tips available for both console versions of Grand Theft Auto V. Once Franklin unlocks the Lester missions, make sure you have some cash to spend before you start one. If you have little money saved up, purchase a weapon and its accompanying upgrades during one of the game’s many missions. During your travels through Los Santos and beyond, you may hear about a religious organization known as Epsilon that was first mentioned in GTAIV.
It’s more of a compilation than anything else, but what do you think of the cheat codes and tips thus far?

For secrets within the game and tips that aren’t apparent and you could miss altogether without even knowing it, check out the offerings below, and add your own in the comments.
The codes can be manually entered using the D-Pad at any point in the game, but keep in mind doing so will disable achievements and trophies for the duration of your gaming session. In all but one of these missions you are tasked with assassinating a target, which in turn manipulates a specific stock price that you can invest in (one mission tanks a stock, but Lester warns you). If you need health or want to repair your car, just switch to another character and back to find yourself healed and your car repaired.
Afterward, kill your character, subsequently failing the active mission, and return to any Ammu-Nation to find all weapon upgrades will already be marked as purchased and your money back. The group is a thinly veiled parody of Scientology, and it offers eight missions for Michael alone. Beyond the story and side missions themselves, you can golf, hunt, take taxi jobs, and even explore the bottom of the Pacific Ocean looking for radioactive waste.

With 30 in total to find though, a little determination can earn you $690,000 without breaking a sweat. To start the Epsilon missions, go to the in-game Internet and search for Epsilon or hit the random button until it appears. Reload, then switch between the three characters and have them each invest as much as possible in that stock before jumping back to Franklin to begin the mission. Once you’re done, give it a day or two (in-game time), then sell the stock for a huge profit before it drops back to where it was.
Once you complete it, you will then need to go back to the site and donate $500, which leads to another request for a donation, this time $5,000.

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