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As a puppy starts biting on you and your clothes or furniture, that’s when it can be a bit painful. Even though these are valid reasons for puppies to bite or chew, you cannot let this get out of control by just letting them eat up everything in their path and in your house!
One of the absolute best ways to teach your puppy not to bite is using a time out Place them in an empty room with nothing whatsoever to play with.
This entry was posted in Featured and tagged Biting, Puppy, Stop on February 7, 2010 by worldnomad. So with this in mind, we’re going to explain some of the common reasons which may cause a dog to bite, and what you can do to avoid these situations from occurring. Additionally, you’ll learn some simple techniques you can use to stop your young dog or puppy from biting (or learning the habit to begin with).
Understanding the reasons behind a behavior are one of the first steps towards changing it. So before we get into the training methods, it’s worth taking a closer look at the reasons why you dog may be biting or nipping.
However, there’s a number of reasons which can stop this process from happening (such as the dog not being socialized with other dogs very often, or not been trained to suppress their bite).
If you have an adult dog who tends to play bite often (or simply play bites too hard) then there’s a good chance they were never trained how to be gentler when they were a puppy. If your dog is biting in a serious, non-playful way, then one of the reasons could be fear.
Attacking the mailman is a common and classic example of this fear-based aggressive behavior.
Dog owners are often shocked by how their usually friendly dog can lash out and bite when they are in pain.
Of course, if your dog is in pain for any reason, then you should consult a vet immediately. Certain breeds of dog (often ones with guarding or herding traits) can be more possessive than others, and they may bite to defend what they’re trying to protect. As examples of this behavior, they will often guard items such as toys, food, territory,  or even a favorite chair.
If your dog is biting out of fear or pure aggression, then professional intervention is going to be the safest option. In most cases, this trick will be tremendously effective and work surprisingly fast when it comes to correcting their behavior. If your dog continues to play too rough, you may want to divert their  attention by giving them a toy to play with after the “ouch” technique, rather than letting them bite you!
If your dog tends to bite things a little harder when overexcited, it’s better to redirect the behavior onto something more appropriate in the short term. Another option you have is to use taste deterrents to reduce your dog’s pleasure from biting.

One of the most common reasons why a dog will bite is due to stress, usually in the form of fear. So if this is a major trigger, it may be best to reduce your dog’s exposure to these situations until you have a better handle on their behavior. If you find that your puppy likes to bite your hands or a certain piece of your clothing, try using a taste deterrent. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests.
Feeding your dog in refillable toys will develop a very strong desire for chewing on the appropriate items. There are always two steps in addressing undesirable behaviors: (1) Remove the reward of the behavior you don’t like. Corrections for chewing inappropriate items should only be made when you catch your dog in the act.
Somehow you have to stop this problem or they will grow up thinking it is ok to bite people and tear up your things. A puppy that is not given boundaries about biting or chewing can grow up causing all sorts of problems. This will just cause your puppy to think you are playing or worse will become afraid of you. This means that anyone else who comes into contact with your puppy must enforce the same rules as you when it comes to nipping or biting and chewing. If they are causing puncture wounds or becoming more aggressive, it might be time to get some professional help.
Puppies love toys, and a lot of times they are biting you because they think you are a toy also. Some experts say you should actually hide it when you spray them because they could get wise to it and it will no longer work.
Well, it may be quite obvious based on your dog’s body language, but you can also tell by the type of bite. During these next few moments, it’s important to ignore your dog for up to 30 seconds or so.
This will gradually teach your dog that you will play with them, not only  when they play in a gentler way. This means putting some bitter apple spray on your clothes or hands, so when your dog bites or even mouths you, the bad taste they experience will deter them from mouthing you further.
So whether this is what you’d like to happen depends on how severe the problem is, and how you like to play with your dog. A dog may panic around new people and during new situations, and this can sometimes manifest itself as aggression and biting. It isn't intended to replace advice from a qualified veterinarian or behaviorist - you should always consult a professional whenever you're worried about your dog's health.

It’s going to take time for him to get the basics, so understand that it may take a while for him to get it. Some trainers recommend applying a mixture of cayenne pepper in petroleum jelly or some other unpleasant-tasting substance to furniture legs and other potential chewing zones. You want to make sure your puppy bites and chews only on toys which have been approved by you. This is a great way to show an untrained puppy that it’s ok to bite on a toy but not you. It’s not always easy to do this, and your puppy could see this coming from you and decide you are playing a game and attack the squirt bottle. Playful biting is less painful, and your dog’s body will be more relaxed and at ease.
Play biting is normal for puppies, so they don’t know any better until you teach them.
Puppies, like infants and toddlers, learn about their world by placing objects in their mouths. It’s also is a good technique to use when they get over excited and are losing control. It may take some time, but using these techniques will help you train your puppy to become a well behaved pet and member of your household. He learns this as he plays with his siblings, other dogs and his mom a€“ they will let him know he’s playing too rough with a yelp or nip. It’s your responsibility to teach him good biting from bad and curb it before it becomes a problem. If the tacky feel doesn’t dissuade your dog from chewing, you can try dusting the outside with a nontoxic, unpleasant-tasting substance such as cayenne pepper. Instead, when you catch him chewing something you don’t want him to, quickly take away the incorrect item (you can also interrupt the unwanted chewing with a shaker can or other distraction for emphasis), immediately substitute it with a chew toy, and then praise him lavishly. Taking their mind off of what they are focusing usually biting your hand or leg, helps calm them down.
Play time will stop (because the dogs are startled), all of the dogs will take a moment to make sure everyone is okay, and then play time starts back up again.
Keep this up for a couple of weeks a€“ this should be enough time to get a bad taste in his mouth and drop his mouthy habit. It may take several days for this to click in, but as simple as it is, it can prove to be quite effective.

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