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Joro Olumofin, popularly known as Doktor Mofin, is a known personality in Lagos' social circles who often shares his thoughts on relationships with his social media followers.
Emotional Disconnect is the worst and sometimes if not attended to as soon as possible it can lead to permanent breakup and hatred. Emotions are memories in our cognition that make us attached to a one person more than any other person in the World.
Physical Disconnect is when your man is no longer attracted to you psychically but still loves you as a wife or girlfriend.
Some men even lose their ability to get an Erection for their partners because of this problem.
Most times Physical Disconnect is associated with (1) meeting a new or younger woman (2) when wives or girlfriend becoming boring or refusing to be creative in the bedroom e.g.
Ladies, some scholars have argued that men are biologically made to cheat and some other scholars disagree to with this Hypothesis. I think she has suspected cheating, but she has never had any concrete evidence to prove that I was. I can honestly say if my woman gave me some on a regular basis where I was good for the most part and not wanting some, I wouldn’t cheat. Holla at me: Ladies, if you were in this relationship and you found out he was cheating would you try to make it work after 8 years? This entry was posted in Relationships and tagged cheating, desire, multiple partners, Relationships, Sex, urban blog. When you asked him if the situations were reversed would he stay and he said that he wouldn’t. I think the one point that should be made is that he said he wouldn’t be with his woman if she found out she cheated.
I find it crazy that you can cheat on someone but couldn’t handle it if someone cheats on you. In the 1960s and successive decades, media stories linking eggs to cholesterol and heart disease proliferated, leading to reduced consumption.
DisclaimerThe contents of this blog is intended for entertainment purposes only and reflects some aspects of my personal experiences.
For whatever reason you broke up and you realize that you really would like to have a committed relationship with your ex. Breaking up with the man you have always loved and the one you previously shared romantic experiences can be such a nasty thing. It may be challenging to get boyfriend back as it depends on various factors including who initiated breakup or length of breakup between you two etc. When your love life looks as though it’s in trouble, the last thing you want to do is to wade through thousands of words of conflicting advice. It is very unfortunate about the fact that many women are usually left in the dark when it comes to falling in love.
Men are very simple and `easy to read’ unlike women who remain entangled in their own complex web of thoughts and imaginations throughout their lives.
8 Magical Ways That Can Be Used To Claim An Estranged Lover’s Heart Once Again written A relationship is all about memories at the end.
How To Save a Marriage: 3 Effective Techniques If your marriage is in trouble, you can feel like your whole world is coming to an end. Introduction Although different women have different tastes and preferences when it comes to labeling men attractive, most women prefer men who are good looking, direct, faithful, understanding, honest, hardworking, mature and confident.
Among the several problems that the girls are facing these days, the most important one is How to get your Ex-Boyfriend Back. You and your boyfriend called it quits, but now you must be dying to bring him back in your life. A marriage break up takes a huge emotional toll on both the parties but mostly women tend to be more emotionally affected.
Attracting a guy might be challenging at times, particularly if you aim to attract a specific type of men. Of course, her information is significantly out-of-date, as homosexual behaviour has been observed in around 1500 species so far.
Whoever took control of Flight 370 now has a massive stealth weapon which an incredibly long flight range. There is a realistic chance the passengers are being kept alive as some sort of international bargaining chip. Almost 100 years after the Cottingley Fairies perplexed Sherlock Holmes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and others unfamiliar with the magic of photography, the Manchester Evening News asks the same question.
Okay, maybe one further comment; holy crap are there any straw man versions of evolutionary biology that haven’t been used by creationists yet?! Normally when you see someone blaming Charles Darwin for the Holocaust, you’re talking with an absolute crank. April was a pretty bad month for Salon, publishing a range of shitty articles that caused PZ Myers to take note and sway his fans away from the site. And finally, everything is not awesome as the Telegraph reports Polish priest, Slawomir Kostrzewa, saying that Lego is a tool of Satan, and that parents should watch out for it. That little diagram about the cheating husband is an eerily accurate representation of the process of how an affair starts when a marriage is suffering. Part of the problem was my wife didn’t think that living in a virtually sexless marriage was an issue.

I’m not a romping dog that will mount any woman who comes my way without giving a fuck about the feelings of my wife. I met my mistress at an extracurricular program (she had a boyfriend at the time she was living with) and part of the program involved keeping in touch via email, so we would up gchatting and from there things blossomed, and I felt alive and validated. Social Psychologist and Sociologists alike credit infidelity and unfaithfulness by a partner in a relationship as one of the major reasons for breakups and slips between strong or & weak couples. So if your Man has an Emotional Disconnect then he may most likely cheat on you or not give you the time and affection you deserve.
He still laughs at your jokes, buys you nice things, there are occasional surprises but when it comes to the late night activities he’s missing in action. If the situation where reversed and she was the cheater, do you think you would try to make it work or leave?
I would probably be too tired to cheat and the last thing I would want to be out there doing is putting a sloppy wuk on somebody girl child. I’ve never really heard a man explain the reasons why he cheated or his thought processes.
You may have genuine love FOR her, but its hard to believe that you are genuinely in love WITH her…. The same feeling u feel about someone cheating on you, is the same way the person you cheating on feels. It might have resulted from a mere misunderstanding or because he just lost interest in you.
But if you know how to get your boyfriend back even then you can recover your relationship. If you have recently broken up with your boyfriend and you still have feelings for him, it is possible to get him back. There is a common illusion that most women tend to have that assumes that falling in love is a natural process. This is can be attributed to the fact that it is one of the most destructive acts in a relationship.
However, please take solace in the fact that there are solid steps you can take to turn the situation around. Although most men lack one or more of these qualities, the few that have them all qualify as perfect men. If you have been dating a guy for awhile now and you wish to take things to the next level, you are probably confused as to what you should do.
Men have the fear of uncertainty of either the woman will reject them or their woman has no plans of staying with them forever. After the break up the thought of “can I get my husband back” constantly rings in the head of most women. Doing everything the old-fashioned way is difficult since you are facing the guy you potentially like, you talk to him and do everything else in real life, with no chatting or other online dating activities.
Self Respect quotes are very important for all those who who want to do something in their lives.
For those living under a rock in March and April, flight MH370 simply disappeared on March 8th, taking all 227 passengers and 12 crew with it. And while you’ve probably said you are sorry a million times before to keep the peace, have you made a full apology? But in this case, this one is presented in Salon, which is arguably mainstream and fairly sensible. My objection is to the implication that by being included in a list of nonsense, that if a man cheats, the woman is totally blameless and just a hapless victim.
I was considerably more experienced than her when we married, and after the birth of our first child things started to go downhill in our sex life to the point where I’d done everything I knew how to do to get this addressed and was meeting with little to no success.
She was tall and willowy with deep green eyes like the cedar backs of the Rockies and black straight hair. At the end of the day we both did wrong in the marriage and both took steps to repair the damage done. It’s a garbage rag and should be burned, but there is an element of truth to this article that my experience validates.
There have been times when it was just one other person, but for the most part it has been multiple partners. It has, but this is the longest relationship I have been in and the most I have cheated on anyone. On the other hand when she wants to be holding back and giving excuses on a regular, it’s easy to go get it from someone else who for some reason is always more than happy to share it.
I mean i tried the affair thing but i cant maintain 2 relationships so i have like 2 or 3 jumpoffs…we may not always have sex but whenever im not with my man im with one of those guys. Since the beginning of time society as held women up to a standard an led many to believe if you sleep around your a slut, that we as women are suppose to have more respect for ourselves than men,. Cheating breaks trust which is one of the most important ingredients of a strong healthy relationship. You can free download quotes pictures and get benefit from this and also get determination from these quotes. Now, if anything about that phrase sounds perfectly acceptable to you, you should probably never be with another person. I was the only person communicating about the issue and was really struggling with sexual frustration.

I’m an athletic, good looking dude who with good hygiene who takes care of himself and knows his way around the bedroom. She was a very sexual person and it became obvious after a while that we were going to have an affair. Affairs happen after there’s already problems in the marriage, and yes, the woman is to blame. I’ve decided to interview 2 people that are either currently or formally in a cheating relationship.
The relationship has had it fair share of ups and downs makeups and breakups, but she is the person that I would like to spend the rest of my life with. I had just made 21 at the time and was having regular sex with another female when I met her.
I have always made it a habit to let anyone that I talk to know that I am in a relationship.
I do believe in the phrase men will be men, but I am certainly not saying that there are no men out there that wouldn’t cheat on their woman. There have been times when I have stopped cheating and cut all the other women off, there was actually a sense of relief after that. He’s been in this relationship 8 years and almost for the entire thing he has been cheating. In my mind, im not doing anything wrong because he cant keep it in his pants and he keeps getting caught. As the world turns, and the longer you live, you will see how complex we humans can really be. At any given moment, Stan is doing whatever the fuck he wants. He’s thrown caution to the wind, and listens only to what his dick is telling him. In the article, author Dan McMillan pretty much plays the trope straight and unimaginatively. All I wanted from her was to make an effort and felt like I was going to be trapped in a sexless marriage for the rest of my life, which was not a nice feeling to have.
As soon as you’ve had it, the idea of sex with your spouse again seems like trying to fill a brandy snifter with the ocean.
First up I decided to interview a guy that is currently in a relationship, but is also cheating on his girlfriend. I did let the other female know that I had met someone else, but we continued to have sex regardless.
I could leave my phone laying around and didn’t have to worry about who might call or text.
I am a shift worker and yes at times I am way too tired to perform, put aside the housework, dressing up to roll play is the last thing on my mind after a 12hr shift. Honestly i just think men are more emotionally than women because when a woman cheat men leaves without hesitation and some become violent. For my part, I did everything in my power to try to encourage discussion and address the problem with my wife. And that’s when you are in trouble, and you either tell your wife, or she finds out, and the shit hits the fan and you feel terrible and you either try to fix things or get a divorce. It makes it easier to keep it a secret and this way they can make a conscious decision to deal with it or not.
I can’t speak for every guy out there, but I can speak for some of the people that I know who feel the same way that I do. That was actually one of the best feelings ever, but it was only a matter of time before it all started again.
But when I have rested he gets more then what he bargained for and it’s more in a week then what most men get in a year and he admits it. He doesn’t even think – he doesn’t have some complicated mental model telling him when and when not to touch a girl. It works fine for a while, but women have a tendency to catch feelings or worst fall in love and that’s where I draw the line and break it off. I chose to forgive him after a short separation but I warned him that I can forgive but i can’t forget, if he is willing to go thru my mood swings and suspicious thinking and smart ass comments at times, then he is more then welcome to give it a go, if not, he can stay were he is ( away from me). For years I tried to get her to even acknowledge there was a problem, come to counseling, whatever to get things on track. It has been 6months since then, I am starting to trust him again just recently, but it is always on the back of my mind and always cautious as I never want to feel that pain again. One thing is for sure and I have made it as clear as could be, there is not going to be a next time, I will pick up whatever pieces I have left and move on. If I see a nice looking woman I would appreciate her beauty and never say a word to her, but if she approaches me that is a different story. Don’t get me wrong I am not the type of guy to sleep with anything that walks, I have standards.

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