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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. So, I mentioned that my 17-year-old broke HER right leg, just a couple of weeks after I broke MY leg, and how it just added another level of fuckery to our already upside-down world.
At a followup visit with the orthopedic specialist several weeks after her injury, Kayley mentioned that she was still in tremendous pain, even though at that point she should have been nearly healed up. What was intended to be a quick followup at the doctor turned into a 12-hour ordeal with Kayley and Paul!
Kayley was admitted to the hospital that night, which turned out to be the night before I was admitted for my knee surgery.
At the hospital, they poked Kayley about nine thousand times, injecting her with the blood thinner Heparin and testing her levels of the drug to make sure they didn’t give her too much or too little.
Kayley finally finished up her six-week blood thinner regimen and a followup ultrasound showed that her blood clots are now GONE – yay! There are many risk factors for blood clots, but what put Kayley specifically at risk was: her recently broken bone, lack of movement and exercise, her weight, and the fact that she was on the pill.
About LauraI am a Denver mom, writing about my adventures with 2 sets of twins and a kid with Autism.
Thanks, Jen – we’ll be living vicariously through your family up on the slopes!
I just had a thought… we should design some seriously awesome compression stockings, the kind that no one would be embarrassed to wear ?? What an ordeal your family has been through, I am glad that you are almost completely on the other side of it now and I hope this year has something great to offer you in trade for all of this junk!
I was recently part of Laura Kelly’s Popcorn Box Blog Hop, a fun little exercise in creativity, where a group of creative bloggers were invited to decorate a popcorn box in any way we wanted, using any materials we wanted. A lot has happened since they ended the last season and the truth is that we wait because we are addicted, not because it is compelling or even watchable television. Apollo says he will probably serve 5 years and Kandi says the justice system is unfair to black men.

She broke the same bone that I did, although her fracture was just a vertical, hairline crack along the back of her leg.
The doctor carefully examined her leg, noting that her pain was focused mostly in her calf and the back of her knee. Apparently, blood clots in teenagers are fairly uncommon, and they weren’t really sure how to proceed.
You can imagine the fun Paul had, running around to two different hospitals, while dealing with our other four kids.
She hadn’t been feeling well at all that day, and during dinner, she went to the bathroom to discover that she was peeing straight blood. Unfortunately, because she is now at a higher risk of developing blood clots, she has to wear a tight compression stocking on her right leg pretty much all the time – FOR A YEAR. And I only just discovered that SWAPS is an acronym – Special Whatchamatcallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.
A few years ago, we made Leprechaun Traps with our kids as a school project – these would have been a darling addition to those.
They are an interesting group however, and when it comes to the housewives franchise this group is probably the most authentic of the bunch. Gregg is following her around like an assistant, and she is talking about how fabulous she is and what a great actress she is. Almost immediately, he announced that he was certain she had a blood clot, and sent her right over to radiology for a confirmation.
After spending time with the ortho, and then in radiology, Kayley ended up in the ER at Children’s Hospital, while they figured out what to do next. I’m a gonna come on over and wrap the lot of you in bubble wrap, and give Paul a freaking huge high five. By good of course I mean it is crack and I'm addicted, so it is not good as much as I just need it. An ultrasound showed that she had THREE blood clots – two in her calf and one behind her knee.

Anything I have ever bitched about has been negated by him stepping up and running this whole house for weeks on end. She is a talentless fame whore in my opinion but I'll wait until she joins to talk about that. This whole situation is gross and my heart breaks for two little boys who have unsavory parents.
They remind us about the fight at the last reunion between Porsha and Kenya and it is hilarious.
I'm rolling my eyes and having another glass of wine while I watch Apollo drive to court by himself. I didn’t realize it at the time, especially since I was incapacitated and in pain myself, but being immobile and not moving around placed Kayley at a high risk for developing blood clots.
They seem to be discussing parenting for the first time and it is funny as they clearly have different agendas.
Here I am, visiting Kayley in her hospital room right before I headed down the street to get ready for my surgery.
In addition, Kayley had to get her blood drawn every few days to check her Heparin levels, because they can get out of whack really quickly, as we unfortunately found out.
Phaedra is not going to Apollo’s sentencing and he is left going through it on his own and cries. Somehow, Kayley’s Heparin level was triple what it should have been, and she was bleeding internally.

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