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The Bridgeview farm is 80 acres.  Right down the path from this house is a newer home Jack had built in the 1970's. Bridgeview a dairy farm . As you can see - the original farmhouse, built around 1800, still stands and is in good repair, but is now used mostly for storage. Lil Woulfe did me a HUGE favor by gathering family information for me which made it possible to complete the name list below. Dunganville? The present-day address of the Woulfe farm at Dunganville is - Bridgeview, Dunganville, Ardagh, Co.
Townlands vary from fairly large to sometimes containing only one or 2 farms. Sometimes their boundaries are known only to the locals and the Postman. If you ever examine a parish map, the farm is in the Parish of Newcastle West. Up until the 19th century, the area was also known as Glenquin, the old Baronial name.
I also learned from Lill that the property was once leased from the Massey family before my family acquired it. I learned more about the farm's history from Paul MacCotter's research.  He discovered that there were 3 Woulfe farms adjacent to one another in the early 19th century (plotted as 2a, 3a, and 4b)  In land records from about 1820 to 1850, we find that John, James, and Edmond Woulfe lived there.

Edmond was their nephew - his father (name unknown) may have been a brother of John or James.
The 3 Woulfes came to the Dunganville farms from Athea.  In the early 1800's, just about every farm in the Athea area was owned by a Woulfe, and there just weren't any left for the next generation. By this point, other young Woulfes had made their way into Templeglantine to find land for new farms.       You will see in the coming sections that the best I can find on a wife's name for John is an illegible scrawl after the letter "B" on the Newcastle West Baptism records. Given the popularity of the name Bridget at the time, I'm assuming that's most likely what it was.  From graveyard inscriptions, I find that James married Johanna MacKessey From Knocknaderry. From Graveyard and Newcastle West baptism records, I know that John Woulfe had several sons. So, the first John Woulfe on the Dunganville farm was likely born around 1800.   My cousin Jack at the same Dunganville farm, asked other family members, and they confirm this stone is that of our ancestors. I'm still working on finding out who they are.   Two other nearby Woulfe family Gravestones at the Grange cemetery in Ardagh help solve some of the puzzle. 1878 age 76 years (he would have been born in 1802) - his mother Johanna Woulfe March 10 1866 age 46 years.

Doocateen is only about 3 or 4 miles south of Dunganville, and is about 3 miles north of Newscastle west.
This Doocateen James born in 1802 would be of the same generation as John and James of Dunganville.
Working from Gravestone information, 2a John was born around 1800, 3a James was born around 1778.
During my 2004 conversation with Richard Woulfe, he told me that Dick Woulfe of the “Day” Woulfes bought Edmond’s farm in 1921 or 22.       I believe 3a James of Dunganville b1778 is related to James of Doocateen b1802. But - is his son Edmond James of Doocateen the same 4a Edmond mentioned on the Dunganville farms in 1852?

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