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Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. There are several layers to this and, frankly, there are some things we can’t fully explain – I’ll always acknowledge this.
Take a look again at the figure below, which shows you how many calories folks are consuming on each diet and, more importantly, where those calories come from.
You’ll note that people on these diets, including the strictest low-fat high-carb diets, significantly reduce their total amount of carbohydrates (therefore reducing the amount of insulin they secrete).
The reason, I believe, most of these diets have some efficacy – at least in the short-term – is that they all reduce sugar and highly refined carbohydrate intake, either explicitly or implicitly.
Someone made a great point in response to my post on why fruits and vegetables are not actually necessary for good health.
I know a lot of people who eat this way and, I’ve got to say, these folks do not eat a lot of sugar or a lot of highly refined carbohydrates. While I do plan to write an entire post on this topic of what one can and cannot conclude from an experiment, I do want to at least make the point here: The biggest single problem with nutrition “science” is that cause and effect are rarely linked correctly. I am, to be clear, not implying this is the case for this trial, but I want you to understand why it’s important to read papers fully. This trial, The Lifestyle Heart Trial, prospectively randomized a group of not-so-healthy patients into two treatment groups: the control group and the experimental group (or what we’d call the “treatment” or “intervention” group). First off, and perhaps most importantly from the standpoint of drawing conclusions, compliance was reported to be excellent and the differences between the groups were statistically significant on every metric, except total average caloric intake. Take a moment to look over the rest of the table (or just skip reading it since I’m going to keep talking about it anyway). Though not shown in this table, the experimental group also reported less chest pain severity (though chest pain frequency and duration were not statistically different).
Let’s take a leap of faith and hypothesize that the dietary intervention (rather than, say, the social support) had the greatest impact on the measured parameters in the subjects.  It’s certainly the most likely factor in my mind.  But what, exactly, can I conclude? People don’t like to be hungry, and if they are reducing their caloric intake by reducing fat intake, they seldom find themselves satiated. Semi-starvation reduces basal metabolic rate, so your body actually adjusts to the “new” norm and slows down its rate of mobilizing internal fat stores. I argue that reduction of fat intake has nothing to do with it and that the reduction of total calories has a transient effect. It’s *really* tough to study this stuff properly, especially compared to studying things blood pressure lowering pills, which are complex in their own right, but MUCH easier to control in a study.
A nutrition department of a university accepts funds from a company that makes confectionery.
Do you think the Academy’s supporters want to hear that if you eliminate their products you will no longer need to rely on the products provided by the biggest supporters of the Diabetic Association?
Pretty much solely because of their report, Suzuki was forced to eventually withdraw the Samurai from production in the US although they later won the lawsuit that was filed as a result of the forged report by showing videos from the actual testing of the car conducted by CR. Ironically, the fact that CR had to admit it was faked somehow wasn’t plastered all over their magazines and the front pages of a bunch of newspapers. At that point, everything they publish became suspect and may as well line a birdcage somewhere. Peter, I have a coworker who has recently lost 80lbs over the course of a year on weight watchers.
Looking forward to your next post, and of course people's comments for the current one! I will discuss all of this in great detail, hopefully in the coming month, when I do a post on PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids). Anyway, it’s nice to discover someone who takes the Taubes viewpoint on things, and also takes the time to actually post online about it with some frequency, so thanks! Oh absolutely, I was mostly referring to the fact that most of the excess carbs we eat are converted to palmitic acid, which is a SFA. There was an (1) average protein, low fat group (65% CHO), (2) High protein, low fat group , (3) Average protein, high fat, and (4) high protein, high fat (35% CHO).
Thanks very much, Bob, both for the kind comments and for sharing the other data with folks.
Hormones and diet make the sexes different, but women can still build muscle and gain strength. If you want that complete body transformation, to the point where your family hardly recognizes you, then you have to sit up and change, right now. Men have higher testosterone levels than women; women have higher estrogen levels than men. Women do produce the hormone, but it comes from your ovaries and adrenal glands in smaller doses.
Even women who want to build bigger muscles and work extremely hard to bulk still build muscle mass at a fraction of the rate that men do. We're talking purposely consuming more calories than you need, not because of enjoyment, but because you want to gain. To become the bulky beast you needlessly fear, you would have to eat excessive calories daily, add supplementation, and then lift heavy weights on a regular basis. Building significant amounts of muscle mass requires pushing yourself past the point of comfort. The next benefit to lifting heavier weights is that you'll see greater overall muscle definition. As a result, your muscles won't feel any need to adapt (grow) since they can easily handle what you throw at them. Push yourself harder and take the weight up to the next level - that's when you see muscle definition and form improve. The final benefit you achieve by lifting heavier weights is that you improve functional strength capabilities. Shannon Clark is a freelance health and fitness writer located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Proper care, including using hydrogen peroxide to cleanse the ears, is imperative to avoid infection. Children who have difficulty remembering to perform chores or bring home their homework may also be a little too distracted to care for any piercings. When you should allow your daughter, or son in some cases, to get her ears pierced is a matter of some debate.
If you aren’t fulfilling certain cultural norms by getting a child’s ears pierced, it makes sense to wait until the child is mature enough to take good care of the piercings herself. Although some girls can comply with such guidelines before the age of 12, those who are less conscious of basic hygiene may have a hard time performing routine ear care.

For many years, it has been fashionable for girls to have multiple piercings in their ears.
Rarely, piercings through the cartilage in the upper part of the ear can cause serious damage the ear, resulting in difficult to treat infections.
Parents should know to watch for certain signs of problems when they allow their daughters to have their ears pierced.
In the end, allowing a daughter to have her ears pierced is a personal and individual decision. A cartilage piercing is relatively safe if it is done by a proper piercer with a medical grade needle.
I had mine pierced at six months old but wouldn't let my mom clean them, so she took them out. My partner and I decided to have all three of our daughters' ears pierced at three months old. I got my ears pierced when i was a baby and last year as a late 18 b-day present i got my ears double pierced. I have four daughters and and one son I know I'm going to get some flak for this and maybe it's because I'm a guy, but I am always having this argument with them. I think when they are a baby so they will not have to worry about it when they get older but that is is really up to you! My cousin and I (I'm 25 and got my second set, she's 12 and got her first) went swimming 2 days after getting our ears pierced this summer and we went at least twice a week during the whole healing process.
It's very cultural also, so people in certain cultures may be surprised at other cultures - for example, it is very common for Mexican baby girls to have their ears pierced right away, while other people may see that as irresponsible.
That said, many of the successes (at least weight-wise, though hopefully by now you realize there is much more to health than just body composition) of popular diets can be explained by a few simple observations. You can argue that those who are overweight probably consume an even greater amount of carbohydrates.
Even the Ornish diet, which is the most restrictive diet with respect to fat and most liberal with respect to carbohydrates, still reduces carbohydrate intake by about 40% from what people were likely eating pre-diet.
No one on the Ornish Diet or Jenny Craig Diet is eating candy bars and potato chips, at least not if they are adhering to it.
The point was, essentially, that telling people to eat 5-6 servings per day of fruits and vegetables can hopefully drive a beneficial substitution effect.
I have no intention of engaging in a battle with proponents of plant-based eating or no-saturated-fat diets. Stated another way, it’s one thing to observe an outcome, but it’s quite another to conclude the actual cause of that outcome. In other words, for every intended difference between the groups a difference existed, except that on average they ate the same number of calories (though obviously from very different sources), which was not intended to be different as both groups were permitted to eat ad libitum – meaning as much as they wanted. Ornish’s study?  I think the reduction in sugar and simple carbohydrates played the largest single role in the improvements experienced by the experimental group, but I can’t prove it from this study any more than one can prove a low-fat vegetarian diet is the “best” diet.  We can only conclude that it’s better than eating Twinkies and potato chips which, admittedly, is a good thing to know. And, the majority of the benefit folks receive comes from the reduction of sugars and highly refined carbohydrates. Case in point…they recently reported that olive oil is not good for you because it does not contain omega 6.
3, has a good point about some plans (including WW) having the advantage of group support, which I think is a very major confounder.
It is wonderful to watch these people glow once they have found some sort of solution to their weight problem.
One of my favorite things to say to people who are scared of saturated fat is that even on an entirely plant based diet, (ala Ornish Diet), if they are restricting their caloric intake, their bodies will be running on the saturated (animal) fat that they have stored on themselves. For example the degree of unsaturated fatty acids in our membrane bilayer probably plays a role in our insulin sensitivity, just as one example. Women are also to be judged by their breasts and ass with the same degree of vanity (as listed by this infographic). The link they gave takes you to a website contradicting the viewpoint promulgated in the graph. Then do you head over to the cardio machines for a good 20 or 40 minutes, thinking you've gotta blast that cheesecake you mashed last night? They may burn a few hundred calories during the cardio workout, and possibly a hundred more in the circuit training, but they won't reshape how their bodies look. Talk to your doctor and have your testosterone levels tested, especially if you've had your ovaries removed, as you will produce even lower levels of the important hormone.
When was the last time you forced down extra servings of protein at dinner because it fit your mass-gaining goals? Since you work against a high degree of resistance with heavy weights, you create tiny muscular tears throughout the body.
Provided you also follow a proper diet for fat loss, heavy weights will create the greatest change to how your body looks. Since you get much stronger by lifting heavier weights, everyday activities will get much easier over time. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. Generally the needle is the better method (and I am not talking about sewing needles or safety pins here). We have had no problems with them at all and they are all glad that they grew up wearing earrings. I don't remember begging for it -- I think it was more my mum's idea and I liked it so I got it done. I believe before the age of three because then they can adjust to wearing earrings before they begin school.
But for the purpose of simplicity, let’s assume even the folks who go on these diets are consuming the national average of approximately 450 grams of carbohydrate per day (in compliance with governmental recommendations, as a percent of overall intake). If you tell someone who eats Twinkies, potato chips, and candy bars all day to eat more fruit (and they do), you’ve almost guaranteed an improvement in their health if they eat bananas and apples instead of the aforementioned junk food.
I’m reasonably confident that the proponents of these diets are good people who really want to help others and have nothing but the best intentions.
Ornish was the principle investigator on a trial published in the journal The Lancet in 1990.
In other words, there were not enough subjects in the study to determine a difference in these “hard” outcomes, so we can’t make a conclusion about such events, only the changes in “soft” outcomes. Good science, bad interpretationGravity and insulin: the dynamic duoIf low carb eating is so effective, why are people still overweight? His clinical interests are nutrition, lipidology, endocrinology, and a few other cool things.

Eg, the criticism of the Ornish Lifestyle Heart Trial is excellent (and I LOVED the kitten-stroking quip), and really could and should have stood alone. After short diologue with her on the particulars of her daily intake I quickly realized her consumption of carbohydrate was significantly reduced and eliminated almost all fructose. If you have ever wondered where women stand on this issue then you will want to check out this infographic about penis size.
If you're a woman, answer this: when you go into the gym, what is the typical tact you take to your workout program?
A complete body transformation cannot take place when you're pushing daisies instead of iron.
But for the most part, men have a larger degree of drive to push their bodies beyond the limits of comfort. You will expend a greater number of calories post-workout to repair those tiny tears, thus increasing your overall calorie requirements. You won't need to call your brother to move a couch anymore, or even have your son carry your suitcase. What you should fear is wasting more time training strategies that just won't get you where you want to go. We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self.
When done right it actually hurts less then getting pierced with a gun, it is more hygienic (piercing guns cannot be sterilized and hence transmit blood borne diseases like AIDS or hepatitis), the healing time is shorter and the risk of infections and other complications is significantly lower, due to the fact that an extremely sharp needle causes less trauma then a blunt stud being rammed through the tissue violently by a spring-loaded bolt.So you should take your child to a reputable tattoo shop or body piercing parlor to get his or her ears pierced. Friends of ours who waited until their girls were older or wanted to have them done had problems then having them done or they got infections so had to be taken out. But I think it's best to get your little girls ears pierced when they are a baby because if you did it when they're older they might freak out and ruin the ear piercing. About a year ago for my fourteenth birthday I wanted to convince my mum to let me get the second holes done. It is a lot less trouble to have them done when they are very young so they grow up used to wearing earrings.
Popularity, of course, was determined by a number of factors, including compliance with current government recommendations (sorry Atkins), number of people who have tried the diet, and reported success on the diets. That doesn’t mean bananas and apples are “good for you” – it just means they are less “bad for you.” Here’s the kicker, though. But that doesn’t mean we can or should overlook the errors being made in drawing their conclusions. I’m not discounting soft outcomes, only pointing out the distinction for folks not familiar with them.
They never factor in that the chicken was breaded or that when someone ate steak or fish they had a large amount of bread of potatoes along with it. Finally, maybe you head off to the exercise mats to crunch for 10 to 20 minutes trying to lean that tummy?
Muscularity also means a lower chance of injury if you participate in sports or other activities. That means we are supposed to make decisions for them that pertain to their health and well being, not decisions that they should make when they are adults and are in control of their own bodies.
I had to beg a bit and list five people who had it done (her, a friend's sister, an old friend, my ex science teacher and my other friend) and she let me do it. We’re led to believe that the reason such folks get leaner and more healthy is because they are eating more fruits or more vegetables or more grains or more [fill-in-the-blank], rather than because they eliminated the most egregious offenders from their diet. Ornish personally, and I can only assume that he is a profoundly caring physician who has dedicated his life to helping people live better lives. But as always, I STRONGLY encourage folks with access (or folks who are willing to purchase it) to read the paper in its entirety. With this new shocking information, you can probably assume that male enhancement formula will be heavily sought after.
My parents only got my ears pierced when I was a baby because they were tired of people calling my sister (my sister is 3 and a half years older then me) a boy when she was a baby and she was wearing girly clothes so they pierced mine when i was a couple of months old (my sister was almost a year when she got hers pierced). I don't understand why parents wouldn't let their daughters get them pierced till they're like thirteen. For people who don’t want to read the study completely, or who may not have much experience reading clinical papers, I want to devote some time to digging into this paper. The end conclusion is the whole thing must be bad and therefore needs to be reduced or outright expunged from the diet.
I recall hearing Gary talking about his discussion with a participant from the Biggest loser on Larry King and the rapant weight gain after the show. I say when will it stop, it's only a tattoo, it's only breast implants, it's only a face lift, it's only botox. It’s hard to tell if this change was statistically significant by inspection, so you glance at the p-value which tells you it was not.
That is one big difference I’ve noticed between studies cited by writers who want to condemn the entire diet consumed by Americans vs those who look at it with a more in depth eye and realize that certain components are the problem not the whole diet across the board. Let children think they're pretty for what God gave them, not for what society tells them they should look like. Why did the people in the China Study who ate more plants do better than those who ate more animals (assuming they did)? Well, for starters, reading abstracts, hearing CNN headlines, or reading about studies in the NY Times doesn’t actually give you enough information to really understand if the results are applicable to you. Parenthetically, if you actually want the answer to this question, beyond my peripheral address, below, please read Denise Minger’s categorically brilliant analysis of the study. Beyond this reason, and let me be uncharacteristically blunt, just because a study is published in a medical journal it does not imply that is worth the paper it is printed on. Steve Rosenberg, once told me that a great number of published studies are never again cited (I forget the exact number, but it was staggering, over 50%). Translation: whatever they published was of such little value that no one ever made reference to it again. The thing is, it is possible to eliminate wheat and still eat way too many carbs (can we say ice cream?). I’m now happily in ketosis, and the best part is, I know the WHY of weight loss now, how totally liberating and hope giving.

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