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Miley Cyrus‘ tongue is often a topic of national conversation, since the singer sticks it out so much.
In her chat with Barbara Walters as part of her Most Fascinating People of 2013 selection, Cyrus confessed, “I get embarrassed to take pictures. So she deals with the discomfort of taking pictures by flashing her tongue and being silly. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.
Sadly, there are no longer many pastimes my teenage daughter, Flo, is prepared to enjoy doing with me. I am talking about Miley Cyrusa€™ jaw-droppingly lewd dance routine a€” if thata€™s what you want to call it.My ten-year old son Monty (who happened to walk through the room just at the moment she stripped down to a nude, latex bikini) probably describesA  it best. The programme was innocence itself, about a teenager who lives a double life as average schoolgirl Miley Stewart by day and famous pop singer Hannah Montana by night. What kind of message does this send to teenage girls when their role models are only ever seen in thongs or PVC? For this weeka€™s performance saw that wholesome image from five years ago replaced by something shocking: a half-naked Miley, tongue hanging out, gyrating and grinding her bottom in the most overtly sexual display I have witnessedA  on TV since Rihanna performed onA  The X Factor final in 2010. It is this insouciance, this almost jaded retort from my teenage daughter at what was blatantly a dance routine choreographed to cause offence that, as a mother, I find so disturbing.
It seems like only yesterday that Flo was so excited to teach me the Hoedown Throwdown routine from the 2009 Hannah Montana movie.
It is fair to say that, as a family, we have made a considerable contribution to the $150 million fortune in Mileya€™s bank account.But I didna€™t care.
She had a fantastic opportunity to separate herself from the other role models her fans avidly follow a€” the likes of Rihanna and Lady Gaga a€” but instead she has chosen to ape them in a tragically unoriginal way.Perhaps ita€™s the fact Miley Cyrus was the last person in the world I expected to be a bad influence on Flo. And what will be the long-term effect of this relentless sexual imagery on my daughter and all ofA  Mileya€™s other once devoted fans?

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It seems like only yesterday that all ten-year-old girls in Britain were hanging on Mileya€™s every word and buying the merchandise to prove it.Indeed, it is probably because I still have a Hannah Montana lunchbox at the back of a kitchen cupboard a€” with Mileya€™s perky face grinning innocently back at me a€” that makes her transformation at the MTV VMAs even more unpalatable. I was frozen in horror at the sight of Miley pumping her scantily clad body on a giant foam finger and a€?twerkinga€™ a€” a dance move that involves shaking your bottom a lot, and a term which, before this week, happily I had never heard. And this week I have thought of us doing that dance together in the kitchen with an overwhelming senseA  of nostalgia.
She had me lulled into a false sense of security with her giggly, girl-next-door persona.She has pulled the rug out from under me by morphing a€” overnight, it seems a€” into a performer desperate to get her kit off. The fact Flo seems so unperturbed, so unshockable, by a performance of such lewdness is concerning enough for me. There’s nothing worse for a celeb that has flashbulbs in her face constantly to have poor posture or a stiff stance in photos. And so I leapt at the opportunity to sit down with her to watch the much- anticipated 2013 MTV Video Music Awards featuring her favourite singers and bands. But what stunned me even more than this excruciating display of pornographic innuendo was my daughtera€™s reaction. And ita€™s nothing if not predictable that she is hell-bent on letting the world know it.But what of her fans a€” those girls who, just like Flo, loved Miley as children and are on the brink of womanhood themselves? Not only was it the last time Flo permitted me to goof around with her before hormones ruled it a cringe-worthy crime. Then approaching the end of junior school, a lot of her friends were already obsessed with make-up, mobile phones and the horrid Bratz dolls, which I hated. You can accuse me ofA  over-reacting, but Ia€™m not alone in my shock at Mileya€™s performance.
But it also raises the biggest question of all: where can girls like my daughter turn for more appropriate female role models?

For rather than sharing my dismay at the route her once favourite TV star has taken, Floa€™s response to the debacle was that it was a€?quite a cool acta€™. I cana€™t help but feel they are on the receiving end of a seemingly endless barrage of sexual imagery.
But, looking back, I can see it spelled the end of an era for my beloved daughter.Flo was a huge Hannah Montana fan.
The controversy sparked by her raunchy display set Twitter ablaze and left other countless viewers stunned. It was striking that every female performer at the VMAs a€” from Miley to Lady Gaga a€” took to the stage in varying states of undress, while the male performers a€” One Direction and American pop star Robin Thicke a€” wore suits.
Brooke Shields, who played Mileya€™s mother on Hannah Montana, called the performance a€?desperate.a€™a€?I dona€™t approve,a€™ she said.
And, seemingly feeling responsibility for the young girl she spent so much time with on the set of the show, she asked: a€?Where did I go wrong?a€™You have to wonder if Mileya€™s parents feel the same.
When I was Floa€™s age, I aspired to be the trailblazing female aviatrix Amelia Earhart a€” to do something brave, adventurous and pioneering that changed the world.
It is inevitable that Miley has brought along her fans on her journey of development from geeky pre-teen to blossoming young woman. Certainly, her father, the wholesome country and western singer, Billy Ray Cyrus, may ponder at his daughtera€™s timing. But at least I was aiming for somewhere a little higher than simulating sex onstage to a pop track ironically titled We Cana€™t Stop.Because the truth is, Miley, you can stop.

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