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If we don’t spend the time setting goals the right way and creating a system to help us follow through, they will remain aspirations. A study by a clinical psychologist at Dominican University of California found that when goals are shared with a friend, they are 23% more likely to happen. I have learned from real estate best keep secret the step by step process when I attend a tax sale. Real Estate best keep secret helped me to overcome my frustration on tax deed and liens by making everything clear and seamless. I would recommend Dustin to others because he was very honest, made everything simple and out in the open.
I was skeptical because I like to have the book in hand, wanted to make sure it was worth it. I haven’t had the opportunity to use Dustin strategies, but I will in the near future. Dustin Hahn Review FeedsThree StarsTeaches you about the in’s and out’s of liens and deeds.
Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedInWant to know how successful people hit their goals time and time again?
Joining a support group to help you reach your goals can make you feel like you are part of a team and not just out there on your own.
Making your goals public can encourage you to stay on track and not give up when things get hard. There are tons of goal setting programs and task management tools on the market to help you set, track and achieve your goals. Accountability is a great motivator for you to stay on the right track to completing your goals.
Danii TurnbullDanii Turnbull is a corporate escapee that loves to help people transform their lives by teaching them how to uncover what they truly want and how to create success on their own terms.
5- Goal setting tools- I like to use a tick off app, but also put my goals in my room on a whiteboard so they are there to be seen, again putting them out there in the world!
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We work hard to improve ourselves and our businesses but somehow most of us never follow through.
The real reason most of us fail at reaching our goals is because we don’t have the right support system set up. When that same friend receives weekly updates on the goal progress, it is 33% more likely to be accomplished. Use a logbook to share your weekly updates and get some encouragement—or tough love when you need it! DWYSYWD, is a well known anagram to remind you that it is critical for you to do what you say you will do when it comes to achieving your goals. Groups can be found easily online and many social media platforms have groups you can join for free.
Just knowing that there are people waiting for you to fail can be a huge motivator to push through and enjoy the victory for all to see. Today many people offer online accountability coaching as well as face to face sessions to keep you on track to reach your personal targets. Wunderlist, Todoist, StickK and Goals on Track are just a few of the free or low cost tools you can use to keep yourself accountable. Most people are uncomfortable making up stories, lies and excuses and having someone to be accountable to is a way to ensure they are being honest with themselves as well as the person they are accountable to. Pick one of the above as a starting point and take action to incorporate it into your goal achievement strategy today.
Accountability is something your manager looks at, and if you want to do a good job why not improve on your accountability. With new motivational videos, interviews, audio and more with your favourite entrepreneurs, life coaches, celebrities and inspirational people from all over the world. Spend some time writing or reviewing your mission statement, core message, and business values. But you once you break down running a marathon into a regular training schedule it becomes much more doable. Find an accountability partner, tell them about your goal, and create a schedule for checking in.

When it comes to creating success in your life, being accountable to someone other than yourself is a real motivator. Paid groups are also common and depending on the size of your goal, they could be a worthwhile investment in yourself. Knowing that people are supporting you and backing you 100% of the way is also a powerful motivator. Prices vary from free to thousands of dollars, depending on the nature of the coaching you require and the expertise of the coach you employ. When joining a group, ask to trial it initially to make sure that it is a good fit for you and that it will provide the support and accountability features that you need.
When you make your intentions public you will find that you receive a combination of responses so use both to fuel your desire to succeed.
Make sure that the accountability coach you choose will not tolerate excuses and fail to call you out when you are not following through.
You can even buy huge wall size post-it notes these days so you can stick them up just about anywhere. My husband is usually who I confide in, but it doesn’t seem to be enough, as he is super lazy with his own goals – or lack of! As far as all the hoopla about him trying to sell you something, it’s very brief and at the end. Your word is one of the most important things you have so use it to keep you in check and on track to achieve your goals. You need to find someone that is impartial and focused on getting you to where you want to be, not someone to be your new best friend. Whether you are into the latest technology or prefer simple tools, having your goals and your progression in a place that is visible to you each day will make you aware of how much progress, or lack of progress, that you have made towards achieving your goals.
If you can have it somewhere that other people can see it, this can make you feel accountable to them even if you have not directly asked them to provide this support.

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