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Managed by Arthur Armes, father of the band’s drummer Michael, the original Meantimers also comprised lead guitarist Rick Thomas, classically trained organist Bill Pitt, bass player Warwick Rose and a rhythm guitarist called Tony, who also handled lead vocals.
According to Michael Armes, his father turned the basement of his shop on Belsize Road in Kilburn into a rehearsal and recording room. When Simon replaced the original singer, prompting a name change to Simon K & The Meantimers, former Overlanders’ bass player Paul Hewson had already taken over from Warwick Rose, who’d moved on to join The Soul Survivors, an early incarnation of The Love Affair. The new line up lasted into early 1967 when Michael Armes was succeeded by former Quiet Five drummer Ray Hailey.
However, the changes did not end there and by summer 1967 an entirely new line up came together, starting with lead guitarist George Teo. Originally, from Singapore, Teo had migrated to the UK in the early 1960s with friends Sam Young on bass and brothers Andrew and John Gwee on guitar and drums respectively and formed The Etceteras. Also on board were siblings, bass player Mick Glyde and drummer Tony Glyde (brothers of Major Glyde, the lead sax player from Sounds Incorporated) together with sax players Brent Carter and Ken Hendy, who subsequently made way for former Cliff Bennett Rebel Rousers’ baritone sax player Sid Phillips. The new line was active for the rest of 1967 and the best part of 1968, although another former Quiet Five sticks man Roger “Tex” Marsh took over the drum stool during the spring of 1968.
By the end of the year, Simon had pieced yet another version of the band together, bringing in Marsh’s former band mate from The Quiet Five, Roger McKew on lead guitar. Bringing former keyboard player Bill Pitt back, Simon also added Irish trumpet player Ron Carthy, who’d previously worked with The Blue Aces and Wynder K Frog to the six-piece line up that came together in time to cut the group’s lone ‘45 in November 1969.
When the band splintered in the early 1970s, Pitt ended up working with Espirit de Corps, while Carthy joined Gonzales and also did a multitude of sessions for artists like Freddie King, Slade and Suzi Quatro. Many thanks to Kenny Simon, Michael Armes, Tony Hall, Sid Phillips and Bruce Welsh for their help.

Embed somewhere between The 1975 and M83 is XPLOR; a recent collaboration between Brian Carmona and Vince DiCarlo. People experiencing heartache due to separation from their loved ones will surely find the Bring Back the Love of Your Life truly interesting. The author of the Bring Back the Love of Your Life is Cucan Pemo, a lady who she herself experienced the same heartache when her boyfriend for some time became unfaithful and wanted a separation from her. Thanks to a strong determination and driven by her great love for her boyfriend, Cucan defied all the usual advice you can get from so-called professionals. She began studying the situation and 8 months after they separated, she managed to come up with a 4-step solution that when she applied to herself and her loved-one worked wonders.
What makes this product unique is that the steps Cucan will give you are quite simple and very few (four only).
With Bring Back the Love of Your Life, not only will you be able to repair your marriage or your relationship but will also repair the negative attitude that you have that may have that contributed in the ruined relationship in the first place. Although Cucan is offering a 100% money back guarantee, the return rate of the course is only under 5%. With the huge number of success stories and testimonials given by those who made use of the 4-step solution and managed to get their partners back, it comes as no surprise that more and more heartbroken people are ordering the Bring Back the Love of Your Life. It may well have been here that Simon cut some demos with West London band, The Tribe, including future Sweet guitarist Frank Torpey, that were picked up by Arthur Armes. After two singles on the Oriole label in 1964, Teo next joined the Ying Tongs before hooking up with The Meantimers. Sid Phillips had already left by this point to go on to Redwind and his place was taken by Tony Hall, whose CV including Peter’s Faces, Wainwright’s Gentlemen and Rupert’s Spoon.

Strange Brew would be interested to hear from anyone that can provide more detail on the group for a future, updated version. More so if the advices begin overturning the bad things happening in their lives and turning into a fairy tale with a happy ending.
These people, as well as her well-meaning friends tried to advise her to forget about him, time will heal, to accept the fact and all other advices that only meant that she would have to simply accept the situation and allow the break-up. She now had her boyfriend back and is sharing to others with the same situation the solution she made use of. Yet, it does manage to bring relationship back together and even prevents further problems.
With this Home Study Course, you will surely regain the happiness you and your partner once have and even manage to maintain it that way. If you are one of those whose heart is in disarray, it is time to make your move and order this guide. Her advice is well accepted since it has proven to cure a lot of heartache and resulted to regained relationships.

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