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I'm still not back, I swear, but I thought I'd take five minutes to share something with you. Some clever folks over at Neogaf pointed out that Nintendo hid past controllers or elements thereof throughout the Great Fox Control room. From this angle the controller appears to have at least one screen, wedge-shaped extended handles, and dual shoulder buttons that are located, oddly enough, on the sides of the controller. Personally, I'd be pretty disappointed if Nintendo saddled us with such an unimaginative and ugly controller for the rest of the generation.
I just wanted to draw your attention to a cluster of exciting NX rumors put forth by Neogaf user 10k. Of all the NX deets 10k posted, I find the one about a new screen controller most interesting, and not necessarily in a good way. If this hook sounds familiar, that's because Sony has been doing it with the PS4 and the Vita since, like, forever. What I find most interesting about this rumor isn't so much the controller itself, but what it would mean for Nintendo's next handheld. Now, I'm not in love with the idea of Nintendo doing screen controllers again, but if they were to give the concept another shot, they might as well do it in such a way that they could hedge their bets. It's not surprising, but depending on your innovation persuasion, this might be good or bad news.
Now, keep in mind that patent illustrations aren't blueprints, this isn't by any means a final, comprehensive, or even accurate design.
For instance, the circular screen accommodates multiple aspect ratios (widescreen, fullscreen, etc.) with a minimum of black bars. Gone North Games' puzzle platformer, A Story About My Uncle, is a short but sweet adventure that plays out like a simplified mish-mash of Portal and Spiderman 2. Its looks aren't up to par with recent AAA games--with character models suffering most by comparison--but overall Story has a very nice visual style. The game casts the player as a young boy on the search for his uncle Fred, who has gone missing. Gameplay takes place in the first person perspective, and mostly consists of launching oneself from one platform to the next by a combination of jumps, grapnels, and boosts. On that note, I unearthed this game from my backlog specifically to test the precision and utility of my new Steam controller. Aaand that's a wrap for my first bite-sized review (I'll have to work on the whole "bite-sized" thing for future installments). So, Valve's new controller has begun winging its way to mailboxes across the country, including mine. With such a limited range of detection, you'd think LISs would be limited in their possible applications. Space Pointer Function-essentially, any flat surface directly in front of the sensor becomes a touch surface.
Additional Interface Function-Nintendo imagines players laying homemade or packed-in sheets with additional virtual buttons drawn on them onto this touch area. Side Surface Touching Function-slide your finger up or down the length of a sensor-equipped side to adjust, volume, brightness, etc.
Figure Detecting Function-In this case, the LIS would literally read a barcode printed around the base of an Amiibo-like figure. Pulse Detecting Function-apparently infrared light is good at detecting blood flow, even through your skin.
And, finally, we have the Different Apparatus Detecting Function-two or more of these devices, placed near enough, can detect one-another's light; and, by also communicating wirelessly, detect where they are in relation to one-another. Honestly, I have no idea which (or which combination) of the listed features has Nintendo considering adding four of these sensors to their next handheld, but I'm interested to see them try to advertise it.
Patented back in February and published only yesterday, the language of the patent application is fairly obtuse, but it sounds like Nintendo is considering turning its shoulder buttons into depress-able scroll wheels.
Maybe we can do a post-show installment where we see who got the most right (not me), and who was most hilariously wrong (always me). Really, there was a lot to love in this direct: free DLC is nice, Fire Emblem If is shaping up sweetly, the indie reel had some very nice looking games on it, and my interest in Splatoon is growing steadily.
Amiibos: Look, I think Amiibos are cool and all--I have a Pikachu and a Shulk, and I'm contemplating picking up an Inkling with Splatoon--but they just don't rev my gamer engine.
Yoshi's Wooly World: The game's look is fantastic, no doubt, but I've never liked Yoshi's solo games. In Smash Bros Nintendo will be charging $0.75 per Mii Fighter outfit, which might not seem too bad given that they're completely optional cosmetic add-ons, but charging an additional price for the same outfit in another version of the game is pretty low IMO. Like I said, I get it, this is a business, and Nintendo 's not exactly raking in the cash at the moment. Did you notice that this Direct was surprisingly heavy on Wii U announcements, and light on 3DS news? If I were to state my unfounded guesswork as fact, I'd say this: Nintendo is continuing to support the Wii U despite its poor sales and winding down its 3DS production because A.
Hopefully with their new account system Nintendo will take a page out of Sony's book and offer cross buy, rather than charging gamers coming and going as with their Smash Bros DLC.
In all of this madness I—being as predictable as Nintendo is crazy—zeroed in on the NX announcement. We all know that Nintendo has a pattern of a late-lifecycle refresh for their handhelds, each one adding a new feature. My question then is, "If Nintendo is (we assume) going to bring each of these improvements to its next handheld, will improved glasses free 3D also make the cut?" Another point to consider is that Nintendo has never dropped an improvement brought about by their late-gen refreshes. I know, just because Nintendo has followed a certain pattern in the past doesn't mean they won't suddenly do a back flip and pull something like the Wii out of thin air. So tell me, reader mine, Is the improved 3D just a coincidence, or will Nintendo double down on 3D for their next handheld? So Madcatz just unveiled their ridiculously expensive transforming controller, and I gotta say, as a concept it's pretty neat.
Take a look at the video if you want to see it in action, though I'd recommend you watch it on mute as the unboxer is pretty obnoxious. I've always thought transforming controllers were too impractical, but here comes Madcatz with a real, live, market-ready device. I know I tend to jump the gun when it comes to gaming predictions, but I can't be the only one who saw a Nintendo 3DS successor arriving sometime in late 2015 or early 2016, right? Truth be told, this is pretty much the 3DS revision we expected when Nintendo announced the XL in the first place. Two and a half years before the announcement and a full three years before release, I absolutely nail the features list of the New 3DS--dual analogue, four shoulder buttons, NFC, dual release of the regular and XL models. Which brings us to our primary discussion question: If they're launching at some point in 2015, how long will we have to wait for their next handheld?
Option #2: This is a stopgap system, a handheld whose sole purpose is to keep sales up until their true next gen handheld is ready to launch. Option #3: Nintendo isn't sure what their consumers want so they're taking a shot in the dark. Assuming Option #1 is true, we've got a long wait ahead of us before we see another generational leap from Nintendo. Assuming Option #2, the 4DS (or whatever) could launch anywhere from a year to two years after this NEW 3DS. Neogaf user Fourth Storm may have just uncovered the first solid hint as to the hardware of the 3DS's successor. I apologize for the old video, but I think it pretty much perfectly sums up what most people think of when they hear "live action role play," that or the Role Models movie. Now I don't drag this much maligned, mercilessly mocked, and mostly misunderstood pastime out into the spotlight to poke fun or pile on. On the other hand, you just might end up with a see-through head-mounted display, with the body-tracking capabilities of a next gen kinect, the position-tacking and interconnectedness of your average smart phone, and the ability to paint non-real objects and effects onto the environment in a realistic way. Suddenly the guy in the video isn't shouting "lightning bolt" and throwing acorns to let people know where he's aiming. More important to LARP enthusiasts though, is the question,  of whether you even role playing anymore. We're rapidly approaching the point where I bore myself and close the blog never to return.
Sneak Preview of Next Week's Question: Will TwitchTV make Civil War reenactments a premuim form of entertainment? So Nintendo has pulled the curtain back a tiny bit on their NFC plans during today's investor briefing, possibly (shall we say "definitely"?) in hopes that potential future earnings of Nintendolanders will distract investors from Nintendo's poor performance over the last fiscal year. Yes, Nintendo is actually referring to their NFC project internally as NFP, which not only breaks the "Thou shalt not use an acronym in the creation of an acronym" law, but is incredibly boring compared to their past project names.
Continuing the theme of boring or at least predictable announcements, the first N(FC)FP figurine shown was Mario, in a pose so Mario, you can practically smell the Mario emanating from him. Now, if all we're talking about here is Skylanders-like backwards compatability, then this too is a fairly standard announcement.
Last but not least, Nintendo unveiled a new piece of hardware, a literal NFCFNFPP (Near Field Communication Featured Nintendo Figurine Platform Platform, and yes, I am just screwing with you now), a small stand which allows your 3DS to also read and make use of these figurines. Really though, club Nintendo exclusive NFC figurines could be a very powerful draw to a certain subset of the gaming population. It's a small idea and pretty much self explanatory, but in a world of automated processes and 3D printers it would be fairly simple for Nintendo to allow people to custom order Mii NFC figurines.
Okay, so these ideas aren't that crazy, but we've barely scratched the surface of what these figurines could do or be, and that I leave up to you my friends. Is this the same company that said the 3DS was fine as-is then announced the 3DSXL a few weeks after E3?
In the last NVC, Jose let on that he'd heard rumors of new Nintendo hardware showing up at E3. Assuming this is true, and I'm going to trust Herr Schneider on this, what do you think this new Nintendo Hardware will be? But their motivation is immaterial next to our real discussion question, How is Nintendo going to convince you to upgrade?
Considering how much time Sakurai spent explaining the 3DS's exclusive multiplayer mode, I think the Wii U version will also be sold on the strength of its mode(s). In addition to being giant, tough to inflict damage on, and generally badass, bosses can pick up and throw large items (crates, barrels, etc.) as if they were standard items. You can't see it from this angle, but there's a boss character approaching from stage left.
So, Nintendo's Corporate Management Policy Briefing went down last night, during which President Iwata provided a road map of sorts into the company's future. The main thrust seems to be that Nintendo will be moving towards accounts that carry over from generation to generation rather than being tied to hardware. It sounds like this will come in full force with Nintendo's next round of hardware, but that they want to start experimenting early on Wii U. The full quote is a lot more illuminating, but it sounds like Iwata is referring to physical and digital merchandise rather than licensing out their IPs to other videogame companies (though we've seen a good bit of that as well).
Although the New Nintendo 3DS XL has been out in North America for almost a month, Nintendo is starting to provide serviceable accessories via its online store. North American owners now have the ability to order a charging stand designed specifically for the New 3DS XL, and it comes at a reasonable price of $9.99 (plus shipping). In addition, you can pick up a spare New 3DS XL bottom plate, in four designer colors no less.
YouNerded has been growing for a while now, and as its founder I’m always trying to find ways to expand it. If you feel you have skills that can benefit YouNerded and you want to be involved in something great, or you are just curious and have questions, leave a comment below. This episode starts with Raylan on the stand for his dishonorable actions towards Dewey Crowe. This episode didn’t hold back at all when it came to “head wounds.” I very much enjoyed Mina’s (the judge’s wife) reaction to her husband’s death.
I liked that this episode took place outside of Kentucky and instead in Detroit and Florida. After the mediocre season that was season 4 of Community, the season 5 premiere titled “Repilot” was an extreme refresher.
The episode starts with Jeff’s commercial, later revealed to be made by Abed, a failed film student. Back in the newly converted study room where the study group reunites after a year has passed, we get a shift in perspective of the characters we once knew. Elaborating on the aforementioned topic of everyone being failure, we get a look at the lives of each group member. This is a place where time is trapped in a room and that room is surrounded by poisonous scorpions holding machetes with guns attached shooting lasers that implants viruses in your skin if hit. Another reason, one that I’ve been teasing for the past couple weeks, is another excuse to why I haven’t been active. Hey you all of the My IGN community, this a just a heads up that I will be on hiatus due to classes starting at my university. REMINDER: I’ve adapted some of your answers to fit with the format of the post, but rest assure your opinions are 100% intact.
Grand Theft Auto Online was revealed as well as multiplayer footage for Call of Duty: Ghosts. A massive multiplayer reveal event was held for Call of Duty: Ghosts and it didn’t disappoint. Scenario 2) (less likely) EVERYTHING can be destroyed, then players (especially snipers with rocket launchers) would level everything in sight and proceed to camp out on the corner of the map and dominate.
Just when you thought the inclusion of a headset with the Xbox One was the last tweak Microsoft could make, they go ahead and make yet another.
Fliadaloisio is sad he’ll never be able to play all the Monster Hunter games that were never released outside Japan.
1212thedoctor is anticipating Stanley Parable 2, Doctor Who anniversary, and the 2nd entry into the Hobbit trilogy.
Game of Thrones character Tywin Lannister played by Charles Dance will be a character in what upcoming Next Gen game?
I asked you all to share something gaming related such as what you are playing or what recent purchases and you all had something to share. JimHaHohe spent his gaming time last week working towards the platinum for Unit 13 and he needs help from the community to get the “Friendly Rivalry” trophy.
Liam_Row is watching Dexter, The Newsroom and Under The Dome, all in which has been dominating his weekly viewing. 1212thedoctor is watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pinky and the Brain, Adventure Time, Sherlock and Doctor Who right now.
JimHaHohe is choosing to share what’s in his random shuffle right at this moment and he’s quite happy with it. Not much was contributed this week to the 'Express Yourself' category and hope to have more next week. Fliadaloisio expresses his joy this week knowing that a game of his choice beat out the other competing title. Despite his confession, Arcterran does have a meme that was made in frustration one day after pulling an all nighter (7 AM!) on a Computer science project!
JimHaHohe and Fliadaloisio both are burned out on Call of Duty, while Arcterran and monteljp10ign are both excited for the next iteration. Arcterran and monteljp10ign are both excited for Call of Duty: Ghosts, although on different levels. Below you will stumble upon multiple categories ranging from Television and Movies to Trivia and Nerd Confessions.
After you have answered what you want (in the comments by the way) I will gather all your data (for world domination) and insert it into the the Community Check-In that’s posted on Mondays. REMINDER: You can get the up-to-date news on the Community Survey and the Community Check-In by commenting with the word “SUBSCRIBE”. Infinity Ward revealed the trailer for the multiplayer for Call of Duty: Ghosts at its live event. Note: This could be due to not having a certain console, not having the time or money, or even the skill. Grand Theft Auto Online was announced yesterday and Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer was shown off in great detail the day before. Express Yourself is a new category that users can contribute to where you show off your talents.
Note: Below is a design I submitted my senior year of High School for the Art Institute of Wisconsin.
As gamers and geeks, nerds and neurotics, we may have a few guilty pleasures, embarrassing stories or we’ve just made dumb mistakes. I asked what was everyone’s reaction to yet again another change to the Xbox One and here’s what you all shared. Fliadaloisio is indifferent on this decision due to the fact that he is waiting for the first price drop to buy a system.
1212thedoctor doesn’t really care about the Xbox One at this point and states he isn’t going to buy one.
I was curious to who was excited for a next-gen Left 4 Dead and the answers shared were mixed. MrJJCims is totally psyched about the possibility of this game, but it'll take a lot more than a picture of text off a computer screen to really pique his interest. I asked you all how long would you like to see the Assassin’s Creed franchise go on for and you answered. Assassin’s Creed is not a series Arcterran has enthralled in personally, but he does hope it ends on a high note. JohnTheRenegade thinks with the new Ubisoft IPs we’ll see Assassin’s Creed slowly dwindle off.
MrJJCims is pretty much done with this series unless they start doing some really interesting things. TehCanadian states, “The nonsense that is Assassin’s Creed will continue until it stops making money. IamKyleMan is thankful that the franchise has an end because he thought it’ll go on forever.

1212thedoctor hasn’t played any of the Assassin’s Creed games either, but he plans on getting Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. I asked you all who your favorite video game developer of all time was and your answered all varied. Instead of giving one developer, Arcterran decided to give many which really takes away from the exclusivity. 1212thedoctor is looking forward to Thor 2: The Dark World, Guacamelee on Steam, the new doctor and his choose your own adventure book based on Hamlet. Outside of The Wonderful 101 demo, Fliadaloisio has been playing Monster Hunter Ultimate on Wii U as well. IamKyleMan just got done with Firefly and definitely see why everyone loves it and he thinks it’s a shame it got cancelled.
This is not a category for confidential confessions, but for publicly humiliating yourselves by revealing embarrassing secrets about your gaming life. Arcterran rented Wreck-it Ralph which he thinks is adorable and showed it to his sister and girlfriend. I asked you all to name all the platforms Limbo was released on in sequential order and the results were abysmal. No new feedback was given, but if there’s something you have to say about the Community Survey or the Check-In be it positive or negative, feel free to leave a comment.
1212thedoctor and militaryveterangamer both wouldn’t mind seeing the Assassin’s Creed franchise continuing as long as they are improving on the previous installments. Below you will stumble upon multiple categories ranging from television and movies to trivia and gamer confessions. As you eagerly await the launch of a next generation console, you have to be playing something on your current gen system, so why not talk about it? As gamers we may have a few guilty pleasures, embarrassing stories or we’ve just made dumb mistakes. Ausman101 does know much about tablets, but if money was no problem for him, the New Nexus 7 would be the hardware of choice. Grainger Games offers a wide range of computer game consoles, including brand new Xbox One Consoles and PS4 Consoles. El empaquetado debe ser el mismo que se encontrarA­a en una tienda, a menos que el artA­culo haya sido empaquetado por el fabricante con material no destinado a su venta en tienda (por ejemplo una bolsa o caja sin etiquetas). Right away, you'll notice dual analogues, placed low and on the insides of the grips--reminiscent of a Dualshock or the original Wii Pro controller's layout.
It's hard to tell from this picture, but the controller appears to have either a second screen or a DS4-like touchpad at its center. I think it's incredibly unlikely, although the controller pictured would fit with some of the rumors--optional screen or else handheld used as controller, scrolling shoulder buttons, etc. According to the rumor, the NX's controller would not only support off-TV play, but streaming games over wifi as well. Personally, I don't see why Nintendo would build their next big product around a feature that A. You're producing all these controllers with screens because you think, "Hey, second time's the charm." You aren't going to stop making handhelds because your last handheld outsold your last console 5 to 1.
But, before we get into opinions and such, let's take a look at the controller (or, possibly, handheld). If you remember back to the last Nintendo patent illustration--the one meant to illuminate the scrolling shoulder buttons--you had people flying off the handle because the design showed only two face buttons rather than four.
My kneejerk reaction when seeing the controller was, "Nintendo gonna Nintendo because Nintendo," but upon further consideration there are some rational, function-centric explanations for even the crazier aspects of this design. Unfortunately it also makes it difficult to impossible to display each game at its native resolution without going for a ridiculously high resolution screen. There is a pleasant contrast between the dark, dank environments and the splashes of bright blue from glowing crystals, luminous plants, and the radiant runes that mark the path traveled by the titular uncle through the environment. While exploring his house, the boy finds a mysterious power suit which he puts on before stumbling onto a portal to a mysterious subterranean world. The game, while not punishing by any stretch of the imagination, has a nice difficulty curve that does a good job of gradually introducing new mechanics and challenges so that the player is never overwhelmed. It's not a particularly lengthy experience (I clocked 5 hours on my leisurely playthrough), but at $12.99 its price point is fair.
I know everyone and his mother has already put up a hands-on, first look, or unboxing, but since I've been harping on about haptic touch since the "Project Cafe" rumor cycle, I thought it'd be a shame if I didn't say anything about the first major gaming device to make use of the technology. One thing is for sure, it's quicker and far more accurate than any thumbstick for aiming and camera control. I only wish they'd gone a bit farther and given us four or even six reverse-side buttons, so that we'd never have to lift thumb from the touchpad. The subtle tick-tick of the twin actuators lets you know how far and how fast your thumb is traveling across the surface of the touchpad. On the highest setting it feels something like tiny, thin-skinned, eternally-renewed bubble wrap that bursts under your thumb as you move it.
Undoubtedly, but it's a far cry from the promise of Senseg's static-based tech that can give users the impression of different textures (ranging from fur to wood grain) beneath their fingers.
That said, when I wanted to do something specific (like add a Splatoon-like layer of motion-controls to my aiming) I was glad of the plethora of options. It sounds simple, but since most games are set up to use either a mouse and keyboard OR a controller, and not some strange mishmash of both, having that template readily available really made jumping into Borderlands 2 to cap a few bullymongs simple. My goal was to add a layer of motion-controls to my FPS, but only when aiming down the sights. It feel solid, it works well, and it innovates without getting in the way of traditional gameplay.
A couple of days ago a new Nintendo patent describing a handheld equipped with linear image sensors built into each of its four sides came to light thanks to some curious members at Neogaf.
The patent also mentions using a projector to display an image into the space rather than a physical sheet. With your hand pressed against the sensor--which it would be, since you are presumably gripping the handheld--the sensor can compare times of peak blood flow to accurately detect your pulse. Most of these functions could be achieved by using a more common sensor, like a capacitive touch surface or camera. I've probably started and discarded a half dozen speculation posts because the rumors were all too safe and boring for meaty discussion. That's not to say it isn't useful, especially for games that require in-action menu navigation. I can imagine using a stun grenade rather than a lethal or vice versa in the heat of the moment, for example.
The energy, the anticipation, the unveiling of surprises all wrapped up with the proverbial corporate bow. But Microsoft says it's got so much to show that three of its heavy hitters are being saved for GDC, Sony's got that wild Guerilla Games dino RPG and perhaps a new God of War, and Nintendo's resurrecting the World Championships (cue The Wizard memes), so I don't think so.
The knitted NFC Yoshis were cute, but I don't see myself picking one up except perhaps as a gift. A charming art style and a few yarn-based innovations aren't enough to make me seriously consider picking up a game I know I'll play once or twice before moving on to other things.
Like I said, there was a lot to love in the April 1 Direct, but a fair few of the announcements seemed targeted at wringing the maximum number of nickles and dimes out of their hardcore player base.
They're also charging a hefty price for individual characters without adding new stages or modes as part of the bargain (a la Mario Kart 8), and again they get 3DS and Wii U owners coming and going rather than charging a single price for both.
However, from a consumer perspective, Nintendo games are becoming more fragmented and my gaming dollar won't stretch as far as it did in the past. Besides, it wouldn't be a ZanetheWise discussion piece without at least one insane leap in logic, so journey with me if you will into the land of supposition. These games will not be main-line Nintendo software with shoehorned touch controls, but will be all new software or Nintendo games that are already suited to touch controls.  Iwata also noted that any Nintendo property could be used in its mobile games, so don’t assume your favorite series is too hardcore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy as the next guy that awkward system transfers will be a thing of the past. I’m not asking for specs or a software lineup, just do you think it’s the successor to their handheld or home console lines, both, or perhaps some sort of third pillar as the DS was meant to be? The Gameboy got a color model, the GBA got a (much needed) back light and a clam shell design, and the DS got cameras and a boost in processing power. It seems a safe bet that their next handheld with have two sticks and eight gameplay buttons out of the box.
Not only will they be able to sell figurines to customers who may not have a Wii U in the short term, but they also accustom owners of their handhelds to using Amiibos for the future.
Even the Wii got more grunt than it's predecessor, so of course the next Nintendo handheld will carry this trend forward.
But consider, why would Nintendo bother to improve the 3D at all this late in the generation? Now, I have no idea how it handles as an actual controller (going on my past experiences with Madcatz, I'd guess it's decent but not stellar) and it's still a little too large when folded up in my opinion, but the concept behind it is very neat.They take a full sized gamepad and fold it up into something roughly the size of a Wii Remote.
It makes me wonder if something like this might make a truly universal controller--one capable of providing both wand-style motion control inputs and traditional controls in one--possible. For starters there's a good selection of games in the Nintendo and Sony libraries that will become unplayable once the last Wii Remote dies. The revision won't come stateside until 2015, but given that Japan will have had them for months, I think it's a safe bet that the rest of the world will get them fairly early on in 2015. But with today's announcement of the New 3DS you have to wonder when they're planning on putting out their next generation handheld, or is the New 3DS meant to be it? The only thing I got wrong was an increase in resolution (alas, the only screen improvements we'll be getting is improved 3D viewing angles). Sure, in the first year or two of a product's life when the install base is low you can put out a game-changing hardware upgrade and expect the population to adjust--think of the original Playstation which launched without the now famous dualshock controller. That might seem a little tight, but the 3DS was launched less than a year after the release of the DSiXL in North America.
Sure' it's all very thin as far as concrete evidence, but Fourth Storm (who makes no attempt to push his theory as fact) makes a compelling argument nonetheless. Either way I don't think I'd shock or offend anyone if I said that LARPing is considered the pinnacle of "uncool" by society at large, save perhaps for civil war reenactments.
Rather, I was considering the question of whether or not live action role play might eventually move into the mainstream with a little help from augmented reality. We have lightweight, wearable HD displays, body-tracking sensors, environment-mapping cameras, GPS and local positioning, and mobile graphics cards capable of displaying an acceptable approximation of reality. Instead bolts of electricity are arcing from his hands into the bodies of his enemies (and pay attention, 'cause here's the important bit) not only on his screen, but on his fellow LARPers as well. Assuming you have the technology to track a body in real time and paint believable status ailments and wounds on them, you could easily do the same with costumes. At some point it becomes less of a role and more of a game, and I can see how that would turn off the kinds of people who spend weeks crafting a persona right down to the leather leggings and then take it out for a spin in a public park would be turned off by a game-ified version of their hobby.
As this is a fun question to talk over, I'd rather not do that, so just a few more points to cover and then we'll get into it. This could be seen by parents as either a more active form of gaming; or a less imaginative form of outdoor play, as both are pretty much true.
On the other hand, if these figurines have some implementation in a variety of first party games across a swath of genres, then this becomes a very interesting proposition indeed.
Interestingly, this little platform could account for the new Nintendo hardware at E3 rumor, we've been hearing about from Peer and others. Insignificant cosmetic digital items could easily be earned by playing Nintendo games and stored in NFC figurines. Better yet, if Nintendo does this right, these hats could easily be implemented by 3rd parties in their software.
Just upload your Mii, pick a pose, and enter your credit card, and in 2-5 weeks' time your shiny new Mii will be sitting on your doorstep.
Then Peer jumped in and said there was "no doubt" that they would be showing something new this year because he'd heard it from multiple sources, among them a former Nintendo employee and people in third parties. Up to four players will face off against a gigantic boss character controlled by the holder of the gamepad. They can also pick up new boss items (which I also made up just now) which only they can use such as an iron knuckle's ball and chain from A Link to the Past.
Consider that boss characters get one life only, while the stock or time limit for the other players can be adjusted freely. So the Zanerator may not be properly calibrated yet--it was, after all, just willed into existence five minutes ago--but you guys may have a feasible idea or two as to how Nintendo is going to try and sell you both versions. If you're interested, I recommend you read the official English translation of the event as I found it a lot more clear than some of the odd on-the-spot translations. With the end goal being increasing consumer exposure to Nintendo characters, you've gotta wonder if movie deals might be in the works as well, but that's just speculation on my part.
Is Iwata saying they want to make specialized hardware for emerging markets (as with the iQue Player in China) or something else entirely?
This stand, holding the system in a vertical position, comes only in black (and not red to match those systems). Just know that, as of this writing, the Gold Zelda battery cover is on backorder, so just check back later.
His favorite video game franchise is Pokemon, but his favorite video game is Resident Evil 4. Indeed this is true, but we’ve only scratched the surface in this premiere titled "A Murder of Crowes." We get a look at the one and only Crowe we’ve known up until now, Dewey, as well as his Floridian cousins. The show makes callbacks to the when his face meets the butt of a shotgun and when two of his four kidneys were taken. From the very first moment on screen, he makes this premiere feel more ‘Justified’ than any other character. When he visits the judge to help his incarcerated fiance, Ava, things escalate to a point where the judge get’s his head beaten in. The episode even reaches a point where Manuel is given two choices and gets double-ly blown away by Raylan and Deputy Sutter.
Though I would’ve liked to see Winona and Raylan interact in the flesh rather through video chat. It’s no secret that series creator, Dan Harmon whose absence was felt in season 4, is back. No doubt the show had a rough patch, but this somewhat of a reboot puts the show on a different, yet the same track it should've stayed on. This semester hasn’t been the best and I wish I could’ve had more time to do Community Check-Ins and more things with you all. Standing next to the two juggernauts is the news that Kinect 2.0 won’t be needed for the Xbox One to function. A sleuth of gamers are feeling the excitement and the community shared their thoughts as well. He points out that it makes sense to have one game to focus single player and the other to focus Multiplayer; two completely different things.
He’s going to start Californication Season 6, House of Lies Season 2 and Low Winter Sun Season 1 soon. You can add what you are watching on YouTube, but it must be apart of a series i.e Game over from Machinima Prime or Squaresville. This is a weekly post I present to all of you in order to gain information on what you are watching, playing, anticipating, and more. In addition to those, I’ve added the BRAND NEW MUSIC and EXPRESS YOURSELF categories which you can read more about below.
There were other minor news stories that happened this week, but they were definitely overshadowed.
At this point in time you are saving your funds for Grand Theft Auto V or next Generation consoles, but some of you may have just made a new purchase. Be it a video from your YouTube channel, a drawing or painting, an MP3 or link to your podcast, a photo you took for Instagram and even a blog you wrote. Be sure to check into the Community Check-In to see everything organized into an official post. This is technically the fourth Community Check-In so that's why there is another 004 in the title. I’ve also adapted some of your answers to fit with the format of the post, but rest assure your opinions are 100% intact. Microsoft did a 180 yet again announcing that a headset will be included with your purchase of an Xbox One. He can now wait until they release a premium wireless headset before he needs to spend any extra money. He suggests that Ubisoft should’ve began the Prince of Persia again on next generation platforms.
He explains, “Almost everything they put out is flawless, with my favorites being Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Max Payne 3. He’s doing this via Sonic Mega Collection Plus on his PS2 to spare his genesis and old cartridges. With Breaking Bad premiering, Dexter wrapping up alongside of it and new series such as Low Winter Sun and The Bridge on air, Summer television has proved it can stand up to the fall line-ups. He really wants to get back on The Americans Season 1, The Bridge Season 1, Dexter Season 8, Ray Donovan Season 1, True Blood Season 6 and The Newsroom Season 2 which he is three episodes or less behind on.
In no way am I asking anyone to answer everything because, come on, how often do you want to answer the same question week after week. Every Xbox One will now include the headset that was previously said to be sold separately.
A player in a tournament took a shot of a monitor that listed “L4D3 and Source 2” as projects. Maybe you just got a Platinum trophy in The Last of Us or a 100g achievement and want to brag about it. Si resides en un Estado Miembro de la UE aparte de Reino Unido, el IVA de importaciA?n de esta compra no es recuperable.
Additionally, it looks like those extended grips could, conceivably fold away beneath the controller. At this point though, almost anything with a battery and one button would fit with some of the rumors. We speculated on something similar for the Wii U gamepad back in 2012 but, of course, that didn't pan out. Your new controllers are (please, please, please Nintendo) relatively svelte and pocketable. You just stick an apu, some memory,  and an extended battery into a box that locks onto the back of the controller, and BAM! As we look at this illustration, we have to keep in mind that it exists to show off specific, non-limiting features enumerated in the patent. It's a bold departure for sure--and Lord knows I love bold hardware designs--but I'm not sure it's the one Nintendo needs right now. Fortunately the suit, which is a miniature version of the one his uncle wears, is designed for exploration in just such an environment.

In order to provide this gradual increase in complexity, the game's structure is strictly linear, so most of the challenge comes from timing jumps and swings, and pointing the camera at the right chunk of rock when it comes into range rather than figuring out how to get from point A to point B. It sits comfortably enough in the hands, though I did have to shift to a slightly more supinated grip compared to what use with my DS4.
If high-grade touchpads became standard on controllers, auto-aim could become a thing of the past. If you were to set the touchpad spinning like a trac-ball and then press your thumb  on it to stop it, there is no sensation of weight or pull against your skin.
On the other hand, Valve's approach actually exists in a consumer product; and it's a dangerous thing to measure the limitations of a real device against the promise of a dream. Plus, considering all the components and R&D that went into it--this really is an "everything plus the kitchen sink" controller, at $50 it's a really good buy. The proposed handheld looks silly, no doubt, but the design isn't strictly limited to what is shown. Nintendo lists no less than eight distinct functions LISs could perform in this handheld's design. The barcode would actually be printed four times around the edge of the base with distinct markers (I, II, III, IIII) separating each printing. Given Nintendo's push for controller simplicity with the Wii, I find it surprising that they're considering this rather odd addition, though I suppose that in games that don't use the scrolling function the wheels would just act like normal shoulder buttons, so aside from a slight increase in complexity (and thus cost) I suppose there's no real downside.
We actually got a look at Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, which was exciting, especially since I was half convinced the game would never come out. So, overall, every amiibo announcement (and there were quite a few) left me shrugging my shoulders. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but Nintendo has typically provided excellent value with their "add-on content" and generally avoids day one DLC. I get that this is a business, and no one's holding a gun to my head forcing me to buy it, but the pricing structure smacks of excessive greed.
You don't have to double dip to experience both campaigns, as a Black Version owner, will be able to purchase the White campaign for ~40% the price of the standalone game and vice versa. It's not the end of the world, but seeing Nintendo start down this path is pretty disappointing. It could be that Nintendo is just saving all their handheld surprises for E3, or it could signal that NX is not a console as some hoped. Now here comes the New 3DS with several upgrades: improved controls, NFC compatibility, a faster processor, and head tracking 3D. Would it physically transform or do you have another idea of how to accomplish universal control? Do they expect third party devs (what few there are) to take advantage of these differences? On the bright side, users won't have to upgrade their systems for a while, and development costs will stay fixed for Nintendo.
He's connecting a vague statement by an AMD executive, an earlier post by known Neogaf insider wsippel, and statements by Iwata on Nintendo's future hardware design. In any case if his prediction ends up being accurate--that is, that the next Nintendo handheld launches with an AMD SoC inside and the corresponding console features an ARM CPU for a unified hardware architecture--then somebody owes this (I assume) man a beer. I think every LARPer (and every civil war reenactor for that matter) knows this, but is having too much fun to care; which, when you think about it, is actually pretty cool.
It would take the perfect storm of hardware, software, and social upheaval, but I think it's feasible. Some of these technologies aren't quite ready yet, but give them ten years to mature, throw them all in a pot, and what do you have? I mean, would you rather wear a full set of armor outdoors in July, or shorts and a t-shirt, assuming they gave you the same visual effect? When LARPing today, you just show up in costume, weapon in hand, have a little powwow and get playing.
A $200 headset might sell to well, but a $5 app that runs on your phone and Google Glass (or whatever) has a chance of becoming really huge. Suddenly, Mario's propensity to switch genres faster than an alcoholic at a wine tasting is a big advantage.
Not only is it technically new hardware in itself, it also opens up the possibility of a Nintendo 3DS U, with built-in NFC and a more complete suite of controls, which in turn opens up the possibility of the 3DSUXL, though they might want to think about that acronym before going ahead on that one.
Can you even imagine playing Mario Kart with a King Boo hat you earned in Luigi's Mansion 3? Or, yes, forget the old figurines and imagine shiny new figurines imbued with magical NFC tags for the NFP to go on the NFCFNFPP. You laughed at Pink Gold Metal Peach, but I'll be laughing all the way to the bank when HockeyMom311 forks over $1000 on eBay for that ultra-rare exclusive figurine. However, the NVC crew was quick to point out that "new hardware" doesn't necessarily mean new console. No, it was the fact that the Wii U version of Smash Bros will be arriving four to eight months after its 3DS counterpart. It would have to be something that only the Wii U can do, probably something involving the gamepad, certainly something built around local multiplayer.
Rather than being blown up versions of regular smash players like Giant Donkey Kong from the original Smash Bros, these will be new characters, built and balanced to serve as bosses. Other players will have the opportunity to weaken or even destroy these items by attacking them directly.
While Iwata's speech was pretty nebulous, the Q&A has a lot more specifics for folks interested in divining Nintendo's future plans. If you want the short notes along with some wild and mostly unsubstantiated theories, stick around, 'cause that's what we do here. If you're interested in digging into this new definition of "Nintendo gaming platform" I suggest you check out the Briefing in full. That one is available via Nintendo’s store, but limited edition colors were available on Club Nintendo at a time (to be sold out and scalped within minutes). Before you get too excited, this is not a return to form, rather an opportunity for YOU to be apart of something cool and growing. I’ve got a great group of writers writing for the site, some of which are fellow My IGNers. His Kentucky minute monologues via threat and his bold vigorous actions in tight spaces made this episode worthy. With the new Crowes introduced, Daryl and his sister Wendy (girl with red hair named Wendy?), this season could see more iconic characters to the series.
With dialogue, callbacks and just the little things that happen in the show, we can all rejoice that Community has returned! Jeff isn’t in the best position as everything he owns, including his drink, gets repossessed. This could have been confusing to a lot of you given that my previous blog states that I would have been on a “brief” hiatus.
When he's not plugging ears in avoidance of spoilers, he's either writing scripts, Vining, or Instagramming photos. Remember, every Friday I post a Community Survey asking everyone what they are anticipating, playing, watching, what they think of the latest IGN news, and tons more. On another note, he just saw Kick-Ass 2 which was good and almost up to par with the original. Remember there is a Community Survey that goes up every Friday that you can contribute as little or as much as you want to and that information is translated to what you see above.
When he's not plugging ears in avoidance of spoilers, he's either writing scripts, hating sports, or Instagramming photos. Well, if you have any further questions feel free to ask me in the comments, on my wall, Twitter, Facebook, etc. There are multiple new game modes including Crank where players have 30 seconds to kill someone or they’ll explode. This is a category where you can share what music you are into and possibly make connections with other members.
If they are only adding a new coat of polish and minor features, they should focus their resources other games. Also, really excited for Grand Theft Auto V (if I hadn't made that clear in the other survey blogs).” He gives an honorable mention to Naughty Dog.
So, maybe you will tell me what you are watching this week on FX, then perhaps you confess you love Kinectimals the following week, it’s really your choice.
Before this the company said the Kinect 2.0 mic was good enough for voice chat for those who didn’t want to buy the headset.
Depending on the setting and what fans want, they are able to fit multiple stories within this arc, but there is a definitive end.
Taken together with additional features including full analogue control in 3D game environments^ motion and gyro sensors that transfer the movements of the handheld into the game^ 3D camera functionality^ an adjustable stylus and full backwards compatibility and you have not only a must-have system^ but a revolution in handheld gaming.
It's hard to tell from this angle, but the grips are also raised and rounded, leaving the flat center space sunken-in by comparison. I don't actively disbelieve them either (though the bit about NX using the latest and greatest AMD architecture at 14nm sends up some red flags for a veteran of Wii U rumor cycle). Another advantage would be that moving up to the next generation of handheld would be relatively inexpensive. With its aid, the boy can leap great distances, shoot out glowing grapnel-beams, and, by clever combinations of these two simple mechanics, follow in his uncle's footsteps. Thanks to the smart addition of rear paddle buttons, I was able sprint, leap, zip, and boost without ever taking my finger off the trigger nor my thumb from the trackpad.
The thumbstick feels good, neither too stiff nor too loose, and the face buttons are firm without being "clicky." The shoulder buttons feel slightly awkwardly placed, though unquestionably usable. When you set the the surface of the pad "moving"  in any direction, you can feel (and hear on the highest setting) the soft tick-tick-tick continue and then slow to a crawl as the "ball" loses speed. For example, if I recall correctly, Nintendo reserves the right to change the number of sensors, use different methods of depth detection, or use entirely different sensing technologies to achieve the same effect.
Like several of Nintendo's sensors--Wii Remote, New 3DS's eye-tracking, etc.--the LISs described detect only infrared light. Seems Nintendo really, really liked the idea of the vitality sensor, so much so that they're considering building four of them into their next handheld. Scrolling (whether by mechanical wheel or touch enabled surface) shoulder buttons seem to have a limited use-case. I could also see it being used in, say, and FPS for cycling through weapons and grenades without having to take your thumbs off the sticks. And on that note, I'm also happy that Fatal Frame U will finally make its way westward this year. That goes double for the Animal Crossing amiibo card game, but as a fan of neither interior decorating nor Animal Crossing, I can't really hold that against them. That might sound like a deal, but unless there's truly a whole game's worth of content (and we're judging by Fire Emblem standards here) in each campaign, that amounts to cutting out half a game's content to sell back as DLC, while still charging full price for the base game. The Wii U is receiving expanded Virtual Console support, new games and DLC because Nintendo will then be able to turn around and offer this same content for sale on NX, giving the handheld a huge starting library. Why dedicate resources to a feature that fans have learned to either accept as is or ignore for the majority of the generation? For those who didn't like glasses-free 3D before, do the improvements make you want to give the effect another chance, or is your mind already made up? I suppose they could have a dedicated motion controller, but I find their current (non)strategy of supporting various controllers for various games confusing and inelegant. The functional upgrades are even oddly similar: upgraded CPU, increased RAM, minor upgrades to sound or screen quality, and finally each has at least one major functional addition.
What does that mean for their next handheld, or is the New 3DS (possibly the only name more confusing than Wii U that they could think up)? And for the chance to speculate months in advance of our typical Nintendo leak schedule, I'm more than happy to foot the bill. After all, videogames were once considered the domain of children and social rejects; and now gaming is one of the biggest, most profitable entertainment mediums in existence. There's a 0% chance of someone's helmet refusing to synch to the network, or wand running out of batteries. Then again, the Wii was a gaming machine and videogames were once the exclusive domains of adolescents and the adolescent at heart. Of course, if you wanted to go the specialized rout, the thing could initially be done in custom arenas like laser tag until mobile technology catches up, but that's so far removed from LARPing as to kind of dodge the issue altogether.
Could augmented reality successfully blur the lines between gaming and live action roleplaying, or would it result in a Frankenstein that neither group wants? Imagine a figurine that works not only in the inevitable Nintendolanders, but also Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Mario Sport X, Mario Typing, Mario Paint, Mario Cooking, Mario Daycare, etc. Regardless, it sounds like something new is coming from Nintendo, and we'll get to see it in just 6 weeks. I'd imagine that their live Smash Bros tournament would be a great place to show it off too.
For this post though I just want to focus on the answer to Question 5, because it casts some light on the philosophy that will guide Nintendo's next gen hardware. The irony of the back plates for the XL is that North Americans didn’t get the smaller New 3DS with face plates last month. To a lesser satisfaction we got okay scenes with Raylan and partner Deputy Sutter (David Koechner).
We soon meet Dilly and soon after Daryl and Wendy who we find out later are Crowes and cousins of “$300,000 richer” Dewey.
Now that Wynn Duffy (Jere Burns) has been made series regular, I do expect more than a few lines from Mr.
I’m interested to see how they develop and how the Kentucky Crowe interacts with his Floridian Crowe cousins. There to make matters worse is his old law firm pal, Alan Connor, who’s asking Jeff to gather evidence for Alan’s case. There’s a bundle to take in below including Question of the Week and Nerd Confessions so please enjoy. He’ll be looking to assemble a crew for rapid financial withdrawals, though he’s not really sure how it could have functioned if it wasn’t a separate experience. So, maybe you will tell me what you are watching this week on Amazon Instant Video, then perhaps you confess you have a Batman night light (A Knight light) the following week, it’s really your choice. Let the community know what you are anticipating, be it a movie, game, album, television program, etc.
Additionally, if you have a Google+ account there is a My IGN Community waiting for you to join. You could make handhelds distinct devices, but what do you do with all those extra controllers if the console fails? When this shift state button was active, the gyroscope in the controller would act as a second mouselook.
Though with the vast majority of FPSs being multi-platform, I doubt this kind of implementation would get much use. Do you think Nintendo will actually make use of scrolling buttons or is this just base-covering? The answer could just be "Nintendo gonna Nintendo," but doesn't it seem more likely that Nintendo has plans for glasses-free 3D?
With the right editing suite, first timers can put custom colors on extant suits of armor, while old hands can spend days crafting and tweaking their custom outfits.
I'm not saying it won't eventually spread to adults after a few tech generations (and at least one cultural generation), but it would have to start with kids.
If I was really reaching I'd say that the article specifically references a new platform or a revision of an old platform. Even with the greater specificity of the Q&A, there's still too much room for interpretation to be sure. Not too much interesting happened with the Crowes this episode, outside of their reveal and the departure of D-D-Dilly.
This episode isn’t going to be a milestone in the show’s pool of fantastic entries, but if we’ve learned anything from past seasons of Justified, things will certainly ramp up pretty nicely. This downfall causes Jeff to return to the place responsible for this disaster and that place is Greendale Community College.
Keep in mind the more you contribute, the better chances you have of earning Top Contributor of the Week.
And how do you convince retailers to stock enough of the dang things that you can make your money back?
By that same token, repairing a damaged handheld would be as easy as swapping a game cartridge between 3DSs.
At first, I thought it was working perfectly--while ADS I was able to aim broadly with the touchpad but shift the cross hairs up or down ever-so-slightly by tilting my wrists. So, in order to experience all of Fire Emblem If you'll have to pick up the limited edition, which (I believe) twice the price of the base game. Of course the only indications we had of "kills" were sound effects and maybe an LED counter if you were lucky, but in a way laser tag was the first successful augmented-reality social activity.
Simply get up and observe the rest of the battle as a pale, translucent ghost, or at least with a halo over your head. Just be careful who you play with, lest the image of Lord Dicknballs and his anatomically correct mace of +10 Domination +11 Penetration be seared into your brain forever.
Sure, the figurine might only unlock funny hats based on what games you've played and your achievements therein, but entire digital economies have been built upon less. Okay, it's not that exciting, but we do love to show off our e-rewards despite the fact that they don't mean anything. I mean, it might be because HD development is hard, or because Nintendo doesn't actually care about the Wii U version, or because they believe the 3DS version will only whet our appetites for the main course, or that our anticipation for the Wii U version will make us run out and buy Smash for the 3DS too (search your feelings, you know it to be true), or maybe Nintendo just wants to watch the world burn.
We now know the direction Nintendo wants to go in with their future hardware, but not how that direction will manifest itself.
One thing the show has been great at doing is feeling in plot holes and on top of that, making it obvious to the viewer. Let everyone know what you are anticipating and rate how excited you are on a scale from 0 to 10. This is a step beyond Pokemon's typical 2 versions +1 structure, which at least serves the purpose of encouraging trading, and sinks to Ubisoft levels of money-grubbing. It’s known that actor Donald Glover who plays Troy Barnes on the show will only be in five episodes this season. When the reference to Scrubs: Interns comes about where Abed mentions Zach Braff only being in the first six episodes and Troy exclaims, “SON OF A B***H! So long as my thumb was in contact with the touchpad the camera would shift with every tilt of the controller. After all, as I've said, I'm not used to all the menus and options, simplified though they be.

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