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People suffer from emotional pain when a loved one dies, a breakup, cruelty from others, ditches from a person you care or any other bad experiences. Outre la debilite de mettre des "micro-faits-divers" sur le devant de la scene politique pour, soit disant, illustrer les maux de notre societe, on remarquera surtout qu'il s'agit d'un gros mensonge bien baveux de la part de Cope puisque le ramadan tombait cette annee pendant les grandes vacances et que de toutes facons, les enfants ne le pratiquent pas.
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Welcome to the April Pain-Blog Carnival, some of this month’s great writing related to pain from other blogs and websites.  I hope you enjoy the selections!
Graded Motor Imagery is a page from the NOI website and is an excellent resource for this brain-based pain treatment.  Thanks to Tom for sending that in.
Neatorama gives us a new version of the pain chart – with  really more accurate  ??  pictures! Chronic Healing has some great pictures of the wild, rollercoaster ride of chronic illness.
Late to the party but couldn’t let the day pass without saying how much I look forward to this carnival. Millions of people live with chronic pain, and for many, medications may not always be enough to manage their condition. One study showed that people who practiced mindfulness meditation for about 20 minutes a day found their pain level cut in half after only four days.

Although it would be difficult to simulate the research environment at home, Staud says it would be worthwhile experimenting with easy-to-find vibration sources, such as vibrating chairs or even handheld massagers, to see what intensity might work on your chronic pain.
People coping with pain in their hands or wrists might find some relief from simply crossing their arms. Preliminary research found that when people placed an arthritic finger into a photo box and saw an image of that finger being stretched and manipulated, they felt less pain in that finger. Including healthy fats in your diet, particularly olive oil and fish oil supplements, may reduce the chronic pain and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis. From our SponsorsEveryday Solutions are created by Everyday Health on behalf of our sponsors. If you're looking for other ways to relieve chronic pain, it may be time to try some more creative and even offbeat approaches. Staud’s research at the University of Florida showed that vibration at about 100 hertz reduces the sensation of pain. Italian researchers demonstrated that people who crossed their arms over the midline of their body felt less pain when a painful stimulus was applied to their hand. Instead of biting your tongue, you should probably go ahead and do it (in an appropriate setting, though).
Although there are only a small number of studies related to the possible pain-relieving properties of olive oil, choosing healthy fats over other fats (trans fat and saturated fat) in your diet is always a good strategy to boost your overall health when you’re living with pain.
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It takes time to recover from physical pain and with the healing of the wounds, the pain eases. You should not be a cold hearted or a heartless person who is unaffected for the loss of his loved ones.
If you think about the emotions you are feeling, it will be helpful and will process all of your emotions. It’s wonderful in my opinion to break my tendency of sitting at the computer for too long without stretching, focusing elsewhere.
The researchers believe that this pain relief effect is due to the fact that crossing your arms makes it hard for your brain to figure out where the pain is on your body. Researchers have shown that loud cursing appears to make both men and women more tolerant of pain and even reduces their perception of pain.
Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day. Possible reasons for this effect include the way that swearing may interfere with the link between fear of pain and its perception.
Even if a person is too strong physically, when it comes for emotional pain, it is unbearable.

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