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And then, in January of 2010, I moved the blog to my own website and started taking my writing seriously.
Since you booked your blog (repurposed posts), what process did you use to find or choose the blog posts that went into your book? Because my blog is based on my life, it made sense for the first book to start with the first blog posts, and because the blog posts read like a story, it made sense to keep everything in sequential order.
Did you take your readers input (comments) into account before the manuscript went to press. What advice would you offer to aspiring writers who might want to turn their blogs into books or blog a book? It’s difficult maintaining a full time job, editing a book and keeping up with writing blog posts. How long did it take for you to gain blog readers and can you pin point any certain event that created a tipping point when readership increased noticeably? The publisher contacted me with an offer after another writer on their roster heard me read. What’s the most important thing a blogger can do to get noticed in the blogosphere and build an author platform or fan base? I think the most important thing a writer can do to get noticed is write honestly and boldly. I always love reading about people that have been successful in blogging and turning them into books! Nina Amir, the Inspiration to Creation Coach, inspires writers to create published products and careers as authors as well as to achieve their goals and fulfill their purpose and potential.
Bestselling authors like Michael Hyatt and Joanna Penn use Scrivener and endorse this course! It initially may seem awkward and edgy about meeting your boyfriend’s friends for the first time. Even if your boyfriend is completely over his ex-girlfriend (and we hope he is if he is with you) sometimes it’s tough for us to avoid comparing or even asking questions about HER, and if she is still in the picture ie., they are still friends, then getting over that relationship is even tougher.
If you need to ask questions about his ex for some reason then keep them specific and brief. If you are feeling a little insecure about his ex then don’t be afraid to share your feelings with your boyfriend. I still believe he loved her more than me, he lost his virginity to her when he was 19 and she was 16, I found all these songs and poems he wrote about her, he’s never looked at me the way he looks at her, it was his first love, and all the things my bf is doing to me in our relationship is the same thing that happened in theres im really worried, should I be?
I can understand how seeing all of the comments on Facebook would be unnerving to you – which is why we frequently address how to “handle Facebook in your relationship” in our blogs but maybe it’s something we should address more. Regardless, it sounds like this situation could use some good communication and I will do my best to help without knowing more specific information.
The reason why I suggest this approach is because only we as individuals know truly what our motives are and whether they are innocent or not. It’s one thing to deal with a jealous girlfriend who thinks your boyfriend is better than hers, but to deal with your best friend who flirts with your boyfriend is a completely different ball game. If you feel that your best friend is hitting on your boyfriend, don’t press the panic button straight away. If the subtle hints don’t work you should have a direct heart to heart talk with your friend. Tell him how proud you are that he got selected in the college and how you’ll always be there for him. This is something which is very important – working out a detailed plan to keep the relationship full of life and vitality.
Trying to make a living by writing seemed like it might require me to actually get up from my couch, and as long as there were Little Debbie’s and porn, that wasn’t happening. In 2011, after a live reading, an author insisted on introducing me to his publisher, which resulted in a book deal.
After reviewing all of my blog posts, it was decided to divide the posts by the year in which they were written and to publish one year at a time. I also changed names to protect the innocent and, at my editor’s suggestion, combined a couple of characters to keep things simple for the reader. If someone loves writing and they have a dream of being a published author, then by all means, make it happen!

I wasn’t too pleased with the publisher, so I am using Create Space for my second book. After his birth in 1973 to a vending machine filler-upper and a grocery store cashier, he learned that he liked boys and disliked math.
She is the author of How to Blog a Book and The Author Training Manual, both published by Writer’s Digest Books. I love how Tyler’s evolution as a writer happened nonchalantly, without him putting much thought into it.
I tried Learn Scrivener Fast, too, and found it a quick, easy way to learn the Scrivener writing technology. You should not boss over your boyfriend in front of them, as his friends would definitely not like it and might in fact poison your guy’s mind! And like it or not even if you haven’t had to deal with an ex-girlfriend in one of your relationships sooner or later you will have to and we are here to help you through it!
Remember the reason for the question and if it doesn’t serve a real purpose to know then don’t ask.
Let him know that you are feeling a little insecure and allow him to reassure you that you are the one he loves and not her. That can be crazy-making for you and will come out in some way shape or form in your relationship. You mentioned that he is your boyfriend rather than fiance; was that just because the engagement is new or are you actually formally engaged and have you set a date?
My typically consistent feedback when it comes to relationships is to have open communication.
So if you only tell him how you are feeling, he (knowing that it means nothing to him) will just tell you not to worry.
Observe your friend over a few occasions to figure out if the flirting is accidental or intentional. If your friend does not show up for medi-pedi dates, girl bonding sessions or shopping trips, but always makes appearances when your boyfriend is around, she’s up to something fishy. A developmental editor, proposal consultant, author and book and blog-to-book coach, some of her clients have sold 230,000+ copies of their books and been published by major publishing houses. They want their friend to be respected and make them feel that he has selected the right girl and made a perfect choice.
If you are intensely jealous and freaking out over her with your boyfriend that will definitely be a turn-off.
It doesn’t make a significant difference technically but it can when it comes to setting boundaries with ex’s etc.
Also, note that if she behaves in a flirtatious manner only with your boyfriend or in general with all the guys she meets or hangs out with.
If she shows very little interest in your life matters, other than matters involving your boyfriend, something is wrong. Talking on the phone, online chatting, e mails, webcams and of course the plan to physically meet – whether on weekends or holidays. And, on the other hand, the entire process taught me a lot about editing and cutting unneeded sections. I receive offers from marketing companies wanting me to write about products for free swag, but I typically decline for fear of looking too gimmicky. A popular speaker and workshop leader, she writes four blogs, has self-published 12 books and is the founder of National Nonfiction Writing Month, also known as the Write Nonfiction in November Challenge.
That resonates with me as a sort of genuineness, which I believe I express in my own writing. He was so excited to see her and was so happy and only paying attention to her, and all the sudden boom they are best friends now. The easiest way I have found to get the other person to “really hear you” is to ask the other person to put themselves in our shoes.
But if you take it one step further and have him imagine himself in the same situation, specifically, with another guy like your ex, then he will no longer just try to reassure you because that probably wouldn’t be good enough for him either, if he were in your shoes. If it’s her basic nature to get into sweet and tantalizing talks with all, then you do not need to worry. To deal with this, subtly drop hints while talking to her that you do not appreciate this behavior of hers.

Even with a physical separation, it is still possible to continue with the relationship if you believe he’s the one for you. Tyler shows what can happen when you blog—or blog a book—honestly, boldly and authentically. Before long, and much to my surprise, complete strangers were reading about my life as a single, gay man and my dating woes. They will definitely bully you the first time but it is better to let go as it gives them an opportunity to know you and also accept you.
Just get in your tees and jeans, and let the confidence in just be enough to light up the whole meeting.
She likes and comments on EVERYTHING from statuses to pictures to recent activity on facebook. In essence what I’m saying is that when you are officially engaged and have set a date it becomes a little easier to set boundaries regarding contact and visiting ex’s.
Tell her straight forward that if she continues with her wrongful acts, then she will have to bear the consequences.
To make things easier for you, here are some tips on how to deal with your boyfriend leaving away for college. I have talked to him several times about it including that it makes me very uncomfortable he is talking to her, and that he is talking to her more than me (he tells me he’s busy but texts her non stop).
Every picture he’s in, or anything that had something to do with him on his moms, brothers, or sisters page she’s commenting or liking!
That said I think we both know that we can never really tell extended family members whom they can and can’t visit. Tell him how you are feeling and that you’re not accusing him of cheating but that all of this “ex” contact is creating feelings of jealousy. The less you know the more curious you may be but that doesn’t mean you need to go on a quest to find out more information about her or her relationship with your man. Don’t beat yourself up for having the thoughts you have, they are just harmless thoughts that are perfectly normal. I also wrote about my many jobs as a retail queen and how I eventually ended up working as an event planner. Allow yourself to have them but then let them pass without trying to figure out the answers. However, that doesn’t help make it go away so you need to continue explaining how you feel. I wrote about growing up with my lovable but weird family of country bumpkins back in Indiana.
Oh, and he has a mutt named Lola who is middle-aged in dog years and who he loves more than he will ever love any boy. This may seem tough at first but eventually you will stop thinking about her as you continue having a great relationship.
Did I mention that she’s also married and had a child??.or that they only dated for 3 months?? Ask him to picture himself in your shoes and imagine that your ex was frequently tagging photos of you on friends and families pages, and that your ex was planning on visiting them, and that your ex was saying that he can’t wait to see them etc.
And in spite of all this information, you still only have a partial picture of Totally Tyler.
He seems to be over her, although he did have a couple phone convos with her very early in our relationship, for his birthday she called.
Chances are when he imagines that, especially since guys are so visual and their worst nightmare is another guy around their girl, he will probably get where you are coming from – he may even have a visceral reaction when it comes to imagining your ex involved in your life in any way.
I don’t actually think he will cheat, but just the thought of him talking to her burns me up!

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