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Deborah O'Connor, president of Mountain Brook's Successful Image, offers pointers to use around the table. Deborah O'Connor says proper manners at a business lunch or dinner can go a long way in creating an impression for clients or potential employers. Knowing how to dine with decorum can determine whether you get the contract for your company or the job of your dreams.
Many employers want to see you in a social setting to see how you conduct yourself, as your job may require frequent dining with clients. Successful business dining is not difficult and by following these suggestions you will stand out to your boss, clients, and peers.
Deborah O'Connor is an etiquette consultant and president of Successful Image in Mountain Brook.
Lee Davy sits down with the European Poker Tour & World Poker Tour champion, Roberto Romanello, to talk about his absence from the game, his new deal with Matchbook, and getting owned in The Colossus.
I caught up with him in the Rio kitchen, as he prepared for his second bite at The Colossus, and this is what he had to say. I am often told that you can’t be away from the online game for too long because it advances so quickly, is that the same with the live game, and how did you feel being away for so long?

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, then you’ll never miss out on the latest gaming industry news. Instant Kiwi scratch card sales are becoming more popular, with more than $347 million dished out in prize money, during the past 5 years.
Lee Davy spins another yarn from his experiences at the WSOP, this time focusing on a grudge he created with an Italian player. A PokerStars insider has revealed that the opening event of the 2016 Turbo Championship of Online Poker is likely to accrue a $500K overlay.
If a potential client or boss sees that you can't dine properly, they start to wonder what else you don't know. Simply contact the maitre d' and tell him you are hosting the dinner and want to pay the bill. If you do not like something that has been served, don't comment on it; simply don't eat it. It will set you apart as a confident and credible host or guest and demonstrate your ability to plan and entertain with decorum. I stuck my neck out and said that Roberto Romanello will become the next Triple Crown winner.

I love it, it’s an amazing job, traveling around the world, and playing this wonderful game, but it’s all consuming. All profit generated from this site goes to support initiatives of the Calvin Ayre Foundation. Give him your credit card information and tell him you do not want the bill brought to the table and that you will settle up with him later. If you arrive before your host and are seated at the table, you must not touch, eat or drink anything until your host arrives. It takes a lot of hard work to open a shop, and it’s difficult to give 100% when you are playing poker.
I’m thinking his range consists of a lot of small pairs, and the queen is a good card for me.

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