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What is your blog about?So many of my friends who write blogs are struggling to answer this question. Instead, focus on getting words on the (digital) page, and start to get a feel for the form.Blogging, like writing short stories, poetry, and novels, has its own rules. Look for similar tone.As I was doing my review, I noticed my writing has shifted from straight teaching to a more experimental, creative tone.

Last, look for posts with a signature style.About a month ago, I wrote a post that was only 200 words long.
Writing such a short post was a bit of a risk, but surprisingly, the reaction to the post was overwhelming.Look for posts that are unique, that you took a risk on. Katie AxelsonI love to go back and read a few consecutive posts just to see themes and what was troubling me at the time.

CaseyNow I don’t feel like such a dork for feeling clueless what I should be blotting about.

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