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If you are using American Express, it is the 4 digit number on the front right of the card. A rich hint of walnut adds a hearty twist and a bright, snappy finish completes this fresh roasted coffee experience. If you enjoy our Cool Breeze Colombian coffee, our Roastmaster suggests you also try our Bom Dia Brazilian Coffee. Cool Breeze Colombian is our 3rd most popular single origin coffee subscription by our Coffee Club members.
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Bogota, April 26 - State oil company Ecopetrol announced a new crude discovery at an exploratory well in Tisquirama, a block in northern Colombia that has been in commercial production for more than a half century. The new well, located in Cesar province and known as Tisquirama Este-1, has initial production potential of 624 barrels per day, Ecopetrol said in a statement Wednesday. That is equivalent to more than a fourth of the block's current output of 2,400 barrels per day, according to Ecopetrol, which fully owns and operates Tisquirama. The company said it will conduct "extensive production tests and drill two appraisal wells" in the coming months to "determine this find's potential and scale". Ecopetrol also predicted that the new find will "significantly increase production at the Tisquirama block", in commercial production since the 1960s. Ecopetrol, which is Colombia's largest company and accounts for more than 60 percent of the Andean nation's crude output, also has operations in Brazil, Peru and the US. SAN JOSE DEL GUAVIARE, Colombia, April 6 (UNHCR) – Most people forced to flee their homes believe that one day they will be able to return. There are believed to be just 2,000 Jiw people remaining in central Colombia's Guaviare and Meta departments, making their community one of the most threatened of the more than 30 tribes classified by the government as endangered. In December, High Commissioner for Refugees AntA?nio Guterres visited small communities of the Jiw and the Nukak Maku people in the rainforest near the town of San Jose del Guaviare. But while the High Commissioner assured them that UNHCR would continue to work with the local authorities to prevent displacement and to assist their tribe, most of the Jiw will not be able to reclaim all of their ancestral lands soon, if ever, and resume their traditional lifestyle alongside the Ariari and Guayabero rivers. This basically means local integration and helping the Jiw to build a new life for themselves. The refugee agency's interventions are also aimed at strengthening the leadership and coordination capacity of the community. Meanwhile, UNHCR, in cooperation with the local authorities and its humanitarian partners, including the European Commission's ECHO programme, has been helping the Jiw in more practical ways.
The refugee agency has been promoting the importance of education for young people in an area where forced recruitment is a major cause of displacement. The outside world came to the Jiw in the most brutal way in the late 1990s, when paramilitary forces entered their territory and changed their lives forever.
2014 UNHCR Nansen Refugee AwardUN High Commissioner for Refugees AntA?nio Guterres presented the Colombian women's rights group, Butterflies with New Wings Building a Future, with the prestigious Nansen Refugee Award in Geneva, Switzerland, on Monday night.
The volunteer members of Butterflies risk their lives each day to help survivors of forced displacement and sexual abuse in the Pacific Coast city of Buenaventura.

Drawing on only the most modest of resources, volunteers cautiously move through the most dangerous neighbourhoods to help women access medical care and report crimes.
Nansen Refugee Award: Butterflies with New WingsIn a violence-ridden corner of Colombia, a group of courageous women are putting their lives at risk helping survivors of displacement and sexual violence. But in Buenaventura, the women who make up "Butterflies" are standing up and helping the survivors. Many of Butterflies' members have been forcibly displaced during the past 50 years of conflict, or have lost relatives and friends. On foot or by bus, Gloria Amparello , Maritza Asprilla Cruz and Mery Medina - three of the Butterflies coordinators - visit the most dangerous neighbourhoods and help women access medical and psychological care or help them report crimes.
Butterflies has become a driving force in raising awareness about the high levels of violence against women. Struggling with the threat of extinctionAmong Colombia's many indigenous groups threatened with extinction, few are in a riskier situation than the Tule.
One group of 500 live in Choco's Unguia municipality, a strategically important area on the border with Panama that is rich in timber, minerals and other natural resources. UNHCR has long understood and sympathized with such concerns, and the refugee agency has helped draw up a strategy to prevent displacement, or at least ensure that the Tule never have to leave their territory permanently. Cool Breeze Colombian coffee is a medium roast of single origin, Arabica coffee beans roasted to delectable perfection. With the taste of the coffee-growing cordilleras of Colombia, you simply can't brew a better cup. We want you to enjoy coffee the way it was meant to be enjoyed, fresh and full of natural flavor. Specialty grade coffee is defined by the SCAA as "a coffee that has no defects and has a distinctive character in the cup".
Arabica coffee makes up a majority of the world's coffee production and is highlighted by a lower caffeine content and more flavor when compared to Robusta, the next most produced species.
Here at Boca Java, we want to teach you the best way to use our beans to create a sensory adventure each and every time. But this no longer seems an option for most of Colombia's Jiw people and they have started looking at alternative solutions with the support of UNHCR and others. About 60 per cent of the Jiw live in an area of just a few hectares, after being forced to flee the vast territory that they used to regard as home.
As part of this process, UNHCR and its partners have worked with the Jiw to analyze the risks they face and to look at ways to prevent further displacement. The fruit of this has been the creation last August of an organization called Naxaem, which acts as the voice for all of the scattered Jiw communities in Colombia.
This includes providing displaced communities with clean water and sanitation systems, food security projects and adequate housing. On July 15, 1997, the intruders arrived in the small coca-growing town of MapiripA?n in Meta department and massacred at least 60 people. Caught in the middle, the indigenous people have been forced to flee and set up home in an ever shrinking area.

This city has some of the highest rates of violence and displacement due to escalating rivalries between illegal armed groups.
This work, deep inside the communities, helps them reach the most vulnerable women, but also brings with it danger and threats from the illegal armed groups.
In a country where 5.7 million people have been uprooted by conflict, they live in one of the most dangerous cities - Buenaventura.
They provide one-on-one support for victims of abuse and reach into different communities to educate and empower women and put pressure on the authorities to uphold women's rights. There are only about 1,200 of them left in three locations in the neighbouring departments of Choco and Antiquoia in north-western Colombia.
Unfortunately, these riches have attracted the attention of criminal and illegal armed groups over the past decade.
But a determined core decided to stay, fearing that the tribe would never survive if they left their ancestral lands and gave up their traditional way of life.
So Specialty Grade is about high quality beans that have great character, but it also involves the roasting and brewing methods to bring out that flavor. Most specialty coffee is made from Arabica coffee, but not all Arabica coffee is specialty and we only use Specialty grade 100% Arabica coffee! This includes identifying land that could be purchased by the authorities for the resettlement of Jiw communities.
Naxaem has also been working with the government to draw up specific measures to save the Jiw. Colombia's main port has one of the highest rates of violence and displacement, due to escalating rivalries between armed groups. It is this shared experience that pushes them to continue their work in spite of the risks. Colombia: Giving women strengthIn the volatile southern Colombian region of Putumayo, forced displacement remains a real and daily threat. To show their power or to exact revenge, the groups often violate and abuse the most vulnerable - women and children. This is flavorful, DELIGHTFUL aroma when first opening it, while brewing, and in your mug under your nose. A project by UNHCR focuses on helping women to adapt and learn about their rights while they are displaced. Not valid on monthly Home Delivery Service auto-shipments, Coffee of the Month Gift Club shipments or wholesale orders.

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