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Strongholds are abandoned underground structures found in Minecraft, but they are relatively rare and actually finding one can be difficult. The stronghold is an undersea stronghold and very extensive indeed, including an abandoned library. When spawning into this seed the player will find themselves on the border of a plains biome, a swamp biome, and the ocean.
6.Authorities believe that Wallace was performing these satanic rituals below the restaurant for more than a decade now.
This is a seed you can use to find a stronghold right away, it spawns you pretty much right outside a very large minecraft stronghold.

There are no chests in witch huts, but two types of mushrooms can be found growing all over it. There are plenty of buildings to be used as starter shelters, and with all the villagers lots of vendors are available to get new supplies from.
Crime scene investigators are searching the wooded area behind the building for any other bodies which may have fallen victim to Wallace’s disturbing rituals. Inside a crafting table and cauldron can be found creating quick and easy access to some workbenches.
A blacksmith’s building can be found making for two furnaces to go with the earlier workbenches.

Even better a hole in the ground nearby drops right into the top of a dungeon for quick access to more treasure.

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