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Facebook has been really taking off lately, and once you get familiar with it, you’ll see why. Facebook will load a new page with all the people that are already on Facebook that you’ve emailed from that account.
If you’re new to Facebook, this might be empty, but if you already have a few contacts, you should be able to use this section. This only works if you’ve entered your school information in your profile, so make sure you get that done. Clicking on this will bring you to another search screen with a broad range of options (see below). On this page, you’ll be able to change schools and search classmates from that school. Talking to your friends without needing to pay for the call is something that everyone wishes to do. If you want to find your friends on WhatsApp you must first of all make sure that your friend has installed WhatsApp on their mobile device. Once you are sure that you have correctly entered your friend’s phone number in the address book on your phone you will then need to input that number in the same way as you would when making a call to your friend. To begin an international call you must prefix the number with a plus sign after which you need to input your friend’s country code.
Now, enter your friend’s number to send him or her an SMS invitation or you can also send him or her an invitation via email. When sending SMS invitations keep in mind the fact that you will have to pay for service charges from your mobile provider.

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As far as I’m concerned, this is the key to having an enjoyable experience on Facebook, and one that will make you keep coming back for more. If you hold your mouse over (don’t click) the word Friends, a drop-down menu will appear (shown below). Most of the popular email services are supported, and all you have to do is enter your sign-in info for that email account. Basically, Facebook looks at your friends, and finds friends they have in common, and it recommends them to you. Finding classmates is a piece of cake, but probably one of the most overlooked searches on Facebook. After you look through the students in your graduating class, you may want to search for friends in a grade above or below yours. I switched schools the middle of my 8th grade year, so all the kids I grew up with went to a different high school than I did. We’ll be adding part 2 to this series very soon, so check back to find more ways to find your friends. Once they install this app on their mobile device the next step involves double-checking that you have entered your friend’s phone number correctly in the address book on your phone.
In case your friend’s number is an international number make sure that you don’t use any exit codes and you must also not use any leading zeroes in the number.
Next, select a sharing service and then select your friend and send him or her an invitation to use WhatsApp.

We’re providing a very detailed explanation of how to find your old school buddies, co-workers, long-lost friends, or just your everyday friends. The only place this falls apart is if you have people that you don’t know follow you from a business or website - like Vivid!. When I’m coaching new Facebook users, this is usually the point where they get a huge smile on their face, and want to forget about the rest of the coaching so they can search for their friends.
All your friends who have installed WhatsApp on their mobile devices will have their names listed in the Favorites screen.
Now, pick a sharing service and type in your friend’s name to whom you want to send an invitation to.
Then it starts recommending people based on those people, and it tends to screw everything up…but for the most part, this is a great way to find friends you may have otherwise missed. At the top of the classmates result page, you’ll see the graduation year drop-down box (see below). To find your classmates, just click on one of the schools listed, and it will take you to a page with students from your graduating class.

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