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It has been my observation (and the observation of others… multiple others) that many women can’t.
The act of a compliment is a two-way exchange: there is a person who gives and a person who receives. Not only do we need to break it for our own sake and our own sense of self, but we need to break it because there are other women watching us.
To help us all get prepared to bare underarms this summer, senior brand manager of Schick Quattro for Women, Jon Jager, shares his seven tips on how to shave your armpits. In hard-to-reach areas, women tend to run the blade over their skin too much, and repeated shaving of the same area of skin is a major cause of skin irritation and razor burn.
In places where hair grows in different directions, such as underarms and the bikini area, try pulling the skin slightly, making it more taut and easier to shave. We've all been there: You're newly single, still reeling from the sting of being dumped by your ex -- and desperately trying to avoid texting him or her.
But let the texts in the slideshow below be a warning to you -- though it's tempting to text, those post-split conversations never go as planned. Photographer Mo Gelber sent out a frantic Facebook message last month asking anyone and everyone to identify a couple he caught smooching while they were in handcuffs outside the Manhattan criminal court building. Gelber entered the picture, first brought to our attention by The Daily Mail, in a photo contest and had to identify the smitten jailbirds to get them to sign a release form. She said the couple was arrested after the man was caught writing on the outside wall of the Milk & Honey Lounge. However, she refused to reveal her boyfriend's name, who was still "locked up somewhere in Brooklyna€? as of Thursday, she said. The societal parody depicts a group of girlfriends responding with self-loathing remarks each time they are complimented by one another.

It’s something I noticed in myself several years ago and I wondered, at that time, “why?” Why couldn’t I gracefully accept that someone might think my hair looked nice?
As women, we need to let our behavior be seen as a guide to girls, younger women, and just generally women everywhere.
When the person who receives the compliment deflects the compliment or takes the compliment and turns it into something negative about themselves, this essentially voids the intention of the compliment giver. Sanctuary Counseling is happy to have any and all visitors on the site, so please share the link! We here at HuffPost Style will never forget the moment we first picked up a razor to shave our legs. It also doesn't help that those hundreds of tiny hairs are all growing in various directions. Shaving can leave skin very sensitive, so apply lotion afterwards and use the night to let the skin recover. The moisture from a lotion, soap or body wash isn’t designed to stay on the skin for the duration of a shave.
This rubber handle razor allows for better gripability and following the contours of a women’s body. A simple solution is using a rich, dense shaving gel which can be clearly seen on the skin, allowing for easy tracking of the shaved area.
Discard shaving blades after four or five uses to avoid ingrown hairs and shaving with a blunt blade. Our friends at You Beauty recommend leaving it in the freezer for 15 minutes prior to applying your makeup.
Tell any given 16 year-old girl that her hair looks nice or she played a great game of softball or that her piece in the art show was beautiful and you’ll most likely get a response back that deflects that compliment (at best) or downright redirects the compliment into something “wrong” with her or why she’s not good enough (at worst).

The compliments range from comments about appearance and weight to things like work promotions and pregnancy. It’s okay to BE all those things, but to actually believe and admit that we are indicates a level of vanity that precludes us from being humble. Looking at this from another perspective – if we were the compliment giver, is this how we would want someone to receive our kindness? Waxing or sugaring are effective alternatives to tackle hairy underarms, however both methods can be quite costly and time-consuming.
Shave gels contain moisturizing benefits that quickly get moisture into the hair and stay there, reducing the force required to cut through the hair.
But the scathing comments that each woman remarks back about herself drive home the point to an absurd length: women cannot take compliments. One that says it’s okay to be pretty and smart and talented and special and it’s okay to believe in ourselves. Heading into salty ocean water or chlorine when you've just shaved can leave your skin feeling raw and irritated. When we reach out to another in kindness, we would like that kindness to be received with gratitude. Young girls need to see the pretty, smart, talented, and special women in their lives embracing their power and owning that they are, in fact, pretty, smart, talented, and special.

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